Monday, January 25, 2016

Week #62 - 2016 Jan 25 - More pictures . . . The Murhpy's

The Murphy family has been such a blessing in my life oh my goodness. They are literally a second family to me and their home feels like my second home as well. I JUST LOVE THEM. And these just explain the ridiculousness...a little bit anyway. Hahaha this was our attempt at getting a "nice picture".........yep. That explains everything.

Week #62 - 2016 Jan 25 - PICTURES!!

This is the family we spent the first half of Christmas Day with :)

They're also SUPER great!!!

there's the hole in the wall

And that's the one and only Jessica! She's the sweetest <3

Cassandra's baptism with Sister Scribner

Cassandra's Baptism

Cassandra's mom, Janis! She's crazy...hahah but i love her to pieces!

Cassandra's Baptism

Cassandra's baptism with Sister Scribner

Cassandra's Baptism!

These are the Fuit's. I may have talked about them before? Maybe...golly gee I really can't remember. But we do a LOT with them and Deanna (Sister Fuit) is the best and such a life saver. Biggest tender mercy of the area. I just love them.
Oh yeah. the guy with the pumpkin pj pants....that's Kyle. He's their roommate cuz he doesn't want to live in the barracks hahah.

On a random side note. When I first got here.....the German Shepherd (he's still a puppy by the way) was hecka smaller than the chihuahua. He was TINY. And now he's HUGE. And he's not even a year old yet....WHAT! Haha he's a German Shepherd/Mastiff mix. So he's gonna be a BIGGGG baby. :) He's super cute though and his name is Cut-throat. Not because he's evil....because he has a scar on his neck haha. He's like the biggest loveable dunce ever. Haha :) It's great. 

Mellisa's cat Mow Mow

THIS is Mellisa

This is Gail. One of the less active ladies that we're working with here in the Ville of Jackson :) 

She's the greatest and I love her to pieces :) <3

Week #62 - 2016 Jan 25 - Change...Change is Always GooooOOOoood!

Hey y'all!!

So this week was pretty great. Lemme tell ya somethin. Ima let you in on a secret. If you pray for a week full of memories.'re just giving the good Lord permission to use your life as His comic relief. Oh my word hahaha. 

Basically there's so much to say and not enough time to say it all. So we're gonna do it like this, this week. 

Monday: We had to go to the doctor for an appointment for ah you know, yours truly. There's been something going on with my scalp that has only gotten progressively I figured I should probably get it checked out haha. So with the help of the mission nurse, I was able to make an appointment. (Mama, you'd be proud of me! I called and made the appointment all by myself!! Progress! Baby steps! I can do grown up things! yay! Hahaha anyway) So basically the doctor was all like, well it could be this or that....I'm not really sure but I'll prescribe you all this stuff that will fix both I guess that was nice haha. Then after that we had to spend the rest of our preparation day at Walgreen's waiting for my prescriptions to be done. Haha so that was fun. But everything worked out and DANG that stuff she prescribed is good!!! My scalp is like practically back to normal again! Hallelujah!!! :D 

Tuesday: We had 2nd Transfer Call-in for Sister Scribner. (Basically your 2nd transfer out, you get to do this big conference call with everyone else you came out with and we're all given assignments as to what we will share with everyone. It's pretty awesome.) And it was took 2 tries...but it was great! The first time, President had something else goin on or somethin because he wasn't on the call. And we stayed on the line for practically an hour waiting hahaha so the "first hour" of this call was a bunch of missionaries cracking the lamest jokes hahah (ie: What's red and bad for your teeth? A brick. Knock Knock. Who's there? Champ. Champ who? And conditioner! And the joke we came up with and shared: Knock Knock. Who's there? It's the missionaries! Hahahaha yeah.....#lamemissonhumor....hahah) And then about an hour after the conference call was supposed to start, the assistants texted everyone saying that the time has changed. "sorry for the late notice!" Ha uh yeah...just a tad bit late hahaha. Anywho, we actually had the conference call the second time and it was wonderful. President's first words were, "A calendar's not much good unless you look at it." Haha true dat true dat, President. Wise words! (But sarcasm intended....haha.) 
And then we had to call maitenance because there was a huge puddle of water under our "carpet" (aka turf). So a repairman came and told us that there's a pin size hole in our pipes and it's been spraying mist constantly and that's why it's continually getting bigger (the puddle). So that was nice. But that's all fixed up now too. SO yay, no more water problems!! :) 

