Monday, January 05, 2015

Week #7 - 2015 Jan 05


(Haha so funny sidenote, I like to think I know french, so the 3 french words I do know, i say them all the time hahah. --Cause I'm from canada and people think I know french. It's hilarious.) 

(Also, I'm gonna try this thing where I don't use like any capitals and stuff because it takes too much time and effort ahah sooo yeah.)

This week was a week full of miracles. it was new years! and we had a little party with the other sisters, we ordered pizza and stuff and played some scripture apples to apples (you just use the green cards and then you find a scripture that best fits the card. it's fun. but maybe it's one of those games that only missionaries find fun hahaha) and then we just talked about life. it was a good time! we didn't get to stay up till midnight, but it's all good. 2015 still came! So all is well. I hope you all had an awesome new years :) 

on tuesday, we had our first transfer training. so that was with everyone that came out last transfer. SO MY MTC DISTRICT. So i got to see everyone! it was so amazing. I love them all so much. it was a really great meeting and lots of super sweet teachings. #NCRM4eva! (north carolina raleigh mission) I love this mission so much :)

so on friday, we drove around and knocked on all our inactive members that we haven't met yet. no one answered their door except for the one. it was super awkward because her husband answered it and we asked if she lived there and he said she did and then we explained that we were also members of the church and he's like what? my wife is not mormon. how did you find our address? and we were like uhh, she's on the roster, which means she got baptized and all that good stuff. and he was like no. she's not baptized into the mormon church. no no no. and it was like uhh well this is awkward cause we have her records. haha sooo we just said sorry for bothering him and told him to have a wonderful day :) hahah it was weird. I bet that was an awkward convo at dinner -- 'hey honey, you didn't tell me you were mormon...' ahhh hahaha hopefully nothing terrible came from that...

but miracles! everyone we saw this week, CAME TO CHURCH. All the less active or inactive people that we saw this week, we invited them to come to church and they ALL came. it was amazing. we were there in the chapel greeting people and then someone would come in and we're like oh my goodness they came! that's so awesome! and then we would turn our head and realize another family came and repeat that a couple times. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. Like I was so happy my eyes were all teary hahah it was such a good day. Like I can't even tell you. And the best part is that majority of those people were like 'yeahh, if i get around to it. i've been pretty busy lately. so i dont know if i'll be able to make it or not' you know the typical answer when we invited them to come. buttttt they all came. Seriously it was the best. God is good. Miracles are real. And the church is true. I love the mission life ahah it's the best. 

Shout out to mama and pops on your wedding anniversary! you two are the best and i love you both so much. best parents i could ever have asked for. thanks for all that you have done for me. i appreciate you both so much and i look up to you a ton! <3 

I think that's all the fun stuff that went down this week. remember to keep a smile on your face! attitude is everything! :) i love you all!!

have a fan-freakin-tastic week!

much love,

Sister Blumel xoxox

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