Monday, May 23, 2016

Week #79 - 2016 May 23 - 552 days down, 2 more to go!


Soooo, today's the day. The LAST email day. What the wut? How did this even happen? Idk. I'm confused....but excited....and terrified? Literally I feel EVERY emotion and it's all just bottled up inside one human. Just pray that I don't go crazy....haha. 

Alright so we don't have TOO much time...which is okay....because like I'm gonna see a lot of you this upcoming week...WUT. So I'll just give you some highlights like last week. 

> First things first, KEN GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Literally the best day ever. Oh my goodness gracious. I am BEYOND grateful that I was able to witness that amazing step that he was able to take. He was literally glowing. I just love him so much! He stood up after the talk on the Holy Ghost and he said a few words and it made my heart so full. He is so grateful for the church in his life and wow, I'm just so grateful I got to be a part of this amazing journey that he's been on :) It was the best day ever. 

> And! Makaylah and Allison (our little 9 and 10 year old investigators) got baptized as well this weekend! Last weekend in the mission? 3 baptisms? Sounds good to me! #killinit #baptizingraleigh ;) Hahaha jks. Totally the work of the Lord I'm telling ya. I just got super blessed to be able to be here for it. But their baptism was awesome as well! So many people were there! It was a full house! It was great :D

> Elder Zwick, from the seventy, came out and talked to us! We had a devotional with all the ward councils in the Northern part of NC on Wednesday night and he talked about member missionary work the whole time. I'm going to be the best member missionary ever! It's happening. And then on Friday, we had a zone conference with him. So all the missionaries in the Northern Zones were able to have the chance to hear from Elder Zwick and it was THE BEST. I needed to hear everything that he said and it was SUCH an AMAZING conference. He's an inspired man! It was awesome. 

> Fun fact! At the Zone Conference i got to see all my companions that are still on the mission again! Such a tender mercy. I love all of them so so much. <3 So grateful for every one of them and all the things that they were able to teach me. They helped me become who I am today and I couldn't be more thankful. 

> Oh! We went on exchanges and I got to be with my Baby Peterson one more time. Wow that was much needed. We have too much fun together...but like we work REALLY good together too. Still got that companion unity! Yassss. :D It was good! 

> At Makaylah and Allison's baptism Sister Scribner was able to be there (because her comp helped teach the girls and got permission to come) and wow....I needed to see her one more time. I just love her so much!!!! Definitely cried when we said bye....which is saying something cuz like I don't ever cry. Dang...i've just turned into a waterfall the last 48 hours hahaha...and it'll continue for the next 48+ hours! Oh well. I love my Baby Scrib soooooooo freaking much!!!! <3 <3 <3

And that's about it!!!! I was gonna add up all the days I've been out and then the days I have left....but like I didn't have time and I still don't have time. So you can just pretend that I did haha :) 

I love you all so much! And I'm excited to see all of you soon!!!! Crazy! Doesn't feel real yet. Haha but anywho. Just know that I know the church is true. The mission has changed my life. Literally. The NCRM has changed me. Into a much better, much cooler version of Amy ;) (man first names are tricky....hahahaha #missionprobs) But that's'll like her too ;) hahaha. But I'm still goofy. Sooo there's that!  Now I'm rambling. Basically just know that I'm grateful for the mission. I don't know where I'd be without it. 

Well, keep reading, keep praying, keep going to church. You know all that good stuff. I LOVE YOU. MISS YOU SEE YOU SOON. 

Sister Amy Blumel
xoxoxo <3

PS - I decided to actually do the math for the amount of days I've been out :) it was really I hope I did it'd be way awkward if I was wrong lolol. Oh well! Hoorah! 

Ken's Baptism

Ken's Baptism

This is Verlinda, our recent convert. She's such a sweetheart :) 

This is Sister Cox! The best member in R2 <3 She's the one that
had us over on Mother's Day and made us those blankets <3

Exchanges with Baby Peterson!