Wednesday: We had district meeting, and it was actually super great. Super spiritual and I loved it. And then we got to take part in a worldwide missionary broadcast! It was so great!! I felt so blessed to be able to partake in that. Apparently they hadn't had one of those broadcasts for like 10 years or something like I'm serving at the right time!! I needed to hear every word of that :)

Thursday: We saw Jessica! It was great! She's still awesome...not willing to come to church yet. And still trying to work on her word of wisdom stuff. But she believes in the Book of Mormon. So I guess that's a step in the right direction!! 

Friday: We went over to Cassandra's to figure out some last minute baptism details. We made the program with her and then we just talked about how it was all going to go down. It was a fun visit with her. She always makes my heart so happy!!! :D 

Saturday: CASSANDRA GOT BAPTIZED!!!! YAAYYAYAYAY! It was so amazing. The spirit was super strong the entire time. And her parents were able to make it! Which was a huge shock to everyone! Her mom has expressed that she's not happy about her decision to be baptized (because she's already been why does she have to do it again?) but it's part of her motherly duties to support her daughter in what her heart is set on. And this is what Cassandra's heart was set on, so she'll support her in it. Anywho, the day was great and Cassandra said she had never felt happier. <3 <3 <3 I love this gospel. 
I also got transfer news....I'm getting transferred! And I'm going up to the Northern Kingdom! But that's all I know!! And this will be the first transfer of my entire mission that I won't have extra responsibilities, hallelujah! :) I'm excited for the change of scenery, that's for sure. I'm gonna miss Jville though!! Oh well, it's not a goodbye, just a see ya later!

Sunday: Well it was my last I spent a lot of it saying my "see ya laters" to a lot of people. Including the Murphy's. I think that was the hardest one. They mean a ton to me and they literally feel like family. I'm gonna miss having dinner with them a bajillion times a week!! Hahaha they're great. Definitely coming back to visit with them after the mission. They're the best. 

And that was my week!!! I hope you're all doing well and staying warm. Speaking of the weather - I am warm and safe! The storms never got to us, so we were very blessed! :) I mean it was still cold....but there wasn't snow, ice, or anything dangerous. Now I can't say that for anywhere else in NC, cause some people got hit pretty hard...but we're good and safe and wonderful :) 

Remember the church is true, God is good, He loves you and I love you too!!! 

Y'all are great and I love and miss you to pieces. Take care! Keep smiling :) And remember --- if you pray for out. You're in for a treat. ;)

Sister Blumel
xoxoxo <3

PS - there's a whole schwack of pictures in another post!

Couple selfies for ya. Because you only get so many opportunities to see mah lovely face hahaha. :)


Monday, January 18, 2016

Week #61 - 2016 Jan 18 - "Oh ho ho, it's magic, ya knowww." Jks, it's the Lord!!!

Hey one, hey all! 

We were able to experience miracles this week! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. I say that every week I think....but it's TRUEEEEE. 

Alright let's talk! 

On Tuesday, we had roster work at the church planned. So basically there's been a huge push (from the missionaries here) for the roster to be cleaned we've been going through the roster and trying to get all the records where they need to be. Thus! We planned on going to the church and doing that. BUT! Before that, I felt a SUPER strong prompting to go stop by Polly and Deborah. Our investigators from the summer/fall that we lost contact with. So I told Sis Scrib and she was totally on board. And their house is right on the way to church anyway. We get to their house and we don't even have to knock, Polly is just right there and she opens the door. It was so good to see her! She gave me a huge hug and Sis Scrib and her were able to introduce each other. And she told us that we caught her at the right time because she was just getting ready to go out and do some errands for the rest of the day, so she wasn't going to be at home until late that night. (I LOVE THE SPIRIT!!!!) And we found out that her sister Dyna, the one I've talked about before, had passed away a couple weeks beforehand. Polly told us that she thought Deborah had gotten a hold of us to let us know, but she didn't or it didn't go through. So we told we were so sorry that we didn't come sooner and she said it was okay. And then I asked about Deborah and so Polly went to go get her and oh my gosh when she came around the corner I just about burst into tears of joy!!! You know, you don't realize how MUCH you love someone until you haven't seen them for a while and then you finally see them again. Man alive, my heart was SO full!!! We caught up for about 20 minutes. She's doing alright, still going through the grieving process for her son that passed away in September. Which is totally understandable. But she's getting stronger. I've learned that it doesn't get easier with time, you just get stronger. Overall though, they are doing well and they said that they have missed seeing us. I am so happy that we were able to get in contact with them again. We're seeing them again sometime this week and it all works out so perfectly because I was able to introduce Sis Scrib, Deborah, and Polly. So they all know each other now which is good because this is MOST likely my last week here. The Lord has such perfect timing! Who woulda thought?! ;) 

