Monday, December 29, 2014

Week #6 - 2014 Dec 29


What's uppp?!

This week was really great. I LOVE the Christmas season because everyone is just so happy and full of love! It's amazing :) AND, I got to facetime you all! So much fun! Geez, I was doing so well with not being homesick, and then I see all of you and I'm like mannn I miss you all more than I thought I did! But don't worry, all is well, my head is back in the game and my focus is on the people in Ft. Bragg. :) It was just sooooo EXCITING to see the people i love the most!! You all looked amazing. And I love Matty's haircut. Hehe it looks super good. 

But yeah, Christmas was really fun. We spent it with members. We went to the Horn's first and they're amazing. We got to watch their kids open their presents and it was so much fun to see their reactions. Loved it! And then we ate this amazing breakfast that Sister Horn made. AND THEN. We jumped on their trampoline that they got for Christmas. SOO much fun. Hahah it was awesome. And I've never jumped on a trampoline on Christmas day. So that was exciting news. It was such a beautiful day. Like, we were working up a sweat jumping on that thing. I love the sun ahah so Christmas day was perfect! It felt like May up in Canada. It was great. And then I got to facetime home! So awesome. Not enough time of course, but this is an exact obedience mission! And it's hard to break the rules when your trainer is always there. Anyway, I kept it right on time because she was like right across from me probably watching the time for me hahah. But all is well! Obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings miracles! Voila! And I've seen that happen, and we need all the miracles we can get, so exact obedience is good. Anywho, y'all filled me up with so much love, i was so happy go lucky after talking to you all! <3 :D
Then we went over to the May's house. We went for a walk to a field where the kids played. It was super relaxing and the sun was shining. Ahh it was so good. And then we went back to the house for food! Lots of food :) That family is like borderline perfect. I want a family like the May family one day :)

The highlight of the week was definitely Christmas. But one of our investigators, Aly, is probably getting baptized at the end of January! YAY. So amazing. I'm so excited. She's so ready for baptism and the only thing holding her back was her mom, and now we have permission from her mom. Now it's just on her to pick a day that works best for who she wants there and such. But we're hoping to get a day picked out tonight when we see them for dinner. It's gonna be good! I'm excited for that family. Miracles...I'm telling ya...nothing but miracles in that home. :) 

Hmm, what else happened this week. It was a pretty laidback week because of Christmas. OH YEAH. On Christmas Eve, we got a text and it was like 'hey Sister Blumel, it's kind of short notice but can you give a talk on Sunday?' haha so of course I said yes. So I spoke yesterday in church! Everyone said it was good..but they could just be saying that to be nice haha. I talked about having Christ-centered goals for the New Year. :) 

Oh TODAY. We had a dance party with the Horn's. We being, me and Sis Olson and the others sisters that live across the street from us (the work with the other ward that goes to our building). IT WAS AWESOME. It was approved music, don't worry hahaha. We're obedient remember! Haha but seriously it was so much fun. Definitely needed that. I miss dance parties hahah cause me and Sara would have them all the time. So it was good to just let go for a little bit! Haha loved it. 

I think that's all the exciting stuff for the week. Just want to let you all know that I know Christ is the best gift that we have ever received. Christ is our Saviour, I know that. He loves us more than we can even comprehend. And He has given us a way back to our Father in Heaven. He has literally saved us. He did this through the Atonement and we need to make that a part of our lives. It's never too late to come unto Christ :) 

I hope you all have a wonderful week. I love you all and I miss you! Have a wonderful New Years and stay up till midnight and party extra hard for me!! ;) Haha. 

Much love, 

Sister Blumel xoxox


  1. I'm so jealous about the May-like weather! Enjoy it my friend. Glad you had a good Christmas. Happy New Year!!!

  2. Your comments about the trampoline inspired me. So I went out and set up OUR trampoline and nearly froze my fingers off!!

    And if you believe that then I have some snow to sell ya! haha (We certainly have enough of it here!)