Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Week #54 - 2015 Nov 30 - So. Much. Turkey.


I think I may be dreaming about eating turkey in my sleep...we've had so much if it this past week. Hahaha being a missionary around Thanksgiving (or any holiday for that matter) is the best. Only because people feel like you need extra loving cause you're away from family...so EVERYONE wants to feed you! Least that's how it is for me hahaha. But anyway, I love Jacksonville and I love the members and I'm just so grateful for being a missionary serving here! 

Anywho. My week was good. I don't have A TON to report on because everyone decided that they didn't want to see us this week (people wanted to spend time with their families during the holidays? .....weird. Haha) and a lot of people cancelled on us last minute. So basically this week was full of..well...turkey...but also a LOT of contacting the unknowns on the roster. There's a huge push for home and visiting teachers in the ward right now and our job was to contact all of the people out in the Hubert/Swansboro area and see if they still live where they say they do and if they want home teachers. So after putting off for long enough, we decided to finally put on our big girl pants and go do it. Even though contacting Hubert in the dark is terrifying and super sketchy. We knew this was what we needed to do and we knew the Lord would bless us. And He did!! There were so many tender mercies the days we went out contacting these people :) 
A lot of the people said no to home teachers and they're not interested in coming back...which breaks my heart every time I hear that, just because I know this gospel will bless their lives. But alas, at least they know we still care about them and are making an effort to see them. The lost sheep are always in my prayers and I know that one day, they'll all come back. It'll just take time and that's alright! We just gotta love all of them. Even the ones that scream in your face when you knock on their door :) 

Thanksgiving was wonderful!!! Man, I thought Thanksgiving was big in Canada...and then I had Thanksgiving in murica. Wowza....they take it to the next level hahaha. We, of course, had Thanksgiving dinner with the Murphy's...they're like the closest thing we have to a family out here :) and I LOVE IT! I love the Murphy's so much. Anywho, we had a family dinner with them and we had a blast as per usual. And then the next day we had Thanksgiving at the Lyman's house (Wesley's family) and that was also delicious. AND! Both times we got sent home with a TON of leftovers! I'm gonna need to take a solid break from turkey dinners for a while haha. But all in all, Thanksgiving was great and I'm so grateful I got to spend this years Thanksgiving as a missionary serving my Savior, Jesus Christ and I'm also grateful that I got to spend it with the people that I love so much out here in Jacksonville. The Murphy's take such good care of us, I am eternally grateful for them. 

Our investigators are doing well. We weren't able to see Jessica or Cassandra or even the 2 new investigators that we found last week (they cancelled...sad day). But we were able to see Wade! And he's doing great. We finished the lessons with him last night and he has his interview tonight. Pray for him! We had to teach everything super fast because of the time crunch we had...but he's got it. Just pray that he'll remember everything and he'll pass :) he's getting baptized on December 12th and it's going to be a great day. Seeing the progress this family has made is so amazing. Definitely the Lord's work. It's too perfect to be anyone else's. <3

But yeah, that was basically our week! I hope y'all had a wonderful week as well. I pray for y'all all the time and I think about you all often. Remember the church is true, God is good, He loves you, and I love you too! 

Take care! Be safe, make good choices and always remember to SMILE! Life is always good :) 

Sister Blumel
xoxoxo <3

PS - We went to the beach as a district last Monday and it was a lot of fun :)
Oh! Also, my ponderize scripture for the week is Alma 5:49 :) Found that this morning in my personal studies and I LOVED it! <3

We took Family District Pictures with ugly Christmas sweaters on Thanksgiving! It was awesome!!

I love all these elders and sisters :) 

Andddd we're so super awkward...and derpy...I love that too hahah. 

The moose antlers are because I'm Canadian hahah. Every time
we see each other in the hallway or in the parking lot we go
MOOSES and throw up some antlers. It's the best haha. 

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