We were able to get quite a few records figured out as well. Which was a tender mercy as well because most people don't reply to us on facebook when we ask about the church and all that. But we had 3 people reply! Which doesn't sound like a lot, but it is!!! That means 3 records can be forwarded to their new place and the missionaries and the ward can start helping them come back :) Super exciting! We definitely still have a TON of work to do, but we're making progress. Slowly but surely. 

Later that night (Tuesday), we went out to contact referrals with the bishop's wife. We had one referral for a woman named Margie and she wanted a Bible. Now I don't know if you remember this or not, but back in the summer we had an investigator named Margie that we had lost contact with as well. So ever since we got that headquarter's referral I've been like, I wonder if that's the same Margie. I mean it was the same address and everything. She had a different last name and a different phone number but the address and her first name were the same. So we drove to her address and got out and I was pretty sure it was her looked familiar. But we also went there in the dark and back in the summer we always went there during the day, so I wasn't 100%. So we walk up the steps to her door and then bam, the door swings open before we can even get a knock in and huzzah! HELLLOOOO MARGIE! She's the same Margie!! It was awesome seeing her again too! She seemed very happy to see us and we ended up talking to her for a little over an hour. (That woman can talk...I'm tellin ya....hahaha.) And long story short, she was very grateful that we had contact again and that we stopped by. Later on she called us her angels. THAT touched my heart <3 SO, needless to say she became our investigator again!! LOVE.

On Wednesday we had zone training. So we went to Wilmington. It was really good and I needed to hear every word of it. Afterwards, we went on exchanges again this week (we went last week as well), and I went to Hampstead with Sister Macrum! It was a lot of fun. And I needed to be in Hampstead that night. So many things were said that I needed to hear. Hampstead's Bishop's wife is like the most inspired woman I've met on the mission. Oh my goodness. When I grow up I want to be just like her. Everything that came out of her mouth, even if it wasn't directed towards me, was something that I needed to hear - whether it was something I've been worrying about, something I've been wondering about, or just something I've been thinking about. It was amazing. She was telling us a story about when her and her husband had been married for 10 years. They had been blessed with SO much (I won't go into too much details just because it's personal) but one day she was praying and thanking the Lord for everything that they had been blessed with and loud and clear she heard a voice that said, "You're being blessed because of your husband's obedience on his mission." And then she told us that the Lord loves His missionaries and He does not forget about them. Ever. She said it had been 15 years since her husband returned home from his mission and yet the blessings were still flowing in. She told us that not only you and your family back home are blessed for your service, but your future family will be abundantly blessed as well. It was incredible and the spirit was so strong when she was telling us this and we were all tearing up. I needed to hear that, that night. So exchanges turned out to exactly what I needed. <3