We found daisies! So I sat on the ground and took a selfie with a
plate that we were giving back to the member...hahah. Yep that's me!

The Clawson's! Bro Clawson is the R1 Ward Mission Leaders and
he's the best one I've had. And the Clawson family is just the sweetest!

Anddd the Brown's! Also a wonderful family from R1.
Bro Brown is a fellow Canadian!!! :) I love them a ton!

Makaylah and Allison at their baptism! (Sorry it's a little blurry...)

Me and Baby Scrib <3

Baby Scrib and I againnnnn because this one's cute :)

i don't even know....haha that was my bouquet of flowers
I picked for my own dying picture (to come soon....)

oh here it is! The death picture. It's tradition in the mission to get a "funeral"
picture for the "dying" missionaries and it was my time to do it.....and we
got the whole zone in on it! BEST! (usually it's just the district) #WINNER!

President & Sister James and I

Monday, May 16, 2016

Week #78 - 2016 May 16 - Just Another Mission Filled Week!

This week was......good? haha I don't even know. It was mostly good. I mean, I can't complain! We'll just go over the highlights!!!
> We had a member home lesson (what it sounds like....a lesson with an investigator in a member's house :) haha) with Ken on Monday! It was awesome. We were FINALLY able to watch the hr long version of the Restoration with him. (We've only been trying to do that with him for..uhm...months...haha) He really enjoyed it! And it helped clear some things up about the Restoration for him :)
> We went on exchanges again on Tuesday! I went with Sister Gill this time and it was great! We were able to contact a few of our bajillion referrals that we have and we were able to have a great lesson with Ken! (we saw him a lot this week haha it was great!) We went over the baptismal interview questions with him...oh holy smokes. HE KNOWS SO MUCH. Like he knows and understands things that we've barely gone over with him...he's been studying so much on his own..needless to say we were sufficiently impressed. Dang, I'm so proud of him and the progress he's made! Literally the miracle of the mission. He's SO ready to be baptized. (This upcoming Saturday!!)

> Our 9 year old investigator, Allison, was interviewed on Tuesday as well and she passed!!! She's amazing!
> On Wednesday, we had the best zone training of the mission for me. It was seriously so good and exactly what I needed. I'm SUPER grateful that, that was my last zone training. Ended on a serious good note. It was all about love. I just love love! <3
> Ken had his baptismal interview on Wednesday and...and....anddddd....HE PASSED. We weren't surprised, nor worried about it though. He totally gets it. I just love him so much haha. He kept saying how he felt something while he was being interviewed and how he really liked it. Well, ladies and gentleman, welcome tooo...the spirit!!!!! :D We were super happy that he had such a spiritually, uplifting experience!
> I got sick on that was lame. But I'm better now! (not really a highlight..but whateves haha!)
> We had a wonderful meal with a few members and Ken last night! (Sunday night) It was so much fun! Ahh, it seriously warms my heart to see investigators getting close with members. It makes me so happy! :D We figured out his baptism program and it's gonna be awesome. He's SO excited to get baptized!!!! It's the best!
Well, that was basically that!!! I can't believe that once this email is sent...I only have to write one more...and then I get to bless you all with my presence. What the. Hahaha #mixedfeelingstothemax! Time seriously flew by sooo dang fast. Wow. So grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission! It was the best thing for my life. <3
The church is true, y'all! Don't forget it! Keep reading the Book of Mormon. That's your witness to know that this is the Lord's church. I promise if you'll read it and pray sincerely about it, you'll come to that knowledge and understanding! It's the keystone to our religion!!!! There's power in it, let that power into your life :)
I love you all so much!!!! Miss you a ton! Keep on keepin' strong! And don't forget to smillleee!
Sister Blumel
xoxoxo <3

And here's the best bike that I rode EVERY DAY. 
Ha jks....I may or may not have never ridden it once....... 

Haha...trunkiest day in the planner!
Just thought I'd share!

The elders left me a message before they left the Family History Center....they think they're soooo funny haha.
But like 9 days left....what happened to the last 18 months? #ew... #exciting? #seeyanextweek!

