Monday, February 08, 2016

Week #64 - 2016 Feb 08 - These Streets Were Made for Walking and That's Just What We'll Do!!!

 Hey everyone!!

This week was pretty great. Oh my gosh I'm pretty sure I have legs of steel because we literally walked everywhere. SO. MUCH. WALKING. Basically, we had a full time car. And then a week after I got here the zone leaders are all like, JUST KIDDING. You have to share with the spanish sisters, the Hermanas. Um wut. Okay. Dang. So this was our no car week. And it's still our no car week until Wednesday. Because apparently someone decided that switching out on Wednesday's was a good idea. Ohhhhhh kayyyyy. Lame sauce. Anywho. Soo yeah. That's the story behind the subject line. 

Onto the week! 

Monday: It was a pretty chill preparation day. And those are always welcome. It's always nice to relax whenever we get the chance. That night we decided to contact someone named Stephanie. I'd say that was pretty inspired because she was actually home for once! And she let us right in! Wut. That literally never happens. So that was awesome. She's the bomb. She's so funny. she's talking all these religious classes, so she claims to be open minded, but she won't accept what we have to say about the Priesthood or the fact that this is LITERALLY the same church Jesus established when He was here. It was interesting because in my personal studies (the next day) I was reading in 2 Timothy 3 (cause I'm all into the NT right now!!). And verses 5 and 7 describe her perfectly. (I'll let you look it up ;) haha) BUT! She does want to continue learning more! So we'll see how far this one goes. She's super nice though. :) 

Tuesday: We had to overcome our fears and kill a massive spider. It was quite the episode. Team Work. That's all I gotta say. It took a lot of pep talking and we were both breaking quite the sweat...oh my gosh. Haha basically we are the most pathetic things to ever walk the earth hahaha. It was freaking terrifying man.. i'm surprised we came out alive... ;) The rest of the day wasn't nearly as exciting and dramatic ha. We tried contacting a referral the R2 elders gave us, but the lady wasn't home. Then we went to the Mission Office to pick something up. Oh it was so awesome being in the place with it all happens! I was basically fan girling inside hahah. Anyway, Sister Streetman was pretty sick so I turned into "Mama Bluemilk" (mission nickname haha) on her and made her take a nap. Then we had dinner at the Brown's. Oh my gosh, they are a great family. :) Then we visited a recent convert named Posseh and she gave us lots of great advice on life and marriage and stuff. #yikes #idontthinkso #futurecrazycatlady....hahaha :)

Wednesday: District Meeting! It was great as always. Awe man. I LOVE my district. So much sass. It's not even funny hahaha actually it's hilarious. #mykindofpeople. :) We also have some pretty serious spiritual moments. It's all about balance! 
Anywho. We lost the car. So that's lame. #justsayin...
So our first day without the car = the rainiest day of the week. We walked all afternoon and we were literally drenches. Like it looked like we had jumped into a lake and then morphed into wet rats. Basically we were hot messes..minus the hot. We had a good time though. It's all about the perma-24/7-smile. We sang and danced the whole way to our destinations because that's the only thing we could do to stop us from whining. Positivity goes a long way! 

Thursday: We had a lesson with two of our investigators. Diane and Sarabeth. We tracted into Sarabeth last Saturday. They both went well. Diane's an accountant, so she's like crazy busy right now and told us to come back when the tax season is over. Fair enough. Sarabeth is so cute. She read 12 chapters in the Book of Mormon! Crazy! Anyway, the lesson was good. She wants to continue to learn more. YAY! The rest of the day we spent weekly planning. Oh and walking :)

Friday: We had a lesson with Norma, one of our 'gators. Oh man. Well first of all, we walked there. So when we got there we were both ready to take a nap ha. And then she was talking about religious leaders using the money they get from the congregation to help others and spending it on themselves. Then she asked if we do some sort of donation. So we jumped right into tithing. Long story short, she doesn't believe in tithing and she thinks its unfair and wrong that the church asks for 10%. So we tried explaining the fact that it's not the church that asks for that, it's God Himself. So we pulled up a couple scriptures. She said we were interpreting them wrong. Her mind was closed off and her heart was so hard that it didn't matter what we said - she disagreed with it. Now it makes me sad. At the time it made me so frustrated. i have since repented and asked for patience. (Which I seem to lack in times such as those....ha #thefallofbluemilk) Oh well. C'est la vie. We ended on a good note and we're seeing her again this upcoming week. Then we had dinner with the Wright's and after dinner they showed us all their antiques that they've collected over the years. SUPER COOL! I was in heaven. I love antiques :) Super fun. 

Saturday: We had a church tour with an investigator, Ken. It went well. The Scott's (from the mission..they work in the office) came and they had great insights. We got to see the new mission office. (They're moving into the church in a couple weeks) It's awesome! That was basically all. We went out and contacted some referrals. #walkingferdayz.

Sunday: Church! It was super inspiring today. I just love church. It's my favourite :) I learned a lot and so many lightbulbs were being lit up. It was awesome. I love learning more about the gospel. We learned all about how hard work = SUCCESS. :) And if we follow these 8 words of advice, we'll be set: Embrace the gospel. Embrace your family. Embrace life. #love.

I hope y'all had a wonderful week as well! Always rely on the Savior. He's always got your back. (Doctrine and Covenants 78:18) :) You got this. And you're all stronger than you think you are. I love you tons and miss you all!!

Take care! Keep smiling :) 

Sister Blumel 
xoxoxo <3

there's the looked bigger in real life. Bahah. 

We're seriously pathetic. It's embarrassing hahaha. 

Y'all know I hate bananas. Well a member gave us some bananas and I decided to eat one.....and i pull off a section of this banana and there's a freaking face in the banana.....WHAT?! This is why I don't eat bananas....Hahaha. 

I still don't like them...haha. Just thought I'd let you all know. :)

That's me trying to get this thing off the roof....awkward haha. 

Taking selfies in the rain like full out white girls.

And that was me after we walked in the rain....literally drenched. #wetrat

I'm tellin ya...wet rats.

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