Fast forwarding a little bit to Saturday! It was a GORGEOUS day outside. Like we're talking, mid-70's, sunshine, a warm breeze. All of that. It was such a beautiful day. And it happened in January!! Even better!! Ahh! I love when the weather cooperates. :) Haha anywho. We had tracting planned for that day and obviously the Lord wanted us out on the streets that day because just the day before it was pouring and super windy and cold and I didn't say this out loud, but I thought, man, if it's like this tomorrow....we're doing stop bys...none of this tracting stuff. Haha. Terrible I know hahah but I was just not having it! HOWEVA! We woke up Saturday morning and the sun was shining, birds were chirping, and it was most definitely a tracting day :) So we hit the streets. The first little bit nobody is really too interested. I mean, everyone was being SUPER nice to us and instead of just slamming the door, like usual, they would politely decline and wish us luck and they all told us that they appreciated what we were doing and they told us to stay safe. So I mean, they were all being really kind. That was refreshing. So we keep pressing on and knocking door after door after door. We cross the street and knock on the first door of the street and we hear this lady inside go "WHO IS IT?!" And so we say the sister missionaries! And she asks again so we add "for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" into the mix. And then she asks again so I say it a third time. And then she asks again and I tell Sister Scribner it's her turn hahaha. And then she finally just opens the door haha so I say who we are one more time and she's like OOH! Come in, come in!! Please come in! Annd so Sis Scrib and I look at each other, smile, look at the lady, smile, and we walk in! And oh my goodness, it was amazing!!!! MIRACLES. We went tracting that day for Liz! (That's her name) The Lord made it a beautiful day so we could find Liz :) Now let me tell you a little bit about her. She's the stereo-typical black, older southern baptist woman. And she can talk for dayzzzz. She told us that we were beautiful like 5 times and then she told us that she looked awful like 15 times and then she told us that she would come to our church like 7 times and she then she told us that she was so happy we stopped by like 6 times. It was so funny. But we come in and she's talking about her grandkids and then all of a sudden she cuts herself off and she's like, "are y'all inviting me to go to your church?" And we're like, yeah! Of course we are! And so we give her one of our cards with the church's address and info on it and she's like oh okay. I'll definitely come to your church. And then she was telling us how she's not too happy with her missionary baptist church that she goes to. So then she tells us again that she's coming to our church. Not this week, but next week! And "I'm not gonna look like this. Gosh I look awful. *smooshes poofy hair down* I'm gonna come in and say hi and you're not gonna be able to recognize me! Ugghhh I look so bad today. (Us: No no, you look great!! ---she really did look fine haha she was super cute) Girls, I'm sorry, next time you come I'll look so much better! I'm gonna take a picture of you! *she takes our her cellphone and tries to figure out how to use it* *we don't really know what's going on hahaha so we awkwardly smile...* *CLICK* Oh I think I took a picture...I'm not really sure. Uhh, how do I get to my pictures? ....I think I'm there...maybe? Is that y'all? *we walk over, look at's a picture of us we're super blurry and making a ridiculous face* (Us: Oh that's us alright!) Oh good, now I have a picture of you. So when I walk into church, I'll show you this picture and then you'll know it's me. Oh I look so bad today. But I'm going to look good on Sunday! You just wait!" That's how that went hahaha. I had to italicize it so you would know when it was back to the email and not our convo with her hahaha. It was hilarious though. She's such a trip! Oh my goodness I love her so much already! I'm excited to continue working with her! She told us she wants us to come back so she can have Bible studies (that's what she calls the lessons hahaha) with us! It was fantastic! After we left she told us how happy she was that she was able to meet us. And we said the same and gave her big hugs :) These are the moments that make everything worth it on the mission. Amazing, I'm tellin' ya. 
We tracted the rest of the street, but no one was interested. So we really just were sent out to find Liz today. And I couldn't be happier about that! :D 

On Sunday we had a multi stake broadcast. It broadcasted in from Utah and it was only being broadcasted to 14 states. It was the south eastern states broadcast. (how many times can I say broadcast in a sentence....hahaha) It was really good! L. Whitney Clayton, Linda S. Reeves, Ronald A Rasband, and Robert D. Hales spoke! It was great :) 

And that was basically our week in a nutshell!! SUPER SUCCESSFUL! I can honestly say we gave it our all this week and we were blessed immensely. The joy of missionary work is something that cannot be described or explained adequately with only words. It's one of those things that you have to do to experience the joy that is felt. So familia, go out and do some missionary work! You won't regret it. It may seem a little scary, or challenging, but man oh man, it is oh so worth it!! :D And the blessings are that's a good bonus ;)

To all you beautiful people that I love so much, I know this church is the Lord's church once again established on the earth today. This church contains the fullness of the gospel and with that, fullness of joy, peace, comfort, hope, and so many other amazing things. Hold onto the rod, walk the straight and narrow path, rely on the Savior, and you'll see miracles. I can promise you that. 