Here's an awesome family! The Marcellino's. :)
We're having a member home with them
tonight with Ken! They're the best!

Monday, May 09, 2016

Week #77 (Only 2 more!!) - Where I've Been Living for the Last 4 Months!

Week #77 - 2016 May 09 - MIRACLES. So. Many. Doggone. Miracles.

Hey y'all!
This week was AWESOMEEEE. Oh my word!!! It was the best.
Monday: We had a nice relaxing preparation day. So that was good! And then we had a really good dinner/lesson with an awesome family. After that, Sis Pete and I had a really good bro chat and we really needed that. So that was good.
Tuesday: We were able to see Ken! It was great! We talked about the Priesthood and it went well.
Wednesday: We had District Meeting! And it was actually SO MUCH FUN. Our district is awesome this time around!! Tender mercies of the Lord :D Anyway, after that we went on exchanges. I went with Sister Peterson (my baby #1) to Falls Lake/Wake Forest 2 and Sister Gill went with my comp, Sister Petersen (notice the "on" and the "en"'s important haha.) to Raleigh 1/2. It was a REALLY good exchange! It was fun being companions again with Sister Peterson a year later. It was awesome to see the progress and growth in each of us as we taught together again. We still have that comp unity!!! <3 It was a really good day :)
Thursday: We exchanged back and then Sis Pete and I weekly planned. And then we contacted abajillion referrals...none of which were home. #typical.
Friday: We contacted some referrals again (we have so many....and they're never home...) and then we went tracting for a little bit! We placed a Book of Mormon with someone, but everyone else either A) wasn't home B) didn't answer the door C) said they were busy or D) they recognized who we were and shut the door in our face. Ha! So just a typical time tracting!! And then after that we had interviews with President and Sister James! I just love them so much :) So while I was talking to President James, I mentioned how Ken was progressing really well, but I probably won't see him baptized because I go home so soon and how I was okay with that as long as he gets baptized one day! And President laughs and goes, "Sister Blumel..." and then proceeds to challenge me (he said he had already challenged Sis Pete) to tell him to quit everything today cold turkey and commit to be baptized before I go. So that's what we did! President told us to go find Pero, which is a coffee takes like coffee, but it doesn't have coffee in it. So right after interviews, we check the phone and our dinner appointment fell through, which ended up being perfect because we spent the remaining time we had before the lesson trying to track down pero. Apparently, it's not that common! We couldn't find it for the longest time! Either that, or Heavenly Father was testing our faith. Probably the latter. We had one more store to try and before we went in, we said a prayer that if it be thy will, pero will be in this store. And lo and behold! We found it! We took that as a sign that that is what we needed to do with Ken that night. President James is an inspired man. So we get to the lesson and it's going great. We read Mosiah 18:8-10 and it went well. We talk about baptism and he said he wanted to get baptized at some point so we're like how bout this. And that's when we showed him the pero and the twizzlers (it helps with the habitual motions of smoking...a member told us that haha) that we got for him and he was excited to try it! And then we told him the challenge of quitting everything right now. And he thought about it and he started to nod and say that he would do it. So then we told him that this was a trade. We gave him stuff to have and now he has to give us all his stuff! We thought it would take a little bit of persuasion but he immediately got up and said, "okay!" like it was no big deal!!! Friday night was the night!!!! I'm so glad we had interviews that day and I'm so grateful that President pushed us to do that! We witnessed miracles that night. He committed to be baptized on May 21st and he's working hard to stay away from smoking/coffee. It's been 3 days and it's been a success so far!!! This will be the biggest miracle of the mission for me I'm sure of it. I needed to come to Raleigh for Ken :) I'm grateful and honored to be a part of his journey. I'll keep you posted on how he's doing!! Prayers for him are always welcome so he can stay strong :) The elders were able to come over and give him a blessing and that was really good. The Priesthood is so real! I love it. But yeah, that was that day!!! :D
Saturday: We had a baptism! One of our little 10 year olds, Abby, was baptized! It was great. Sister Streetman and Sister Kelly taught her when they were in Raleigh, so they got permission and were able to come to the baptism! AND! Baby Scrib (Sister Scribner) is Sister Kelly's companion now, so she was there too!!!! So I got to see her and it was the best!!! So I got to see both of my babies this week! SUCH a tender mercy!!! Made this mission mama's heart full that's for sure!! I just love my trainees. <3
Sunday: Ken came to church with his 16 y/o son Andrew and it was great!! Church was really good. Everything was based around Eternal that was awkward....just cause I'll be home so soon. But it was great! We had a great lunch with a super cute member! (Who tried to set me up with her 23 y/o son....uhm.) And then we went over to the Cox family's home for dinner and then we skyped! It was so good to see the fam jam again! And surprise, Grandmama Irenke was there! Best day ever! I just love that woman so much <3 Anywho, it was a good day.
That was that! Seriously...the best week. I love being a missionary, it's the best!!! :D
The church is true y'all! Read the Book of Mormon daily. It'll bless your life!
Take care and remember to keep smiling! Be safe! And SUCCESS you finished reading the novel. :) Congratulations!
Have a great week y'all! Love and miss you all a ton!
Sister Blumel
xoxoxo <3

