Monday, February 15, 2016

Week #65 - 2016 Feb 15 - #thescruggleisreal #storyofourlives

Hey y'all!
This week was great :) I loved it. We had the car for the last half of the week so that was really nice! Oh also, the Hermanas have been living with us because their apartment is being renovated. Like it's being remodeled COMPLETELY. New everything! It'll be SUPER nice when it's done...but for now...they're living with us in our teeeeeny little apartment :) As one of the elders said "it's like a box. Full of estrogen... *evil laughs*" Hahaha but he's got that right......haha it's hilarious. #thescruggle. At first I was like "AHHH CLAUSTROPHOBIC!" But now I'm so used to's like whatever haha. So that's been fun! Anywho!
Monday: We literally spent all day with the Waid family. We didn't have the car, so this family drove us to the store to go shopping and they took us to their house so we could do laundry at their house, and then they fed us lunch AND dinner. Basically they're the best family ever. And they have this super awesome piano that's super old and I played it for a solid hour I think. It was great. I miss the piano so much. But it was great. Ha so that was that!
Tuesday: I wasn't feeling well....apparently Tuesdays are just rough....we just fail at it haha. As E. Weiss would say "Do you even Tuesday?" Haha so basically we spent the day taking it easy. We cleaned the apartment and got rid of all the dust bunnies and stuff. It felt A LOT better afterwards. That was really nice. Later that night we had a lesson with our investigator, Ken. (The one we gave a church tour to) and we were able to resolve a couple of his concerns and review the Restoration with him. It was great! Really good lesson, full of the spirit. He told us that he will most definitely come to church with us sometime in March. (He's really busy with work and everything...he's in the military! I found my link to the military here!! Hahaha it literally follows me...) Anywho, so that's exciting!
Wednesday: We had zone training and it was super good! We also had exchanges and I had to be in charge of the area for the day. Which was actually a whole lot better than I thought it was going to be....just because I've only been here for a couple weeks now. But it was good! We survived and made it to all of our appointments!! YAY! I can do hard things :) (Least that's what I had to keep telling myself....hahaha) Also, thank goodness for GPS's. I don't know how I would survive without them. I went with Hermana Fisher and we had a great time :) She's like literally perfect and I learned a ton from her!
Thursday: We saw Sara Beth again! She's so great. I love her. We talked a lot about the apostasy and just cleared some things up with her. It was really good. And by the end of it she invited us back (keyword: SHE) before we could ask her when we could come back and then when we said this time next week works she reminded us that we had asked her last time if her husband would be interested in listening. So she said if we want him to be there, evenings would work better. So we picked Saturday and then she was all like, "can i make dinner for y'all?" And we were like yes! It was literally the sweetest thing. I just love her so much. Miracles family! Tracting does work! We'll be teaching a FAMILY by the end of the week!!! YASSSSSS! So great.
Friday: We contacted a ton of referrals...we keep getting so many of them that it's getting hard to keep up! So we did that. It was a lot of driving and nobody really answered their door...but one of these days!
Saturday: We contacted some more referrals! AND PEOPLE ACTUALLY LET US IN! Ha so the elders gave us a referral about a week ago for a woman named Susan. They tracted into her and she told them to come back because she wasn't feeling well and because it was a single older woman they told us to go back instead of them. So we did! And we were able to meet her and get to know her and we had a GREAT visit with her! We found out that she had actually taken the discussions about 10 years ago! And she's excited to take them again :) We gave her a Book of Mormon and she was so excited to have a copy of it. She said that when she moved here she couldn't take any of her alas, her copy of the BoM was in that pile of books. She told us that she would read as much as she could from it by the time we come see her next! So that was awesome!! And then later on that night we contacted one of the Church Headquarters referrals and we knocked on her door (this was like the 4th time...) and we heard someone on the inside! So we talked with her through the door cause she wouldn't open it and then once she realized we really were innocent little missionaries freezing in the cold, she let us in haha. It was cute :) But we gave her the Bible that she ordered and she appreciated that. And we also gave her a Book of Mormon and we taught her all about it in such a way that she wants us to come back to talk to her more about it when it's not so late at night! Another miracle that day. So good. So we got 2 new investigators on Saturday! YAY! Seriously awesome.
Sunday: Church was wonderful as per usual! We spent another day contacting some people...with no such luck. But we stopped by the Clements' and had a great time with them as per usual!! It was awesome. They're my family here in Raleigh!! There's always at least one family in each area that you get super close with. (We got the Borabora's and the Horn's in Ft. Bragg, the Murphy's and the Fuit's in good ol' J-ville, and the Clements here..I love it!)
So basically, this week was pretty great! Nothing TOO crazy happened...but it was still a wonderful missionary full week :)
I hope you all had a great week and I hope this one is even better! Know that I love you tons and I pray for you always.
Alma 37:36-37 -- PRAY ALWAYS! About everything! Talk to Heavenly Father like He's right there in front of you because in the grand scheme of things He totally is. He's right there, willing to help out in any way that He can. Let Him in. Talk to Him. Let Him help.
I love you all and miss you tons! Keep on keepin' strong. And never forget to smile :)
Sister Blumel
xoxoxo <3

PS I forgot to explain the subject line. duurrr. Okay. So basically here in the south...if you find the black people that have been in the south for their whole life they tend to replace any str sound with scr. So it's right up the screet. Or it's scraight up the screet. Hahah it's so funny. We haven't actually heard anyone say "scruggle" but it fits....and so us and the R2 elders use it all the time hahaha. I LOVE THE SOUTH.

Our car was literally an icecube this morning. So these are some selfies from Hermana Fisher's camera :)


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