Monday, December 14, 2015

Week #56 - 2015 Dec 14 - Finding the Lost Sheep


This past week was CRAZY. SO MUCH TRAVELLING OH MY GOODNESS. Haha I didn't realize how many roadies we would be taking as missionaries. But it's a lot of fun. So I'm okay with it! And I've always really liked road trips so it don't phase me much. :) 

We went to Wilmington on Wednesday for our zone training, so that was about a little over an hour drive...which really isn't that bad. And then on Friday, we went to Garner for our Christmas Zone Conference! And that's like a 2.5 hour drive. So that one was a little bit longer. But it was a lot of fun. But before all this happened, let me tell you what went down on Tuesday!! It was AWESOME. 

We were finishing up our contacting of all the unknowns on the roster with the Juncker's (the senior missionary couple here) and we were looking for this one address, but it didn't seem to exist. The closest thing was the Middle School across the street. So Sister Juncker was like, let's look in these townhouses and see if it's in there. Now, this was a complete act of faith because we knew that it was going to be a completely different address in there, but we went anyway. We had to find house 101 and the first house we saw was 1. Knowing it was going to be a somewhat lengthy search, we started to pray that we would find something. And then we found house 87 and we realized we were close. And finally, we found 101! We were super excited! All the lights were off, but we were determined. Before going out, Elder Juncker told us that if nobody answered the door, to go down to 99 and see if they knew anything about the person we were looking for because their lights were on. Well, we knocked and nobody answered, so we decided why not, let's go knock on 99. And they ended up answering the door! The man who answered the door knew nothing about who lived at 101 or anything, and a woman behind him told him to get our number if we were Catholic of Presbyterian after we stated the fact that we were missionaries for our church. So we proudly said, we're missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And then another man came out and said "I'll talk to them!" And when he came outside, he shut the door behind him and was like, "there's a church around here?" So we told him where it was and invited him to the ward Christmas party. Turns out, he's a member and he got to the area in January, but he never realized there was a church nearby, so his records never got transferred. 
We needed to be in that townhouse complex because we needed to find Joshua. He was so amazed at the fact that we found him and he shook our hand like 3 times and he kept saying "thank you" over and over again. It was such an amazing experience and it never ceases to amaze me how wonderful the Spirit is. We prayed that we would be led to someone today and we were! Seriously this man was so happy to see us that if he could he probably would have given us huge hugs. And a couple times that's what it looked like he was going to do! Haha he's this super buff, 6'5 marine. But he's seriously like a giant teddy bear. A gentle giant :) It was amazing to see this man and see the gratitude in his eyes. It honestly felt like we had lifted burdens off of his back by just showing up at his door. AHHH. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!! God is so good! :D He didn't end up making it to the Christmas party or church...but we'll stop by again and help him back! And he lives at 99. The light from the moon hit the number just right so that the number on the door caught my eye. And I immediately thought of the story of the ninety and nine. And the sheep. And it gave me goosebumps. We came out here to find the one lost sheep and we found him. And now we get to lead him back to the fold. :) It was so amazing that I literally couldn't find the words to say anything after that. When we got back in the car we told the Juncker's what happened and we were like, see this is why we come out with y'all!! 4 heads are better than 2 sometimes! And then Elder Juncker said, "And the Spirit is better than all of us." And it was perfect <3 Super neat experience. 

And then we had zone training on Wednesday and learned a lot. It was really good. I loved it. 

Our Christmas Zone Conference was on Friday and it was AH-MAZING! :D The first half was a few guest speakers and then we had a testimony meeting and then we had lunch and then after lunch we had a music program. Basically, anyone who wanted to share their musical talents got to have a part in it. So our district did an a capella song and it actually turned out a lot better than we thought it would. It was to the tune of "This Christmas" by pentatonix. But we had to change the words because the original words are romantic haha. So Elder Davis rewrote it so it was more centered on Jesus Christ. We got a video of it, so I'll send it home on the flash drive because it's too big of a file to send through email. (#LAME.) But it was pretty awesome. Everyone LOVED it. You'll love it too I'm sure :) 

And then Wade got baptized on Saturday!! It was super great. Being able to see all the miracles happening in that family is such an honor and a blessing. They're doing so good. Wade's brother, Shane got the Priesthood yesterday during church and then their mom got called into the YW's Presidency. AHHH it's so exciting. I love watching the Atonement work in people's lives. It's a miracle! I love miracles! 

Our ward Christmas party was also on Saturday and we may have a new investigator from it! His name is Will and his friend, Phineas brought him. Phineas is a convert too. So this is going to be super good. We're super excited to start teaching him. 

Basically, all in all, it was a good week. Crazy! But super good. I'm so grateful to be a missionary! Even when things get tough, I know the Lord's got something planned and it will be better than we can even dream of. So we just have to trust Him and be submissive to His will because it's a lot greater and more perfect than ours. :) 

On that note, have an excellent week and I hope you're all doing well. I miss you all like crazy and I love you even more. :) 

Take care, be safe, and always remember to smile!!! 

Sister Blumel
xoxoxo <3

PS - My ponderize scripture for the week is Ephesians 4:29, 31-32

WADE! At his baptism!

And this is what I wanted to post for my facebook picture 
hahaha but I figured it wasn't "dignified" enough.....dang. 

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