Have a great week and I will talk to y'all next time!! Take care, be safe, always remember to smile, and don't forget that I love you TONS and so does the Lord! :) 

Sister Blumel
xoxoxo <3

PS - Story behind the subject line - this week felt magical...but it was actually just the Lord working through the Spirit, working through us. Hallelujah! SOO great! :D 


Here's me with the Ferrin's! I love them to pieces :)
They're great! One of my favourite families here in J-ville. 

Anddd there's another picture with the Ferrin's and I. I said goodbye to them on 
Sunday because I'm like 99.9999999999999999999999% sure I'm being transferred. 

And here's a selfie because I haven't sent one
 of those home for a while and so there ya go.
Hahaha #awkwardbathroomselfies #alldayeryday

Sister Scribner and I taking awkward bathroom selfies
hahaha.  #storyofmylife.

THE tuxedo cheesecake from the Santorini Grill in Swansboro.
That cake is to die for. Oh my gosh. It's amazing.... <3 <3 <3

Now we were studying one day (I think it was Saturday....) and we hear this huge bang on our window and we were like what the junk? Who was that? Cause it sounded like someone just came up and punched our window. Haha. But anyway, I get curious so I open the door and I see nobody...and then I look down and there's this dead bird. So uhm, a bird dived into our window and died. Uhhhh #thatawkwardmomentwhen. So now you're blessed with a picture of the casualty... 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Week #60 - 2016 Jan 11 - Opposition in All Things

Hey y'all! 

Another week has come and gone and now we're onto a new one! Just like that! It's already January 11th. At this rate, it'll be Christmas like next week. WEIRD. Okay anyway! 

This week was pretty great :) 

On Tuesday, we contacted one of our church headquarters referrals and we ended up being on the phone with this man for like 45 minutes. Haha and he was talking like the ENTIRE time!!! He told us that he has been studying the Book of Mormon since like the 80' you know just a couple years. And he told us that he wanted to order one of our "combination books" AKA a quad with all 4 books. And then after this, he went on for the next 40 minutes about the history of the Bible and how it connects with the Book of Mormon and all this stuff. It was amazing! And super interesting! I wish we would have recorded the convo or taken notes or SOMETHING because it was some really valuable stuff! Anywho, he told us that he would get back to us on a time that we could come and teach him the discussions and all that. So basically he sounds super elect and I hope he gets back to us soon! His name is Kelly :) 
On Tuesday we also contacted another referral. Her name's Linda. And we knock on her door and we hear a voice saying something, but we didn't hear. So we both lean in closer to the door and say, sorry what was that? And then we hear it again, but this time we actually hear it. And she's like "come in!" And we look at each other and we're like... uhhhh.....should we just walk in? I mean she told us to? Is she expecting someone else? AHHH. So much awkward. Hahahaha so Sis Scrib opens the door and we're like hey, we're the missionaries! You know, the schpeel. And she smiles and nods like she's expecting us. We give her the video that she wanted and then we also give her the Book of Mormon and set up a return appointment with her. She kept saying how she appreciated us coming by and she "looks forward to meeting with us again." So left the house and we fist bumped and we're like "nailed it!" And then skipping details a little bit. We go back on Saturday because that's when our appointment was set up for. And her husband answers the door. So we go, "Is Linda home?" And he doesn't even saying anything, he just opens the door further and points and tells us to come in. So we walk in and Linda is sitting right there. She tells us that she's not feeling well so we ask her if she would like to reschedule and she says yes. And so we're trying to figure out a time and then her husband and this other young boy were sitting at the room literally arguing with us every time we said a time. And poor Linda was sitting looking like she wanted to cry. And then her husband goes, what are you trying to reschedule anyway? So she says, they want to teach me more about the Book of Mormon" and he's like "Linda, we don't study Mormons." And the turns to us and says "She had a stroke, so she gets confused sometimes." And basically she told us she actually didn't want to reschedule (because her husband told her that) and so we're like okay, well have a great day! You have our card, so if you have any questions, let us know. And then we walk outside the door and then all we heard was the husband and the young boy mumbled something and started laughing. And it wasn't just a laugh, it was more a mocking type laugh. So that was a little discouraging. But we walked back to the car and went straight to our next appointment, just a little bit early, and she totally ordered pizza without us even asking (we had been craving pizza for the last few days) and so we had comfort food with one of our favourite ladies :) Her name is Gail Weir and she feels like a grandma to us. I just love her. So everything worked out. It just breaks my heart because Sister Scribner and I both feel like Linda wants to learn more but her husband is super controlling and holding her back. So we're praying that his heart softens up a little bit. Good times! Such is life as a missionary!!

