Monday, March 28, 2016

Week #71 - 2016 Mar 28 - Temple Trips = Best

This week was awesome!!!! I don't even really remember all that happened...I just remember that it was AWESOME. Okay let's see what I can remember.
Monday: Well we started the week off strong at Adventure Landing with the zone! It was SO MUCH FUN. Basically it's a place with laser tag, mini golf, and it has an arcade. So you know, just the place to be on a Monday afternoon :) Hahaha but yeah. We had a zone activity and it was the best thing ever. Definitely the best way to start off the week!! And then after that we saw one of our less actives we see pretty regularly. It was good!
Tuesday: We went on exchanges! And because of the temple trip on Wednesday, we had district meeting. It was good! For exchanges, this time I went to Spanish Land (the Raleigh 3rd area) with Hermana Fisher and I became Hermana Blumel for a day! It was awesome. Something that never ceases to amaze me is the fact that even though I had no idea what was being said, I understand how I was feeling. It was a huge testimony builder that the spirit speaks ALL languages! Like one time, we were knocking doors and we found a Hispanic woman and so Hermana Fisher does her thing and I was zoning in and out catching a familiar word every now and again and then she was telling this woman about the First Vision and she was reciting what Joseph Smith said...and wow, I tuned right in and I felt the spirit so strong!! Chills and everything! So good. It was a super neat experience. Hermana Fisher is literally amazing and I love her so much. I always learn a ton from her when we're together. :)
Wednesday: TEMPLEEEEEEE. So obviously it was THE BEST day ever. I needed the temple in my life for the last couple months, so it was nice to be able to go :) I just love the temple SO much. Literally gonna spend as much time as I can there when I get back. And then that night we got the opportunity to go on exchanges with Sister James! It was so much fun! President was on exchanges with some elders and so Sister James decided she wanted to come with us! Wednesday nights are when they go on exchanges with their missionaries --- which I had no idea about until that night! Haha but it was a lot of fun. We visited with our now recent convert - Verlinda and had a wonderful visit with her and then we saw our investigator - Angela! And it's always a great time with her. She's seriously amazing and I love her so much. She's still doing great :) It was awesome being with Sister James for a couple hours. She is literally a light in my life and I can't help but be in a much happier place after being with her :) I love her!! <3 <3 <3
Thursday: Weekly Planning dayyyy! But we were able to contact a referral and got TWO new investigators out of it!!! YAY! So awesome. They're great. They're an older couple -- Jo Ann and Lee. They're interested in learning more! So we'll see how far this goes :) And then we saw the Duyck's and we read a talk with them about Salvation and Grace and Works. They believe that once they are "saved" they don't have to do any more righteous works. They believe that once they're "saved" they're saved from whatever they have done, are doing, and will do. Soooo yeahh... #thesouthprobs. But one day everything will click for them :)
Friday: We went on exchanges again with a couple other sisters! Their companions were at a leadership meeting we took them out for the day. #babysitting.... Haha jks! But that's the fun of being in're right in the middle of everything! So you get to do a lot of fun stuff. So we were with Sister Steenhoek and Sister Jackman for a few hours! It was a lot of fun :) we divided and conquered and I went with Sister Jackman and Sister Petersen went with Sister Steenhoek (they took another car) and we contacted a bunch of referrals. It was great! And then we all taught a lesson to our investigator Deborah together! It was fun! Man, if we could teach every lesson with 4 people we would throw down every time!!! :D It was great.
Saturday: We were able to tell the Primary kids the Easter Story. We were invited to come to the Easter Egg hunt so we could share a message and it was a lot of fun. Easter is my favourite holiday and it was awesome being with the kiddos. And then we saw our less active again. Her name is Timberley. She's crazy...haha but she's awesome! And thennnnnnnnn! It was the Women's Broadcast that night!!! It was AMAZING. I loved it. Definitely needed to hear all of that :) I love hearing from the leadership of the's always so uplifting!
Sunday: You won't believe this...but we went to church on Sunday. Crazy right? Missionaries go to church on Sundays? haha jk jk. Church was wonderful, probably even more so than usual because it was Easter Sunday! And everything was centered on the Atonement of Christ and it was incredible. For all 6 hours of church that we go to on Sundays, I felt the spirit the entire 6 hours. And I felt it super strong. It was the best. I don't know if it's because I'm on a mission, or if it's just simply because I'm getting older, but Easter took on a whole new meaning this year. It was a lot more powerful than most years and I am so grateful for that. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for my Savior, Jesus Christ and for everything that He did for me, what He did for you, what He did for all of us. It's because of Him that we can go back home to our Father in Heaven. And that's amazing. More than amazing. Just thinking about it makes my heart so full. <3
Well, friends, family, people I love so much, that was basically my week! I hope you had a great week too :) AND I hope that this next one is even better.
The church is true, y'all! I know it is. And I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world. Everything is made possible through Him. I know that He lives :)

Take care! Keep smiling, stay outta trouble, and never forget to brush your teeth. ;)
Sister Blumel
xoxoxo <3

Gotta love that Raleigh temple <3

We tried to be artsy hahaha. So here's one of me and the temple!

And ya know...just me...

And awkward selfies with the comp!!!

With Sister James!!!

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