Monday, February 29, 2016

Week #67 - 2016 Feb 29 - Tiny Miracles Are the BEST

This week was amazing!!! And again....I literally have no time left. Emailing is like the most stressful time of the week hahaha y'all have no idea. #imtellinya. #thefacts.
Okay so basically, our investigator Angela, the one we found through a media referral (she ordered a bible) IS AMAZING! LIKE FO REALS. She's hands down the most amazing investigator that I've ever worked with on the mission. She's turning 50 soon...but doesn't look a day over 25.... #blackdontcrack. But she's so open minded and hearted and so genuine and so sweet and she just wants to learn so bad! So we taught her the Restoration not this past Saturday but the Saturday before that and she LOVED it and when we just finished talking about the First Vision the first thing she said was, God called another prophet!!! And we're like whoaaaaa that's totally what happened! And then we invited her to be baptized at the end of that lesson and she didn't say yes but she didn't say no either. it was a, I can't say until I've learned more! So that was fun. AND THEN, Saturday, like 2 days ago, we taught her the Plan of Salvation and again, she was all over it. Oh by the way, she does all her reading assignments, she's praying. AND GET THIS. We invited her to come to church, and I was totally prepared to hear "uhhh nahhhh" cause that's all I've gotten but bam, she surprised me yet again and was like, "Yes, I would love to come to church with my girls!!!" And the best part?! She totally came. oh my goodness it was so amazing! Andddd it gets even better. It was Ward Conference yesterday and the theme was the Plan of Salvation. So it was totally fresh in her mind and she was just able to learn more about it and so it cleared some things up I'm sure. And then the ward completely surprised me too! They were so welcoming and SO MANY people came up and said Hi to her and made her feel super welcome and comfortable and it was so heartwarming to see all the members come up and talk to her. I have never seen that before on the mission and wow, it was SO refreshing. So basically, Angela had a great first time at the mormon church :) Least that's what she was telling us!!! She told us that she was praying that she would be a student at church, not just a spectator. She said that she didn't want to come just to "see what it was like" but she wanted to come to learn more and get all into it. WOWOWOW. Isn't that amazing? Oh my gosh, I was seriously so pumped. She's literally incredible. And then she was telling our bishop that she has a hard time connecting with people, but we (Sister Streetman and I) totally made her feel comfortable like right off the bat and she's so happy that we've made that connection. Seriously tender mercies of the Lord. I love being a missionary. People like Angela make everything worth it. <3 I'll keep you posted for sure. She has SO MUCH potential. And I can totally see her being baptized soon and if not soon, she'll be baptized ONE DAY. :D
Hmm, what else can I tell ya real fast? OH ALSO yesterday there was a Mission President Fireside and that's basically a fireside at the Mission Home with President and Sister James. Recent Converts, Investigators and Less Actives are all invited and missionaries can only attend if someone they're working with is going. And Verlinda was able to come with us. (She's our investigator and she passed her baptism interview this week so she's getting baptized on March 5th!!!!!) So we were able to go this time! AND IT WAS AMAZING. Like so good. It was exactly what I needed. All the investigators, recent converts, and less actives got to share their conversion stories. Verlinda had a great time and the spirit was so strong. I love President and Sister James so much. <3
I love this gospel and going to the fireside and hearing everyone's testimonies and stories made me realize something. Everyone has such different lives. We all have different trials, different triumphs, different backgrounds, etc but we all have something in common. And that's the feelings that we get from the gospel. Everyone there mentioned the love that the felt from this gospel and that the church felt like home and the members felt like family. The gospel is love. And that's something that will always be there for you no matter what. Love is everything and the gospel has exactly that. Embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, you won't regret it.
I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week!
Take care! Stay safe and remember to smile!!!! :D

Sister Blumel
xoxoxo <3
 PS i hope that made sense...that was the fastest email I've ever had to write....haha. #mightneedatranslator... #jk... #ihope...

Put on the armor of God peeps!
Ohh the things you find in missionary apartments....... 

With our investigator, Angela, at church

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