Hmm, what else. We had a Zone Conference on Friday and it was AH-MAZING! As per usual. I love missionary meetings. I think I say that every time we have one hahaha. But for reals, they're my favourite. We got to see President and Sister James and that's always a blessing. And we got spiritually nourished for like 8 hours. It was the be-yest. The meeting was supposed to be done at like 3...but it didn't get finished until after 4. We ran super behind....but it was definitely worth it. It was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Also as per usual. Those meetings are so inspired it blows my mind every time. I just LOVE it. 

Other than that, the work is going good! We had to say another "see ya later" (I don't believe in good byes anymore hah) to another Marine that we've been seeing pretty regularly. So that's lame. First Will, now Phineas. And then I'll probably be transferred soon. And so many other families are leaving soon too. Man oh's that time of year again. Gotta love military places. You get close to someone and they leave. But it's okay, like I said earlier, it's only a see ya later :) 

Cassandra passed her baptismal interview!!!! YAY! That's super exciting!!!! I'm so happy for her :) She's seriously the best and I love her oh so much. <3 <3 <3 I came to this mission for her, I know that for a fact - we need each other :)

Annnnddddd, I think that's about it!!! I hope y'all had a great week too. Remember to read your scriptures and pray everyday AND go to church on Sunday! That will give you the strength you need to get through this crazy adventure called life :) You got this. The Savior always has your back. 

I love y'all!! Take care and stay safe and have the best week ever until next! 

Sister Blumel
xoxoxo <3

PS - Here's some selfies we took on Cassandra's laptop. She had to take pictures of them with her phone, that's why the quality isn't super great. But you still get the jist of them! They're the best!!! Ahhh so much love for that girl <3

PPS - I haven't forgotten to ponderize! I pick on every week I just forget to tell y'all about it hahaha. So this week I'm ponderizing Doctrine and Covenants 123:17 :)

Monday, January 04, 2016

Week #59 - 2016 Jan 04 - "New Year, New Me!" Jk that's lame and total fb status. BUT FO REAL HAPPY 2016!!!!

Hey y'all!

This week was good! We said goodbye to 2015 and welcomed 2016 in with welcome arms! I seriously can't believe that it's already 2016. WHAT THE...?! Weird. 

(So I totally just figured out how to write this using the "full screen" feature and my whole life has changed hahaha it's so nice to look at the entire screen and type instead of just looking at the tiny little box in the corner of the screen....haha seriously I am so easily amused. ANYWHO!)

Holidays on the mission are always so bittersweet because people are a lot more loving, but they are also a lot more busy! So you're not SUPER DUPER productive. I mean you are, but you're not because all people want to do around this time of year is celebrate EVERYTHING. Haha. So we do what we can and we try to work the best we can. So this week was on the slower side. BUT it ended amazingly. Like it was super good. We started off 2016 so strong! I love it. 

We spend New Years Eve and New Years Day with a few marines, the Elders Craun and Butters (our ward's elders), and the Juncker's at the Juncker's home. Ever since we started teaching more marines, we've been spending a lot of time at the Juncker's house. Which I'm sure you've noticed haha! But anyway, we were able to have a super spiritual lesson with everyone on New Years Eve. So while the world was out partying and doing whatever they do, we were inside sharing our conversion stories and what a mission is all about. We didn't have any nonmembers there that night, but we did have a few inactive marines that were there. And wow, the spirit was so strong as everyone shared how their testimony has grown and is still growing. Something I've always kinda known, but have really started to understand on the mission is the fact that our "conversion story" will never have an ending. It will never have "and they all lived happily ever after", at least not in this life! Our conversion story is an ongoing thing. It's a process that we are constantly going through. It's a masterpiece that we are always going to be working on and doing our best to perfect. It may be easy every once in a while and our creativity may never seem to slow down at some points, but at other times we'll get stuck, our creative juices will feel like they've run out, and we'll want to just give up and through our work away. But then, almost as fast as it left us, it seems like, the creative light will stream back in and we'll be right back at it again! That's what life is. It's full of ups and downs and in betweens. But we have to constantly be working on it. We have to be "anxiously engaged in a good cause" cause the minute we put our tool down (whether it's a paint brush, a pencil, an oil pastel, a chisel, whatever the case may be), that's where we get lost in other things. In life, that's where the adversary jumps in and takes that as an opportunity to try to get you to stray away from the path that you are working so hard to be on. Thus! Moral of the story! Never give up!! Even if your testimony isn't the strongest right now, or even if it doesn't FEEL the strongest, just keep putting one foot in front of the other. You'll eventually get to where you want to be. But you have to be actively pursing that course. My first district leader once told us "Don't ask the Lord to guide your footsteps if you're not willing to move your feet." Y'all are stronger than you think you are! I can promise you that!! (I'm not really sure where that all came from, but it started flowing so I went with it :) hopefully it all made sense and touches at least SOMEONE's heart!)

