Monday, December 15, 2014

Week #4 - 2014 Dec 15


This week was good! It was kinda slow and we didn't have a lot going on and my companion was pretty sick, but it was good. Every week is good! You just gotta look for the little things that make it completely awesome. :)

So last Sunday was fast Sunday, right? And so after 6 hours of church, we were starving (go figure) and we had a dinner that night with one of the members. Hoorah food! And it was a fast Sunday so we thought we would have an awesome meal. We get there and the member was like "i'm taking it easy today and I just made breakfast." so it was like that's alright! I love breakfast for dinner! Anddd then we find out, by breakfast she means, scrambled eggs. Oh! But there was cheese on them. Hahahaha. So we had eggs for dinner on a fast Sunday...that was it. Nothing else! Hahah so before our next meeting we rushed back to the apartment and devoured the pizza we got the day before. Good times. Hahaha. That was just a weird time though, we usually, with the exception of that day, get fed realllyyy well. The food here is awesome and the ward takes super good care of us and they make sure someone is feeding us everyday. :) 

We had a sister's conference this week and I got to see the sisters from my MTC district. That was soooooo amazing. Ah I miss them a lot. But they all seem to be doing really well! So that's good :) I got like overly attached to my MTC district ahah we all did. But it's all good...friends for life! Hahah we're already planning our reunion after the mission. It'll be fun. 

But other than that, nothing crazy has been happening! We went and saw the Bora Bora family a lot this week. (they're like the Blumel house in Brooks, the missionaries are always over there ahahaha) They're seriously the best. 

Ahh sorry this email is lame ahaha not a whole lot went down this week! But I hope you're all doing well and just know that I am doing awesome and having a blast. :) I love you all so much!! 

Sister Blumel xoxox

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