Monday, November 09, 2015

Week #51 - 2015 Nov 09 - The Spirit of God, Like a Fire is Burning

Hey y'all! 

This past week was super good. SUPER busy. But awesome. 

On Tuesday, it was transfer day. So we had to be up in Raleigh at 8:00am. So we left Jville at 5:30pm. And let's just say that I did my hair all nice and stuff and then while we were loading the car with S. Park's stuff, my hair got all wet and my bangs got all flat and weird and I was like "wut the. Not cool..." hahaha so gotta love North Carolina and it's rain storms. That was a random side note that really means nothing haha. ANYWHO. Transfers was good! My new companion, my greenie, my baby, is GREAT. Her name is Sister Scribner and she's from Fresno, California :) She came out SO prepared! She's already a wonderful teacher and I feel like I've known her for sooo long. We're already pretty close so that's awesome. It's fun training again! I love it! :) 
ALSO. At transfers, my entire posterity was there! Sister Peterson and her trainee, my grandbaby, Sister Rich and Sister Scribner! Ahh it's fun watching my little family grow! Seeing my fam jam on the mission made me realize how much I miss my mom...Miss Tori Olson. I can't wait to see her again haha. But anyway! We totally got a picture of all of us and it's great. I'll send that over :) But it was so good seeing Sis Peterson again. Holy cow I love that girl to pieces. 
It was awesome seeing President and Sister James as well. I love them so much. They feel like my parents over here. It's wonderful. Mama and pops, I can't wait for y'all to meet them. You would LOVE them. :) 

The rest of the week was great! We were able to teach our investigators Jessica and Cassandra the Plan of Salvation. And the really neat thing was the fact that both of them had their friends over! So we were not only able to teach them, but also their friends! And they were all really intrigued at our church's views on God's plan. And and andddd! They want to learn more about our church!!! Ahhhh I love how the Lord works. We've been praying to recognize those that want to learn more and He literally just placed them right in our way! It's awesome. Being a missionary is the best. Teaching the Plan of Salvation is my favourite lesson because it's just so full of hope, love, and comfort. It's the best. Jessica is on fire. She's doing sooo good. And I am so so so grateful that we get to be with her on her journey of coming closer to Christ. We asked her to read 2 Nephi 2 and when we asked her about it, she pulled out a notebook and we realized that SHE TOOK NOTES! That's what I call a dedicated study!!!! YESSSS. That made my heart SOOO happy. It was awesome. She also mentioned the fact that reading that chapter in the Book of Mormon filled in some gaps that the Bible had. So she totally recognizes the fact that the Bible and the Book of Mormon work together as one. Oh my goodness. She's just so amazing. And! She understands that the Priesthood power is essential for baptism. Her friend asked if she would need to be rebaptized even though she has been baptized in other churches and Jessica didn't even hesitate and told her that she would need to because she wasn't baptized with the Priesthood power. WHOA. Crazy right? It was seriously so incredible. Cassandra is doing great too. I love seeing the progression in investigators AND members! It's the best! 

We went to the Murphy's house for dinner a few times this past week (no surprise there, right? Hahaha) and we were actually able to teach Mama Murphy's son, Jake, the Restoration. It went very well. He had a lot of good questions and really good insights. The spirit was super strong and he wants to keep learning more. And he's keeping his commitments! We asked him to read and he read.....and that's a huge deal because usually people just don't do it haha. So he's on the right track! It's fun teaching at their house because it feels like I'm home there just teaching my broski or something. It's great. :) 

I think that's about all the highlights from last week! I met a cat yesterday that looked exactly like Penny....just with an actual tail hahah. It made me miss my kitties. Haha. 

I want you all to remember that the church is true! And God is good. If you look ever so carefully, you will see His hand in your life. He's leading and guiding you to paths much greater than you can ever imagine. It may be hard at times and you may not understand completely...but in the end, everything will come together and make sense. You just have to bear everything with patience and endurance. You got this. We all got this. We can do this together :) ESPECIALLY with the Lord on our side!

I hope you all had a wonderful week! And I hope this one is even better. Y'all are always in my prayers and I love you all so soo soooo much. 

Take care, be safe, and choose the right always! 

Sister Blumel 
xoxoxo <3

PS - The story behind the subject line. Jville 3 is still on fire and the spirit has been with us so strong this past week! So I thought it was fitting :) Also, we sang this hymn for the closing song at transfers. And it's my favourite. So bam! 

Family pictures :) 

You can tell who the leader of the pack is.....she's the craziest.
Dang. Oh wait that's me. Ha. 

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