Monday, February 01, 2016

Week #63 - 2016 Feb 01 - Change Is So Refreshing!! :D

This week was GREAT! Writing my email the way I did last week was super nice for my brain to collect I'm gonna do that again today!!
Monday: We really didn't do anything too crazy. We had to wait for forever for the elders to be done emailing....but it wasn't a big deal. We had dinner with the Dick family and they're super great. I'm sad that I didn't get to know them sooner!! And then after that we went to the Coffield's (the family that we were working with in December and their son, Wade, got baptized) and said a "see ya later" to them. Oh my goodness, I hate saying bye....and I know that it's not a goodbye....but it's still hard. Oh well. Sister Coffield is a sweetheart and she got me a shirt that says Swansboro. Super cute. I just love her. That family is the best!!! Definitely coming back to visit them as soon as I can <3 And then the rest of the night was spent packing.....Shout out to Sis Scrib who stayed up until like 3 in the morning with me.....LUCKILY! I wasn't even that stressed that was good...a nice change. Cause usually packing stresses me out hard core and I get major anxiety over it haha.(Shout out to Sister Peterson who had to deal with me the first time I had to pack up all my I was a mess. Thanks for being patient with me Sis P!!) But then Sis Scrib told me she prayed that I wouldn't get stressed dang. Prayer works. Who woulda thought?! (Merci Sister're the best.)
Tuesday: TRANSFER DAY! I packed up all my last minute stuff and then before I knew it, we were on our way up to Raleigh. On the way out of Jville, my heart ached for a whole 10 minutes and I think I shed like 2 tears. I'm gonna miss it there! I learned so much and went through a ton and wow, I just feel very blessed to have been given that opportunity to serve there. BUT! I was excited for some change. Jacksonville was definitely my refiner's fire of the mission. That's for sure. It's all good though :) Anywho, the Juncker's drove us up to Raleigh. Basically because transfer meetings got cut out, everyone met in the Raleigh Stake Center parking lot and you had to go find an assistant and then they told you where you were going and who your comp is. So that was interesting hahah it was actually not as bad as I thought it was going to be! So that's good. Oh my gosh.....BEST MOMENT EVER >> I saw Sister Peterson and I like cried. Oh man....I saw her walking up and I totally ran and gave her the biggest hug ever. I just love that girl wayyyy too much. And I also got to see Sister Rich, my grandbaby! It was the best thing ever. My heart was soo full after seeing them. Especially Sis P. Oh man....I hope I get to serve with her ONE more time before I go. I just love her. Anyway, we caught up for a little bit....there's never enough time....and then again before I knew it, I was starting Transfer 11 in RALEIGH (1st and 2nd) with Sister Streetman!
That night, we just did a ton of contacting. It was fun!
Oh awkward sidenote: I am the master of first impressions. So we had dinner at the Bishop's (of the 2nd ward) house, he wasn't feeling well, so it was just his wife. And I get the worst nosebleed when we first get there. So I'm like dealing with this and I felt totally anti-social because I was like hiding in the bathroom. I FELT SO BAD. Gahh...stinking dry nose. And it's not even dry...but it's a lot dryer than the summertime I suppose. Anywho, it all worked out and Sister Krallis wasn't even mad. So it's okay. I got it under control and we had a very nice dinner :) #srslytho.
Wednesday: We had district meeting. And I learned that Elder Weiss (he was in my district in Jville) is in my district again!!!!! Ahhh he's the best. He's the one from Calgary! It's fun serving with him again!! Hahaha. He's seriously so hilarious. Anywho. District Meeting was great. And then we did some more contacting referrals and stuff afterwards. That was basically it haha.
Oh wait! We went tracting for a whole half hour and we found 3 new investigators. WUTTT! It was the best! And they're pretty solid too :) So that was great.

Thursday: It was our planning day. And then for dinner, one of the members took us out to the nicest restaurant I have ever been to in my whole entire life. Oh my lanta. It was soooo nice. Super fancy. Wow. Like I'm talking, the cheapest thing was the salad and it was like $13 which doesn't seem like a ton....until you times that by 4 (there was 4 of us) and then we all get dessert. Basically the bill was over $100. WHAT THE! Yikes. Anyway. It was super good!! And it was very nice :) I'm just so used to Fayettenam and J-Vegas...this was like a foreign concept to me haha. Oh well it was great. And then we did some more contacting tonight as well.
Friday: We had a couple appointments set and one of them was with this cute little Hispanic lady. I felt so bad though because I was literally so took every ounce of my being to stay awake. I had to go "use the bathroom" at one point just to get up and move because I was seriously falling asleep.....I felt like an awful person hahaha. But I managed to survive. So that's good. And then we met with one of our investigators named Verlinda. We had a good lesson with her. AND! Her husband, James, was there and he totally became a new investigator as well. He's great, has a lot of really good questions, and is interested in the Book of Mormon and in learning more! So that's exciting. Verlinda's super close to baptism and her testimony is SOLID. She's doing great. She's a strong woman that's for sure. She's been through a lot, but she's got the right attitude about it :)
Saturday: We went tracting again and found 1 new investigator! (Which puts us at 5...WHOA!) She's a young mom, baptist, and super cute. Her name is Sarabeth and we're seeing her on Thursday. I'm excited to teach her, she seems super great :) After that we did some more contacting! We got a TON of referrals this week from the elders, church headquarters, and the members. Oh man, Raleigh's on fire!! I LOVE IT.
Sunday: CHURCH! It was such a gong show haha we had so much going on that we missed 1st wards sacrament meeting AND 2nd ward's sacrament meeting. (Meetings, talking to people, you know missionary stuff haha) So we had to go to the spanish ward so we could take the sacrament haha. It was interesting though! I just love how it doesn't matter where you are or what language is being spoken, the same spirit is felt. I was amazed at how strongly I was feeling the spirit when we were singing the hymns (in spanish of course) and when the sacrament prayers were being said. I wasn't able to understand the language, but I understood the spirit and it was so strong. It was a testimony builder that this IS the Lord's church. :) It was refreshing, because I think in english I get too comfortable because it happens all the time, but because it was in Spanish I had to be more focused to TRY and understand what was going on. It was good. I don't know if any of this is making sense because I feel like I'm rambling....but I hope it does :) What I'm TRYING to say is that it was simply a neat experience.
After church we were able to have a lesson with our little 9 year old investigators. It was fun. We taught them the Word of Wisdom and they should be baptized right quick here. I'm excited for them :)
That evening, we were able to have a super spiritual lesson with the Clements family. It was great. Sister Streetman and I talked about what we were studying and it was amazing. It was a lot of fun to talk about Nephi and his brothers going back to get the plates. It's such a good story! It's only when we include the Lord in our plans, that we will find success. Remember that :)
Wellllll, that was my week in a nutshell!! I hope y'alls was great as well :) I love you tons and I miss you all so much! Keep reading your scriptures, praying, and going to church!! Y'all are the best!!
Take care and be safe! Keep smiling!!
Sister Blumel
xoxoxo <3

PS My new mailing address is:

6217 North Hills Dr. Apt J
Raleigh, NC 27609

My two babies and grandbaby!
Sister  Scribner, me, Sister Peterson & Sister Rich

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