I got to go on exchanges with my best friend!!!
The one. The Only. Baby Peterson!!! :D 

It was literally the best to be companions again a year later!!! <3

We found a firefly! And Sister Peterson caught him and named him Byron. 

Then we realized that I had 3 weeks left and she has 3 transfers left... 

And that's the end of that day!! just love her!

Miracles with Ken! 

Details in letter.....

And an amazing member here made us these awesome blankets!
:D Literally the best!

Sister Scribner and I

Random selfie. Cause why not. #whitegurlprobs

Monday, May 02, 2016

Week #76 (only 3 more!!!) - 2016 May 02 - The Road to Recovery #sickweek

So this week was pretty alright haha mannnn it's been a rough couple of weeks. BUT! It's okay! It'll get better!!! This email's gonna be on the shorter side just because like literally nothing exciting happened...
Monday: We went bowling as a district! That was fun! It was our last hoorah as a district before basically everybody left (almost half the district got transferred haha). And then after that, nothing much happened. We set some goals for the area and did deep cleaning finally (we were supposed to do it last week but never got around to it -- oh and that's just where we clean the apartment super good...we have to do it the last week of every transfer! It's good times! haha)
Tuesday: We crashed transfers and that was the biggest tender mercy of the week. I was able to see a ton of my favourite people!!! It was great!! I'm glad we went because that was the last time for a looonggg time that I was able to see them! And then after that, we had to go home because Sis Pete (that's her new nickname so she's not confused with my Baby Sister Peterson) wasn't feeling good. And that was that!
Wednesday: We tried to go to district meeting, but Sis Pete still wasn't feeling good. So 'twas another sick day.
Thursday: Guess what?! Another sick day for Sis Pete. Wow, so exciting right?
So today we were able to go visit our new investigator, Jimmy, and our investigator, Ken, and that was really good! We took one of our members with us and it turned out to be PERFECT! She was perfect for both lessons. She was able to relate to Jimmy and Ken in ways that we couldn't. And it was awesome. Definitely inspired. So that was great. We had good lessons with both of them! It was a good night.
Saturday: We walked around all day and then we had to go back to the apartment because my knee didn't like the fact that I was walking on it again. So dumb. And besides, Sis Pete still wasn't feeling that great. Hooray for another exciting day!
Sunday: Ken wasn't able to make it to church. SAD. But he said that he will be there next week. Best part of the day? Probably the fact that ELDER DUBE came to Raleigh 2nd ward for church today!! It was awesome hearing from him again. I just love him. He said a lot of really good things. He committed the whole ward to read from the Book of Mormon every day! Even if it's just a sentence! He said power comes from the Book of Mormon and when we're in it every day, we will be SO blessed.
And that was basically it! I hope y'all had a great week and I hope this next one is even better. I love you all a ton and I miss you bunches. Keep on keepin' strong! The church is true! :)
Take care! Keep smiling :)
Sister Blumel
xoxoxo <3

