Monday, October 05, 2015

Week #46 - 2015 Oct 05 - Let the Storm Rage Onnnn, the Rain Never Bothered Me Anywayyy.

Hey you beautiful people!

This past week was good. It was slower. But hey, that's not the worst thing. A lot of awesome things happened though! I'll fill ya in! (That's the purpose of these emails right? hahaha. anywho!)

On Tuesday we had a Zone Council. This was the first one in the NCRM history! It's practically a ward council....but stake level....but on the mission. Ha pretty much all the leadership in the zone got together and we discussed some important stuff that had to do with the mission. Like what were were doing on our zone preparation day. #priorities. Hahah just kidding. That's not ALL we talked about! Although the plan is to go to the beach together and do fun games and that'll be good. We're doing that next week :) We were supposed to do it today...but weather and stuff. (I'll talk about that later....) BUT! It'll be good :) And then we talked about zone training and our missionaries and all that fun stuff. It was such a good meeting! It definitely helped us feel more united as leadership in the Wilmington Zone. I LOVE all this unity stuff that's going on! It's bringing a lot more happiness, success stories, and FUN to the mission. And the work is definitely moving forward because we actually feel like a TEAM now. It's amazing!!! So that was good. 
Oh also side note. With all the rule changes and the fact that we can do more with the elders now...we totally car pooled with our District Leader, Elder Davis and the District Leader from Wallace, Elder Kapu. So we drove with elders. It was sooooo different and we thought it would be super awkward. But it was actually a lot of fun! :) {Yes, we got permission from the Zone Leaders haha they're actually the ones who set it up haha}

We taught Wesley this week, of course! We did the Spiritual CPR lesson with him. That's the one where there's 3 cups and 3 knives and you're supposed to position the knives in such a way that the Book of Mormon can balance on top...without moving the cups! (The missionaries did this for us a couple times, familia.) And then we said that each cup represented something that would keep us spiritually alive. Hence the CPR. We have Church, Prayer, and Reading your scriptures. I've totally explained this before....but oh well. Repetition is always good right? Ha. Anywho...if you're doing all those things, you'll be strong and good to go!!! Anywayyy, it was fun. This lesson is always a hit. ESPECIALLY with kids. Wesley's brother and sister spent the rest of the lesson piling books on this foundation and seeing how many it would hold before it fell. And man! It holds a lot more than I thought!!! It was awesome!!! I got a picture of I'll try to remember to send it haha. But Wesley's doing wonderful as usual. We do have to push his date back. He was supposed to get baptized this Saturday...but we missed a couple lessons and we really want to make sure that he is ready. So we're taking a couple more weeks to make sure that he understands everything :) It'll be good. He's such an amazing kid...I'm not worried about him at all. :) 

Hmm, what else happened this week. Well Conference! I LOVE General Conference. Especially on the mission. It's like the superbowl for missionaries. Not even kidding haha. We had a count down going from like August to when Conference was gonna be here...we were STOKED. And we definitely were not disappointed at all! It was one of the best conferences that I've been able to listen to :) It was GREAT. I loved it!!! ALL of it!! I can't pin point my favourite talk...but I really liked Sister Niell F. Marriott's talk and President Russell M. Nelson's talk. I think those were the ones that stood out to me the most. Also. Elder Holland's and President Uchtdorf's were REALLY good as well. It was a good weekend :) 
"It's the most wonderful time of the year!"

Also. On a completely random side note. I've been super bored with my hair since like July/August. And I've been contemplating bangs this whole time. Sooooo, on Friday night, we got home a bit early, I decided to give myself a hair cut. Ha! So I found some scissors and cut my bangs. Sister Park looked terrified...but my mind was pretty set. And once my mind is set...nothing can really change my mind haha. So I just went for it! And bam it worked out pretty good! Can't complain :) Andddd I got the district's stamp of approval. They all say it looks good and they're impressed with my hair cutting skills hahaha. I'm just the best. No big deal or anything ;) Hahaha just kidding. Sister Park helped me cut a little chunk off my right side...cause it was an awkward angle. But she did a good job too :) So yep! Change is good! :) 

Hmm, real quick. We were supposed to have a hurricane....Hurricane Joaquin. So Sister Park and I were all prepared. And not gonna lie, we were pretty excited because it was going to be our first hurricane for the both of us. We made sure we had our 72 hour kits ready to go. We had a suitcase packed with 3 days worth of clothes and stuff. We had water. Man, we were SO prepared!!! Buttttt.....then it decided to shift paths and NC wasn't in the path anymore. DANG IT. So we aren't actually getting a hurricane....just a lot of rain and wind. Because we're like on the VERY VERY VERY outskirts of it. Lame sauce. Maybe next time ;) hahaha. We were all excited to say that we survived Hurricane Joaquin...but now we can't say that. We can only say, we almost got the chance to survive Hurricane Joaquin...but that's not nearly as exciting....Oh well! 
I'll just say #HurricaneJoaquinFAIL. 

Hahaha. Anyway. I hope you all had a great week! I miss you all so so so much. But I know we're all where we're supposed to be :) Just continue to say your prayers, read your scriptures, keep the Sabbath day holy, and choose the right! Oh and smile too. Because smiles are contagious and everyone love smiling :) 

I love y'all a ton! Take care. Make good choices!!!

Sister Blumel
xoxoxo <3

PS - Also! Almost forgot. My #ponderize scripture for the week is Mosiah 2:41! :D What's yours?!

The tower!!!!! Don't mind the blurry half naked kids in the back....baahahah
 Wesley's siblings are hardly ever dressed completely....

the Before picture! #awkwardselfiesbeawkward

The AFTER pictures! Bam bangs are back!!

After a year of growing them out....I cut them again. Bahaha. Oh well!

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