Monday, March 21, 2016

Week #70 - 2016 Mar 21 - He Lives! Happy Easter!

Hey y'allll! :D
This past week was great!! I don't have too much time per usual. Wow...I think that's my excuse every week..I promise it's legit though. Haha!
Anywho, here's my weekly report:
Monday: It was just a regular preparation day. We tried to have a district activity...but no one was really willing, but that's okay haha. After that we tried to see a couple people, but no one was home! And it was almost time to go in the for the night. So we got milkshakes from Cook Out. Haha :)
Tuesday: We got to see our recent convert, Verlinda! She's doing awesome. We taught her the Restoration (going over the new member lessons with her now) and she loved it. She LOVES Joseph Smith so much. It's really sweet actually, it warms my heart! Just recently I've grown a stronger love for Joseph Smith. I really am grateful for him :) He quite literally changed the world. But anyway, she's excited to learn more about him and so we're going to read Joseph Smith History with her. I'm excited it'll be good!! After that we contacted a bunch of referrals. Well I should say we TRIED contacting a bunch of referrals because no one answered their door. That was basically it. We saw one of our less actives that night though! It was good :)
Wednesday: District meeting! Our district is seriously like the most awkward thing ever hahaha. I'm hoping it gets better with time...but it makes things interesting! Ha it's really not that's actually kinda funny. oh well though! It's all good :) After that we did a lot of administrative stuff and a TON of organizing. Gosh there's so much that needs to be cleaned up here haha. But it's a work in progress. It's moving along slowly but surely :)
Thursday: We got to weekly plan outside! It was awesome! The weather is SO great! The sun is shining, the blossoms are all coming out, it's beautiful. I LOVE the south so much. I want to live here forever. <3 That was basically all the exciting parts about that day...ha.
Friday: We contacted a referral from the elders and it went well! Her name is Deborah and she's like your stereotypical black southern woman. Ha she loves Jesus and she loves talking about Him! Actually.....she loves talking in general. We asked this woman one question and she told us her ENTIRE life story for half an hour.....not even exaggerating haha. It was good times. BUT! She has a lot of potential and we're excited to work with her :)
Saturday: We saw Angela!!! Oh my goodness, my heart is so full for her!!! I seriously love her so much. We had a great lesson with her. We watched the Restoration video and she LOVED it. We told her that she could keep it and she was thrilled! She's like, I'm gonna watch this over and over again! And we were like, do it! Haha. She loves Joseph Smith because she feels like she can relate to him. She told us that she is going to really pray to know if this is path she needs to take. So we told her that if she prayed specifically about the Book of Mormon she would receive the answer that she's looking for because the Book of Mormon is literally the evidence of our entire religion. If the Book of Mormon isn't true, then everything is false. But if the Book of Mormon is true, that means Joseph Smith was a true prophet called of God, he translated the Book of Mormon with the power of God, and the Priesthood power is back on the earth and this is the Lord's church once again on the earth. She committed to doing that. And then she said that if/when she finds out that it's true, she'll get baptized!!!!! YAY! So I'm super excited for her and the journey she's embarking on. I just love her so much. Her faith is literally unwavering and it's way inspiring. <3
Sunday: It was Stake Conference and Angela came! And she LOVED it!!! :D It was awesome! There were so many amazing talks and messages that I personally needed to hear. A seventy came! I have no idea how to spell his name....but it's said Kapeeshka. Hahaha I'll figure out the spelling one day....uhhhhh #fail. And he was amazing!!! Literally, he gets up there and he's like "I had something planned out, but my brain just went blank. So pray that I say something that you need to hear!" And then seriously the most amazing talk comes out of him. Wow! The spirit was way strong. It was inspiring. And incredible and wow, I hope I can get to that point one day :) It was all about the Savior and how we as Latter-day Saints don't celebrate the crucified Christ, but we celebrate the resurrected Christ and that's why you don't see crosses in a mormon church. It was a great talk especially around Easter time :) I loved it.
He lives, y'all! Christ Lives!!!! I know He does!
That was basically my week in a nutshell! It was great! HEY. The church is true, y'all! I know it with my whole heart!!!! <3 Keep reading, keep praying, and keep going to church. You'll be blessed for all your efforts, I know it and I can promise you that :)
Have the best week ever! I love you all so much!!! <3
Take care!!! Keep smiling!
Sister Blumel
xoxoxo <3 

Happy Spring in Raleigh! 

It's so pretty here :)

Me and Sister Peterson

Cause taters are too good and I turned into a 17 year old boy
this week and couldn't. stop. eating. Hahahah.

ALSO, happy st. patty's day!!!

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