Oh here's a picture :) One of the members here got us smoothies
because she's a sweetheart and she felt bad  for Sis Pete and I 
being stuck  inside for days hahaha. It was awesome! :)

Monday, April 25, 2016

Week #75 - 2016 Apr 25 - The Best is Yet to Come :)

How was everyone's week?! Mine was pretty decent! It wasn't AMAZING but it wasn't awful haha it was one of those pretty normal weeks. So I can't complain!!
Monday: We were able to have a really good lesson with our investigator, Ken. We taught him the Law of Chastity. Which is always a good time hahaha. I'm so used to teaching that lesson to kids that I almost didn't know how to teach it to an adult. Haha but all went well and he understands and has committed to live it! He told us that if he was younger, that would be a lot harder of a sell for him..but because he's older, there's gonna be no problems. So yay! #success.
Tuesday: We spent all day at the doctors. Turns out I got Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. Also called Runner's Knee. Which is awkward and kinda....what's the word....? ...ironic?.. because I don't run.....everyone who knows me well enough knows this ahaha. But alas, it's because we've been walking A TON. And I overused it and so it tried to fix itself by filling up with fluid....but that was counter productive because that just made it worse. Haha but! Everything's good now! I listened to the doctor and I'm on the mend. Hallelujah! #backtoworkwego!
Wednesday: District Meeting! It was actually really good this week. After that we went and visited our recent convert, Verlinda! She found this anti video about so we had to clear some things up haha man Satan works so's kinda sad...but he's not gonna win! We left her feeling a lot better than she was when we got there. So hooray! That's always a good feeling. Thanks spirit!! And then after that my knee felt like it was gonna we had to go and ice it. LAME. But it's okay. We were able to have a lesson with a cute family in the evening. We taught a little restoration and then asked them who they knew that would appreciate the message we have to share. But turns out they just moved here so they don't know anyone yet....BUT! They told us that they would make some friends! :) Yay!
Thursday: We weekly planned. And then we figured out a baptismal date for a 10 year old! She took the lessons before but then she had a lot of family things go it's been a while since she met with missionaries. But we reviewed the lessons with her and she literally remembers everything. She's a genius. 10 years olds are smartie pants holy smokes! If nothing else, that's what my mission has taught me!!! haha! So she'll be getting baptized on May 7th! Super exciting :)
Friday: So a member in the Raleigh 1st ward got in contact with us and she said that her boyfriend's a nonmember but he's met with missionaries before and he ready to be baptized! WHOA. We ended up having dinner with them and it was awesome!! His name is Jimmy and his girlfriend, Nichole is literally the best member missionary I've ever seen in my whole life. Haha she's the best! So we're going to review the lessons and get him baptized! he's so excited to make that step in his life. Wow. Literally blessings from the Lord. This investigator literally came to us....THAT NEVER HAPPENS! I'm so excited!!!! :D
Saturday: We contacted a bajillion referrals. Good times! No one was home and if they were they weren't interested haha. #storyofourlives.
Sunday: Church was good! I had to give a talk in Raleigh 1st Sacrament meeting! it was the easiest talk I've ever done aha. We got a call from a member of the bishopric Saturday saying that there was a young woman that was too nervous to talk. So what ended up happening was
she wrote the talk, sent it to me, and I just had to read it for her. It was a really good talk! She did a good job and I was happy to help :) The rest of Sunday was great :) Visited a ton of people, so that was good.
Well transfers news came, and I am staying in the area! I'll be dying here in Raleigh. YAY. I love it here so I'm happy about that. And Sister Petersen is staying too, so she'll be killing me off :) It'll be a fun few weeks!!
I hope you all have a WONDERFUL week and as always, remember to pray, read your scriptures and go to church! It will bless your life. :)
I love you all!!!! Miss you. And take care!!! Smile. Always :)
Sister Blumel
xoxoxo <3
PS - had no time to read over this so I hope it makes sense!!! haha!

