Monday, December 08, 2014

Week #3 - 2014 Dec 08

Ahh it feels like forever since I last emailed! And that's probably because...well it has been. Hahah. We flew out to NC last week and the flight was good! I hate flying...but I survived! And all is well :) We stayed at the mission home for the night and then we got sent out to our areas the next day.

I have so much to tell you! Ahh. K so the last week at the MTC was INSANE. It was good. We got to see Elder Oaks and hear him speak which was awesome. And then a couple days later it was Thanksgiving (thankgiving part 2 for me! ahah) and Thanksgiving at the MTC is great! Haha Elder Bednar came! And it was pretty cool. He didn't actually have a specific talk prepped instead he had like hundreds of cell phones that he passed out and we sent him questions through text and he answered them at the pulpit. It was super cool!! It was a ginormous Q&A sesh. It was so fun. AND THEN COOLEST THING EVER. We did a service project anddddd Sister Bednar (Elder Bednar's WIFE) and their granddaughters were helping at our table!!! WUT. Seriously it was so cool. And then Elder Bednar came and took pictures of his wife and granddaughters and I was defs in the picture. Sooo, I'm on Elder Bednar's phone. No big deal or anything. It's whatever. HA. And he was so close to me, he was probably breathing on me. Hahahaha. It was super awesome though. :D And then for RS on Sunday, Sheri Dew came and talked to us women. And then BYU Vocal Point came that night. SUPER awesome. So yeah the last few days at the MTC were pretty much the best thing ever. Haha. 
ALSO. Singing at the MTC is the most incredible thing. Like you get a bazillion missionaries in one place, singing, and the Spirit is just like the only thing you can feel. It's indescribable. But it's super super sweet. I loved it. Like I would recommend anyone who is thinking about going on a mission to just go because the MTC is such an amazing experience and your testimony grows so much in the short time that your there. It's so awesome. So anyone who can... GO ON A MISSION. Seriously. Do it. It's the best thing ever. 

So that was the MTC. I have so many more stories, but I'll have to tell you all another time, because I have like no time to write these days. 

And now I'm in North Carolina! I'm serving in Fort Bragg (Fayetteville) and that's a military base. So everyone here is in the military. It's pretty crazy. But the work is good and this last week was super busy. Which was awesome. My trainer is pretty amazing. Her name is Sister Olson and she's from California. I love her aha and I definitely got blessed with a sweet comp again. She says that I'm a rockstar and it's like I've already been out for 6 months. Sooo that's a good sign! Hahah. Like I planned an entire lesson by myself and then I invited someone to be baptized and they said yes! Anddd she says I'm a good teacher. So this whole mission thing is going pretty sweet. I'm loving it.Best decision of my life so far! Haha. For reals tho. Oh and there's a Hawaiian family and they're amazing. Definitely my mission family in this area. Maybe. It's only been a week but they definitely have the potential to be my mission family so that's what they're gonna be! I love them so much ahah. They have 2 little boys and they're just coming back to church and stuff. It's awesome :) Andddd guys! I'm in a full time car area! So I don't have to ride my bike (I guess the whole bike thing wasn't necessary mom...they lied to us...awkward. Ha) and that's super sweet! I'm excited for that. Also, because I live on the base, we aren't allowed to proselyte and talk to people unless they talk to us first because it's illegal and we could get arrested for it. Uhh yeahhh sooo no knocking on doors and street contacting for me for a while! Ha fun facts about my area! So we also cover the YSA branch in this area. We cover both, so on Sunday we went back and forth from the family military ward to the YSA branch. It was different. but fun!
So in Doctrine and Covenants it's always talking about how if you open your mouth, it will be filled with everything you should say. AND that's so true. That's happened to me so many times already. Where I just start talking and my mouth is literally filled with words. Like the lessons where I can look back and say, I don't even know exactly what I said, but I know the Spirit was there...are the best lessons. It's super cool to see how the Spirit works. 

AHhh! I wish I could go on and on and on. But you'll just have to wait for more stories for another day. 

I love you guys so much! You're all in my prayers and in my heart always. Sending you love from North Carolina!!


Sister Blumel

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  1. rock!!! I LOVED the mtc choir and the group meetings with the apostles. imagine if you got to stay 2 month!!! keep having a blast. Kami says HI.