Monday, September 28, 2015

Week #45 - 2015 Sep 28 - All You Need Is Love

Hey y'all! 

This week was pretty good. Like real good. We went to the temple on Wednesday, had district meeting on Wednesday with our new district, Leadership Training on Friday, General Women's Broadcast  on Saturday evening, and church on Sunday!! It was a super uplifting week that's for sure. :) 

The temple was, of course, WONDERFUL!! I LOVE the temple so, so, so much. I've said this before, but I'll say it again - I'm literally gonna hang out at the temple ALL the time when I get home. And it's gonna be fantastic. I just love how peaceful it is. The second I step into the temple, all my worries, concerns, daily stresses are taken off my back for a time. That never ceases to amaze me. We went to the temple as a zone. So that was neat! It was kinda weird going with the elders since the previous mission president would NEVER allow that. He was very strict on elder/sister relationships to the point where we couldn't really even talk to the elders. But at the MLC meeting I talked about a couple weeks ago, our Mission President said that he didn't like the fact that we didn't know how to work with each other. So we are now allowed to do things together on Preparation Days and talk to each other and actually communicate like normal human beings. So that's fun. Haha it creates a new dynamic. We actually feel unified now as missionaries. Instead of the "elder vs sisters" competition thing that was going on. It's good. But anyway! We went to the temple as the Wilmington Zone and it was so great. It was great to go to the temple with all of the people that we work with :) And! The Mission President and his wife surprised us - at least Sister Park and I - by being there with us. It was a special experience going to the temple with my Mission President and his wife. :) I seriously love them so much. 

Our district is awesome. All of the companionship's got changed except for ours. So we have 2 new elders and a new sister. One of the elders - Elder Eyere - came out with me! So it's fun having him in the district! :) He's serving in the Jacksonville 2nd ward. And the other one is Elder Davis and he's serving in our ward and he's the district leader. We're like the same...sass level anyway so we'll see how this works. We've had a couple "dominance/power" things already....our pride levels are pretty equal...ha we're both too stubborn to accept defeat...that's all. Hahaha. It'll be a fun time though! :) And the new sisters name is Sister Alldredge and she is wonderful!! I love her already. This district might end up being one of my favourites on the mission so far! :) 

Leadership Training was good. Like really good. All the trainings taught were all about becoming a better leader. So it was wonderful. We constantly need help in that department haha! And then a bunch of other little rules changed. Like the passenger in the car can use the phone now (before that wasn't allowed), we don't have suit/cardigan season anymore. Suit season used to go from Oct 1 to April 1 and we all had to wear suit jackets/cardigans everyday. So that's out. THANK GOODNESS. Cause it's still super hot here in October...ha. And then I can't remember what the other ones were...but it was great. We're pretty much just going by what the White Handbook says. So that's nice. I didn't realize how many rules the previous mission president put in place until now..ha. But it's okay! :) We're still striving to be exactly obedient and listening to the Mission President to a tee! 
After the meeting we stayed back and chatted with the James. President James wanted to talk to Sister Park so I stayed and talked with Sister James. Oh man she's just the cutest, sweetest lady ever. I love her so much. She knows how to make you feel important and loved and it's wonderful. It was fun getting to know her better! And then when President came out, we talked with him for a little bit too. So it was great! 

The Women's Broadcast was AMAZING! Definitely needed to hear all that was said. I loved every second of it. Especially President Uchtdorf's message. It was EXACTLY what I needed. Love. 

Sunday was great. We had a good lesson with one of our members. We had an appointment and she had her friends over. Apparently she tried cancelling, but our phone never got the message. So we went and afterwards she said that we needed to be there for her friends. Her friends asked a lot of really good questions and they're really curious about the church! We witnessed our member giving her friend, Rhonda, a Book of Mormon and it was amazing!! They don't live in our ward boundaries, but I really hope the missionaries will find them. They're golden :) 
And then afterwards we had a lesson with our member and it was such a spiritual experience. It was pretty much us all expressing our love to one another. And she stated the fact that she is amazed by us because we always come with something she needs to hear. And then she told us that she would LOVE to be our investigator because we're so understanding and she doesn't feel judged around us and we are so full of the spirit. She said we would be able to convert her ;) hahaha. She's such a sweetheart. I love when people tell us makes me feel like I'm doing SOMETHING right ha. It's a good refresher.
So that was great. 

The title of the email is All You Need Is Love. And  I just want to say that the last few weeks a huge emphasis has been put on LOVE. It is such a simple concept, but a hard one to master. But I would just like to invite all of you to love a little more and be a little kinder and understand that everyone is fighting their own battles and it isn't our place to judge them. But it is a commandment to love them. So just spread the love and do something each day this next week that shows your love for someone. It's those little acts of kindness that mean the most :) 

Thank you for all the love and support that y'all constantly show me. I can't express my gratitude enough. It means everything to me. I love you all so much. 

I hope you have a great week! And I can't wait to hear from y'all next week! Take care! And Be safe. Always remember to smile :) 


Sister Blumel 
xoxoxo <3

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