Monday, March 07, 2016

Week #68 - 2016 Mar 07 - Change = Growth = Good.

Hey y'all!
This past week was great! So agaainnnnnn, we have no time. There's just so much to do here in Raleigh.... #itsthejam. But fo realz. Mondays are crazy.
Some highlights of the week include but are not limited to:
Wednesday we got to take Sister Alldredge for the evening because we also got to take her to airport on Thursday morning. It was fun being with her one more time. (We served together in J-ville!) We got to contact a couple referrals and one of them is a REALLY good potential. Her name is Peggy and we're seeing her later on this week. She's a referral from the Elders (Raleigh 2nd - Jensen and Weiss). She's awesome. She let us right on in and it was awesome! I got a little taste of what it would be like being in a You think 2 is a crowd on the door...try THREE. It's a party. Hahaha. Wow. I can honestly say I'm blessed to have gone this far without being in a trio...just saying. But now that I said's happening. gah. Oh welllll. C'est la vie! It was fun though :) and then that night we went to President and Sister James' home so Sister Alldredge could have her final interview with President. It was fun :) As always, the James' are the best.
On Thursday we went to the airport to drop Sis A off and it was a lot of fun! it was weird because that's gonna be me in like 2 months....uhm. Where did the time even go? That's so strange haha. Anywho, it was fun to send her off. Sister Streetman and I were like, awe it feels like we're sending our kid off to college! hahahaha we're so dumb. 's all good though! And then after that we just weekly planned all day long. Good times!
SATURDAY WAS GREAT! Our investigator, VERLINDA, got baptized! She's been investigating for FOREVER, but she's finally officially a member! YAY. Oh and get this. When Sis Alldredge was at the apartment, she saw Verlinda's name on our board and she was like wait, what's Verlinda's last name? So we told her and she's like "NO WAY! I found her! We started teaching her when I was in training! No way! I thought she was going to be an eternal investigator!" That's the art of missionary work, my friends. Missionaries come in, plant the seed, and sometimes they don't even see the results until way down the road. But the work is always going, missionaries are always coming in and the work is always moving forward. The Lord seriously has a plan for all of His beloved children and I feel so blessed to be in the middle of it right now :) Anywho, Verlinda was baptized! And the baptism was really amazing :) The first words out of her mouth after she came up out of the water were, "I did it!" She's so cute. And then the next day, she got confirmed and it was fast and testimony meeting and she totally went up and bore her testimony. It was so sweet. :) She was literally glowing. She's so happy and I love it! This gospel changes lives, I'm tellin ya!
As far as meeting with investigators go, this week was kinda slow. We were able to meet with Ken and that was good. He's pretty solid. Angela had to cancel, but she sounded really sad about it. So hopefully we can see her this week. That's about all I really have for updates haha. It was a good week though!
Also, side note. Transfers are tomorrow andddd *drum roll please*.. Sister Streetman is being transferred. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. :( But it's okay..the Lord needs her in Chapel Hill for the next little bit. So I guess I can share her haha. And so that means I'm getting a new companion! I'm not training this time around, but it'll be fun to get to know someone else. Hopefully she's awesome. I'm kinda nervous this time around about my new companion....but it'll be okay. Prayers are always welcome! :)
I think that's all I really have time for...but I hope you had a wonderful week! I love you all a ton and I just want you to know how much I love this gospel. The last 16 months have literally changed me so much. I'm coming back a new me! Well still the same me, but a better, much more improved me :D And i'm super excited to see what the next 2 months are going to bring!! I promise I'll keep working hard. I love being a missionary.
Keep reading, praying, and going to church. It's the little things. Remember that :)
Take care!!!! Stay safe and keep smiling. Y'all are literally the best.
Sister Blumel
xoxoxo <3
PS - Transfers always bring change. But change brings growth and growth is always good. :) That's the story behind the subject line!

OH MAN. There was a cat in our apartment this week HAHA.
Of all the had to be me LOL. #catlady4eva.

No, but they're putting in a washer and dryer (YAY) into our teeny they have to build walls and stuff. So it's a little crazy. Anyway they took down one wall and so we basically were BFFs with our neighbor because we could hear everything that was going on next door. And then we hear this "meow" and we're like what the heck? And Sister Alldredge was using the iron and we have never used that thing before so we're like was that you? And she's like no..? And then it happened again and all of a sudden theres this CAT in our apartment! LIKE wut?! Hahaha so we had a cat for a couple hours. We woke up the next morning and it was hopefully it crawled back home. haha. crazy. It was super cute though! 

at the airport! :)

Me and Sister Alldredge

All of us at the airport :) 

Me and Sis Streetman!

Sister Streetman and I! The only "normal" picture we have together. 

AND HEY. It's starting to feel like SPRING!
YAY! I'm so excited! 

Selfie game = still on point. BAHAHA. NOT.

More selfies

Also.....what do you do when your comp crashes?
Selfies. Duh.

The Jacksonville car made it's way to Raleigh and we were able to use it for a couple days!!!
hahaha best! And I mean the license plate is basically my name so that's cool.

here are the pics from v's baptism!! <3 <3 <3 

I just love her so much!

Here's the district pictures we took today while bowling! 



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