Monday, December 28, 2015

Week #58 - 2015 Dec 28 - Merry Christ-MOOSE! (Love, your FAVE Canadian!)


It boggles my mind to know that the next time I email y'all, it will be 2016. I remember when I was in Grade 1, we were doing this thing where we were putting dates on this paper about the future. And I remember writing down 2013 as the year I would be graduating high school and at the time, that seemed so far away! And now, it was practically 3 years ago. Oh man. That's crazy. Time seriously does fly..and I know I say that a lot, but it's the truth. I'm tellin ya! 

This week was super good. LIKE REAL GOOD. I love Christmas so much. And I love it on the mission even more. It makes my heart sad that this was my last one on the least this time around. I am totally planning on going on a couple's mission one day....that will be fun. But anyway, it's definitely a bittersweet thing. Bitter because on the mission, Christmas has a whole new meaning it feels like. Everything is taken away from the commercialized aspect of Christmas that we are all too used to, and everything is directed towards the true meaning of Christmas - which is on our Savior, Jesus Christ. But Sweet because next year I'll be able to actually spend Christmas with all of you beautiful people that I love so so much <3 But anywho, putting that aside, here are some highlights of my week!! 

We got to see our investigator, Will twice this week!! Both times in the Juncker's (the senior missionary couple) home. Oh my goodness, he is such an amazing guy. He's so open minded and he has such a soft heart towards God and the whole idea of religion. He is always so happy and his laugh is contagious. Basically, we love teaching him because we always know we're going to smile, laugh, and feel the spirit super strong. And that combination is AMAZING. That's always what you want. :) He's doing really well and progressing at a good, steady pace. He's leaving for some sort of training for a month or two. So I'm hoping we get to see him one more time before he leaves because I'll most likely be out of Jacksonville by the time he gets back. He has a goal of reading the whole Book of Mormon by the time he comes back though! It'll be super good. I know he can do it :) 

For Christmas Eve, we had dinner with the Relief Society President's family. They invited both us and the elders over and we got special permission to be there at the same time. (Usually, elders and sisters cannot be at a member's house at the same time.) And not gonna lie, it was a lot of fun! Mostly awkward because they put us and the elders across from each other and it was totally double date status....yeahh...but it was fun :) You know if I didn't think about it too much hahahaha. Now we see why we shouldn't be eating at the same house...rules are in place for a reason! I've learned that a lot of the rules that we have are to help us stay away from super awkward that's always good. BUT ANYWHO. Christmas Eve, overall, was awesome! :)  

The BEST part of the week, was definitely Christmas day. It was SO AWESOME TO SEE YOU ALL! I just love you all so so much. It was fun talking to y'all and getting a tour of the new house. And seeing the snow. Which, by the way, it's been 80 degrees since last week...and I'm loving it. I don't miss the snow like at all....haha. Apparently the weather is supposed to drop big time though by the end of this down to the 40s. Which is still a lot better than snow..ha! It was also nice seeing my kitties. Dang I miss Kovu and Penny haha. I can't wait to give them snuggles when I get back. Haha. It's crazy to think that the next time I skype home, I'll only have like 2 weeks left. WEIRD. But I still got lots of time till then...thank goodness! 
Y'all looked really good though! I'm so grateful for the technology we have these days and the ability we have to not only talk to each other, but to see each other too through a screen! Supa neat! :) 
We got to spend Christmas with the Wilson family (a newer family in the ward...they have 6 girls between the ages of 6-13 and they're all biological! It's a busy house..but a fun one!!), we went over to the Murphy's and had a great time there as per usual, and then we went to the Juncker's. Needless to say, we had a very successful Christmas this year!! I loved every second of it! 

I think that's about it! Sister Scribner wasn't feeling too well for a couple days, so we took it easy so that she could get better instead of worse. But she's mostly healthy again, thank goodness :) being sick on the mission is the worst. Ah. This upcoming week should be good though, I can just feel it :) 

I hope you all had a great Christmas and I hope you all took a minute or two to ponder about the true reason for the season. Everything we have is because of our Savior, without Him we would literally have nothing. His love is so full for each and every one of us. So full it's, in fact, perfect. And because of that, we have the potential to love others just like that. And that is the true meaning of Christmas - to love and to give all that we have. Now, just because it's past December 25th doesn't mean that Christmas is over! We should be celebrating Christmas every day of the year! :) Remember the Savior always because He always remembers you. 

Take care and have a great week. I love and miss y'all a ton. Keep smiling, God is good.

Sister Blumel
xoxoxo <3

Christmas Eve Selfies

Christmas Eve Selfies

Christmas Day! I found a cat to go with my cat shirt heheh. <3

These are SOME of the Wilson girls :)

We forgot one of the she had to be added in of course!

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  1. Happy New Year Sis. B! Hope you had an awesome day.