Monday, November 23, 2015

Week #53 - 2015 Nov 23 - #lesbihonest being a missionary is the bomb.

Hey hey! 

This week was so good. We were able to teach so many nonmember lessons. It was fantastic. I'll give you the details :)

On Monday we were able to set a baptismal date for our investigator, Wade. He's 9 and his family are members (his dad is a convert of only a few years!) but they were less active for a while. But they're making their way back and Wade didn't get the chance to be baptized when he was 8 so now we're teaching him the lessons because that's the way it goes haha. But his date is set for December 12th! So we have to speed through the lessons. It'll be good though. It's possible :) We had a really good lesson with him and his family. His older brother, Shane, is a huge reason of why the family started to go back to church. His testimony is SOLID. Wow. He's almost 15 and he's on fire. The comments he made in the lesson were on point. It was amazing :) I love that family so much!! They're so much fun! And they totally got the southern drawl. I LOVE IT. Ha. 

Tuesday was our highlight! We were able to find TWO new investigators and set a baptismal date with our investigator Cassandra!!!!
We had a church HQ referral from way back when. Sister Park and I contacted it and they people who the referral was for, didn't live at the address anymore. And a kid named Trey answered the door and said that he wasn't interested, but his mom, Amy, might be and to stop by later. And so when we were on exchanges, Sister Alldredge and I contacted Amy. We found out that her son passed away in February and her other son (Trey) has cancer. And she doesn't know what to do with herself because it hurts so much. So she told us that now isn't a good time. But we were able to make a good first impression and told her that we would continue to check up on her and make sure that she was doing alright. We also told her that we have a message that would bring that peace and comfort and light back into her life. But we left it at that. So with Sister Scribner, it had been a couple weeks, so we went and stopped by. And she was so happy to see us! And we made a return appointment to meet with her. So hopefully we can start sharing the gospel with her. We're teaching her the Plan of Salvation first because we know that's what she needs most right now. We're excited to start working with her :) 
Our second investigator that we found, we were tracting a neighborhood close to Amy's (it's still weird that she has my first name ahaha it's good though, i like it!) and no one was home. But then we got to one house and the front door was just open....and on the way up the driveway, I was walking real slow and was like "uhh, Sister Scribner...I don't know how to approach this door...the door is open....and that would be awkward.." hahaha but in the middle of my sentence, this lady comes outside. So I was like BAM. ON IT. So I speed up my pace as we go up this drive way and we go and talk to her. Turns out she doesn't have a church that she goes to and she wants to learn more about God! WOO! And then we read her a verse out of the Book of Mormon and asked her what she was grateful for. And she said her family. So I asked her if she lived here with her family. And she said that her family is back in California...but she lives with her wife here. (WHOOP THERE IT IS! .....sorry I had to....hahaha) But! Her wife is at sea (deployed) for the next 6-7 months. And we were like "oh! okay!" and we just rolled with it and set up a return appointment with her. And she seemed genuinely interested! So hopefully everything works out! We're not quite sure how to go about this, but we know the Lord will help us out. He's the one that led us to her...all we gotta do now is trust that He will give us the words we need to say :)  She's a super sweet woman though. Her name is Eunique :) 

AND oh my goodness, Cassandra. Ladies and gents, she's just on fire. She is so amazing and I feel so BLESSED and HONORED to be one of the ones working with her. We met with her on Tuesday and invited her to be baptized. After we asked her, she went deep into thought and said "that's a serious question...and commitment....." and then we let her think it out and all that, and then all of a sudden she looks up and says "yeah....yes!" And we almost cried tears of joy! It was so amazing!! And then she told us that she wanted to come to mutual Wednesday night and we invited her to church but she said she would think about it. 
Well, come Wednesday night, we get one of the members to pick her up for YW's, and Cassandra has a GREAT time with all the girls. And the whole time she was telling us that she felt fantastic inside. She said that our church feels different than all the other churches that she's been to and the people are so much nicer. Basically, she just kept saying that she felt so happy to be there. It was incredible!!! And then after the activity she said, "Yes." and we're like, "what?" And then she goes "Yes, I want to come to church on Sunday. No, I'm GOING to come to church." And we were like whatttt? FOR REAL?! And she said yes. Haha. 
AND THEN. Come Sunday! She actually comes to church! It was amazing!!!! And SHE LOVED IT! She had a really good time. It was so incredible! She kept saying she was excited to come back :) Her baptismal date is set for January 9th and she keeps saying things about it and how excited she is about it. Like this one time, we were being ridiculous together and I was like "Oh Cassandra, what am I gonna do with you?" And she's like "uhh, get me baptized?" Hahahaha it was cute. I love her so much. 

Man, it amazes me at how much I can love someone. I thought I knew how to love...and then I came out on the mission and my mind has been sufficiently blown. My heart has grown so much and I just love the people here more than I can even comprehend. I love being a missionary and I love this opportunity I have to learn and grow and experience everything that I have experienced and all that I will experience in the future. 

The rest of the week was great. It's getting chilly here in North Carolina...but I'm sure it's nothing compared to back home! How much snow do y'all have now? Ha it's been 40 degrees the last couple days and I've been FREEZING. Man I'm turning into more of a wimp than I was to begin with back home. Haha I'm scared of next winter back home....I'm gonna freeze to death. Dang it. Hahaha. I'll just have to migrate south...or hibernate...either one works. Haha! 

I hope you all had a wonderful week :) I love you all so much. It's crazy to think that I've been here for a year...and I only have 6 months left. That's absurd. You don't realize how fast the time flies until it's gone. So use your time wisely and I'll do the same!! We'll hold each other accountable :) 

Anywho, remember to choose the right. Read your scriptures and say your prayers everyday. And God loves you more than you even know :) 

Have a great week. Love and miss y'all :) 

Much Love,
Sister Blumel
xoxoxo <3

OH! The story behind the subject line!
It's a pitch perfect quote...because we found a lesbian that we're teaching now! AND! The artillery has been crazy here in J-ville! So we've been hearing bombs a lot. And it reminds me of my home back in Fayetteville. It's weird how emotionally attached I got to the bombs....hahaha. But it was a tender mercy hearing all those bombs going off this past week!
So basically, my subject line is just a bunch of play on words. Hahaha (is that what it's called? Idk. Puns? My brain isn't very good at "brain"ing right now....hahaha) I'm so clever though! Hahaha. 


(Also, I forgot to pick a ponderize scripture this we'll just keep doing the one I had last week! It's a gooder!)

Here's Sis Scrib and I with our jello mould of
It was just shoved into a little container.
So once it warmed up it was fine :) 
AND I caught a little frog. #crazyeyes

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