Thursday, December 04, 2014

Week #2 - 2014 Dec 04

Hello everyone!

This is Amy's Mom. Sister Blumel didn't have time to write home this week. She flew from Salt Lake City to Raleigh on Monday. We did have the opportunity to talk with her in the airport for about 20 minutes. She sounded great and happy :) She is excited to get out into the mission field but a little nervous. I'm sure these are normal feelings. We are excited for her and can't wait to hear how North Carolina is.

Then today I received a letter from her Mission President. He said they were able to spend some time with Sister Blumel and the others that came out with her. He said they felt her spirit and her heart and that she is ready to do the Lord's work in North Carolina!!

He did send her new address and asked that we send her mail there. If you'd like to have it, email me at       

I will try and post some pictures that Brother and Sister Bernhisel have sent us.

We look forward to hearing from Sister Blumel soon...

Arriving group with Bernhisel's

Sister Blumel with Bernhisel's

Sister Blumel with new companion Sister Olson

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