So overall, our New Years Eve and New Years Day were fantastic!! Definitely well spent with good food, good times, and with great people :) 

Later on we met with our investigator Cassandra. We thought she had moved into the other ward's boundaries but it turns out she's right on the edge of ours still!! HALLELUJAH! Tender mercies of the Lord! ( I can't remember if I had already told you this before? Oh well, now you heard again haha) Anywho, we met with her a couple times this past week and basically, to sum it all up. SHE IS THE BEST EVER! OH MY GOSH. SHE IS SERIOUSLY AMAZING! And as she put it, "spiritually on fire right now" (yes that's how she described herself). We have finished teaching her the lessons and she is so ready to be baptized. We have it all figured out, she'll be baptized near the end of the month and her mom is even on board and is totally accepting of that whole idea. :D YASSSS. It's incredible. We saw her yesterday, after she had come to church (which by the way, she loved it as per usual and we didn't have to stay with her the whole time, she stayed with some YW and still had a great time! YAY!) and we had a little testimony meeting with her, with it being fast and testimony Sunday and all. It was beautiful. We all almost started to cry because the spirit was so strong. Cassandra told us that she really thinks that the Latter-day Saint church is the real deal because she feels different when she comes to our church and when we come over. She told us how grateful she was for us and how she only smiles this much and feels this kind of happiness when we're around her or when she's at the church. She told us that Jesus Christ is her Savior and she knows that and she knows that He is there for her. She said a lot more things but her testimony is oh so strong already. It's wonderful. It's been such an honor to watch this young girl blossom in the gospel. From where she was when we first started meeting with her to where she is now, is night and day. And that's something that only the Atonement of Jesus Christ can do. I am so grateful for this opportunity I've had to serve as His representative and see how the Atonement blesses lives and not only that, but changes them. Enlightens them. Strengthens them. I love everything about this gospel and everything that comes with being a missionary <3 It's honestly the best. If you could, definitely keep Cassandra in your prayers, that she will continue to grow in the gospel and that her faith and understanding will continue to grow. All of that good stuff :) We appreciate it!

Other than that, I don't think I have much else! It's finally starting to cool down. It'll be in the 40s this week. Which is freezing. This happened:
Me: *puts on like 4 layers*
Sis Scrib: That's a lotta layers...
Me: I's cuz I'm freezing haha
Sis Scrib: It is. For California people...not for Canadian people!
Me: Blahhhhh. I knowwww. *pity laughs at myself for being such a wimp...*

Hahaha so basically next winter I'm probably just going to be an ice cube. "Oh where'd she go?" "umm, you might want to check that huge blob of ice in the corner over there..." Yep. That'll be a thing....hahaha. I'll probably have to migrate south or something...Yikes. Haha! 

Anywayyy! Man, I'm all over the place today! Sorry! Haha. I hope you all have a great week and remember to look for the Lord's hand in your life. I promise you that He's there, you just gotta look for Him :) The church is true, y'all! I know it with all my heart! I know my Savior lives and I know He is always there. He is our saving grace :) 

I love you all and hope you're all doing well. Take care! Be safe! And always remember to smile!! :) Life is good!

Sister Blumel 
xoxoxo <3

#militaryprobs heheh..I love serving in military places! 

This is Phineas (he's a member) and his friend, Will, our investigator. :)