On Sunday, KEN CAME TO CHURCH!!!! FINALLY! WHAT?! OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! It was the best thing ever!!!! And he had a really good time and he's super excited to come next week. I'm so excited for him!!!! He's progressing so well!! I feel so blessed to be a part of his journey. I just love him!!! YAY!!!
..I can't believe I forgot to put that
Well anywho, love y'all!

Sister Petersen and I after church on Sunday

Monday, April 18, 2016

Week #74 - 2016 Apr 18 - Busted Knees and Pretty Gardens


So this week was kinda rough, not gonna lie. But it's okay! It'll get better :) We just have to learn something I guess :) Haha. 

Anywho, I'll just go over the highlights. 

On Thursday, we had a Northern Zone Conference (so the Raleigh, Raleigh South, Apex, and Durham zones were all there!) and all of my former companions are in the North now! So I got to see ALL of them!!! It was such a happy day. It was a really good meeting too. All about member referrals. (I hope y'all are giving the missionaries in your ward people to teach!!) It was great. At the end of every zone conference, it's a tradition in the NCRM for the departing missionaries to bear their testimonies. Oh...that's me! So I like nearly had a heart attack because I was expecting it...but I wasn't at the same time. It was a weird feeling haha. I got up there to the podium and it was such a surreal experience. I started off my testimony by saying "I feel like my heart is going to leap out of my chest..but I think that's just because my heart belongs in North Carolina." And I don't really remember what I said..but I do know that I testified of Christ like the whole time. I'm seriously going to miss North Carolina so much. But I don't have to think about that yet! I still have lots of time ;) 
After the meeting, we had lunch, and then we all went to Duke Gardens!! It was awesome!!! It gave me time to spend with my Sister Peterson (my baby #1) and it was such a tender mercy to walk around the gardens with her. I also got to spend time with Sister Park. Awwee man I just love that girl oh so much. She literally saved my mission. I'll be forever grateful for her! And of course, seeing Baby Scrib (Sister Scribner) made my life too. It's always so much fun with her! I miss her!! <3 

We got to see Ken a couple times this past week! He told us that trying to quit smoking and drinking coffee at the same time was too much for him (uhm..totally understandably) so right now he's just going to work on quitting smoking :) So yay for him! He's still progressing so well!! We're still trying to get him to church....but one of these days he'll come!! 

Oh real quick, the reason behind the subject line! Ha so right after zone conference on Thursday, my knee busted haha. It felt like my knee cap was floating and all that jazz so I got in contact with the mission nurse and she got in contact with the mission doctor and basically it sounds like I just have a lot of fluid build up under my knee cap. LAME. So it feels like my knee cap is literally floating around #gross. And then it got progressively worse over the now they're sending me to Urgent care. haha yay so fun! But really, it's nothin serious (err I hope) so no worries!!! I'm just mildly frustrated that this happened now! Haha it's slowin me down and I don't like that! I gotta keep working hard..but then.. #bustedknee. Ha it's okay though! I'll keep you posted on it!! 

Anywho. I hope you all have a great week! Remember how blessed you all are! The Lord is literally blessing you every day...even when it doesn't feel like it...if you look close enough, He totally is :) Look out for those tender'll keep you going strong!

Take care. Love you, miss you. Keep smiling!!! And make good choices!!!

Sister Blumel
xoxoxo <3

PS - Angela, our golden investigator (or so we thought..), dropped us this week and basically told us "it's been fun, but I'm not interested anymore..don't come back." #heartbreaking... #anotheronebitesthedust. :(

President & Sister James and I

Me and Baby Peterson!

Me and Baby Scribner!

Me and my mission babies - Baby Peterson and Baby Scribner!

that's the Duke Chapel!

that's the Duke Chapel!
Me and Sister Petersen

Crazy knee!!