Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week #1 - 2014 Nov 24

Heyyyaaa fam jam! 

I'm happy to report that I'm alive and well. AND I LOVE THE MTC. I caps locked that because that even surprised me. So I'm sure it'll surprise you. All my doubts about the MTC are totally gone and I just love it. It's seriously so incredible. The Spirit that is here is undeniable and you can feel it so strong that you can practically cut it with a knife. (If that makes sense - this was quoted at a meeting yesterday and I loved it). 

As you're all probably wondering: my companion's name is Sister Ibarra and she's from Washington state. She is so amazing. I remember the night before the MTC I prayed so hard core that I would be blessed with a companion that I would love dearly. I was like, if nothing else, I just want a sweet companion. Wellll, it's been like 5 days and she's seriously my best friend. I don't know what I would do without her. We got super close, super fast and it's been great. Heavenly Father does answer prayers, don't you dare forget that! And if you pay close enough attention you can see that everyday in your lives. :) My district is SWEET. We're ALL going to North Carolina Raleigh Mission which is supa cool. Again, it's been 5 days and it's like we've known each other for years. Like we're all so comfortable with each other it's definitely a miracle. There's no way that 12 people can become as close as we are in that short of time without a miracle. Haha. They're my family here in the MTC and they'll be my family out in the field. And I feel so blessed that we can have that relationship as a district. Oh yeah, I'm also the only one from Canada in my district, everyone else if from the States. So that's pretttayy sawweeet. Canadian pride! True, North, Strong and Free!

{Personal revelation time!} I was praying a couple nights ago before I went to bed and I made a goal for myself that I would converse more with God and try and have a father-daughter relationship with Him. So I was praying and I was saying how I'm super grateful for my district and how much they all mean to me. And how we must have known each other in the pre-existence or something. And as I was saying this, I felt impelled to ask "....did we know each other in the pre-existence?" And then this rush of warmth and love came over me and the tears started rolling! :') I was like, we must have been such great friends up there and then it was like 'ahh, we need to be able to reunite on earth!' and then we all decided that we would serve a mission and that's how we would meet up again. It was amazing. I love how the Holy Ghost works.}

OH ALSO SUPER COOL. ME AND MY COMP GOT ASSIGNED AS SISTER TRAINING LEADERS!!!!! Apparently the Lord trusts me.... So, we're in charge of the sisters in our zone here at the MTC and we work with the Zone Leaders to make sure our zone is going as good as it can be. :D It's super cool. We're getting to know all our sisters and I just love them all. I love this assignment. And since we're on the topic of leadership, I also got assigned as my district's travel leader. Ha. Soooo apparently the Lord is wanting me to lead people. Ahhh crazy. I can't believe it! It's awesome though. I'm loving it. 

So a couple nights ago, we met with our Branch Presidency and when it was my turn one of the presidency brethren asked me what my goal is here at the MTC. I told him that I wanted to become more familiar with the scriptures so I could just pull them out in lessons. WELL ANOTHER COOL STORY. We (my comp and I) were teaching our 'investigator' (it's our teacher but he acts out an investigator in this super hard core role play that feels real when we're teaching it and there with him). His name is Tom. Well we had this awesome lesson planned and we were so stoked. And then I think pride got in the way a little bit because we were like this lesson is going to be the best! We're awesome! YES! And then we got in the lesson and he accidentally mixed us up with other sisters and mentioned stuff we haven't even taught him yet. Sooo, we had to make up a lesson on the spot. We ended up teaching about the Godhead. And I remembered a scripture I had read about Jesus getting baptized. Matthew 3. All three members of the godhead are present. And it was PERFECT. Ahhh I was so happpyyy! It seriously so cool. I love the Holy Ghost. Cause it was definitely all him, I woulda froze. But thank goodness for the Spirit. 

I'm so happy here. I know this is where I need to be. I've experienced things already that are shaping me into a better person. I love it. The Spirit is amazing and real and He is there waiting for you to open your mouth and share the great message of the gospel. 

I have been thinking about all of you, and I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. 

Hope you're doing well. 

Sister Blumel 


  1. you are now inducted into a special club- very few sisters get to experience the MTC and it rocks!!!! i'm so excited for you and all the people you get to meet and touch their lives. enjoy your time there it is all too short!

  2. I'm so proud of you. (I know we're not suppose to be proud - but I am.) I'm excited for all these wonderful adventures and things you will learn. Love it!