Monday, November 02, 2015

Week #50 - 2015 Nov 02 - The Fire Is Spreading!


This past week was great. It was a slower missionary work week...but it went by super fast because it was actually a crazy everything else week. 

We had deep clean on Tuesday. I was out for a bit...I guess my headache problem decided it wanted to show up again. So that's awesome. NOT. Oh well. It's just a tender mercy that it was deep clean day and we weren't actually supposed to go out and proselyte. We did go to our dinner appointment which was our NOW recent convert, Wesley! And his family. It was great. The food was good, the visit was good. And the Lord blessed my head and the headache subsided while we were at their house. And then came right back when we left hahaha. But it was good, it went away by the next morning. 

On Wednesday, we had District Meeting as per usual and then Sister Park and I had to travel to Wilmington. She had an appointment there. So that was fun. It was awesome just getting that travel time in. It gave us an opportunity just to talk and have a good time together. We tried to make the most of this past week because we had a feeling that Sister Park was getting transferred. So that's what we did Wednesday. 

Thursday was good. We had an appointment with the Elders investigator, Cassandra. They wanted to transition her over to us. She's a 13 year old girl and they thought that it would be best if we started teaching her. Which I mean it makes sense...haha. But it went really well! And she said that she liked us better anyway ;) hahaha. So the transition was super simple. We're going to start teaching her this week sometime. She's a great girl! I love her so much already! 

On Friday, we were able to do a service project for the Elders' recent convert, Brother Proulx (pronounced "Pru"). His dog needed to be washed and he asked us to do it and we of course said yes. We didn't think that bathing a dog was going to be THAT bad...until we saw the dog..... YIKES. So. Many. Mats. Everywhere. Oh. My. Goodness. Wow. We were thinking this would take like 1-1.5 hours....NOPE. False. It took almost THREE. Hahaha it was intense. But it was a lot of fun. Although while we were washing this dog, it confirmed the fact that I do not EVER want to own a dog. Ain't nobody got time fo dat. Seriously though. And if I EVER get convinced that my family "needs" a dog...that dog is gonna be the cleanest thing anyone's ever laid eyes on. I'm talking like brushing it daily, bathing it weekly. Like this dog has to be CLEAN. All the dogs I've seen here are stinky and gross haha. Mama I totally got you now....Defs not going into the animal career anymore hahaha...if nothing else the mission has taught me that much! Hahaha. I'm just saying, it's a good thing Brother Proulx's dog was super cute. Other wise....nah. There would have been no way hahah. But it was worthwhile. He was super appreciative of us taking the time to do that. So it felt good. And the dog feels a lot better now that most of her mats are gone. :) Yay for service! 

Saturday was Halloween! We were told not to do anything. No proselyting at all that day. UNLESS we had set appointments. But we didn't have any. No one wanted to see us on Halloween....? Weird... ;) Haha. Anywho. So we just hung out at the church all day with the other missionaries. I got to put my crepe skills to good use and fed all the missionaries in the district. I successfully fed 4 elders! Bahaha. So. Much. Food. Dang. But it was good. And they all said they were I'm gonna assume that everything went well. It was a lot of fun though :) After crepes we just played some games in the gym. We played Mormon was fun. So this is how you do it.
Mafia Members = Gadianton Robbers. 
Police = Prophet. 
Doctor = The Good Samaritan. 
Haha the Jacksonville 3rd elders (our ward's missonaries) came up with it. Super clever. It was a lot of fun. And then Sister Park made a special "appropriate"  deck of cards so we could play ULTIMATE spoons. That was a ton of fun. Apparently I almost tore my ACL....that wouldn't have been a good activity. I scared one of the elders really bad hahah. I was diving for a spoon and then this one elder from the Jacksonville 2nd ward came out of nowhere and I fell on him (SUPER AWKWARD BY THE WAY!!!! Hahahaha #missionaryprobs) and then I got up and his companion was like not even phased by the fact that I fell ON him..he was freaking out going "Please tell me your knee is okay......PLEASE!" And I was like what..? Tis good? And then I walk around and dance a little. And he's like "Okay good. Because you were about 10 degrees from tearing your ACL and going home!!!" And then he's like "your life flashed through MY eyes when I saw that happen!!!" Hahaha so apparently it was pretty intense. But I'm all good! Thank goodness! Someone's watching out for me :) 
And then we played this pictionary game. It was awesome. It was a SUPER fun Halloween. I loved it! 
AND THEN. We went to a member's home for dinner and our phone rang. And you see, we've both been on the edge of our seat waiting to hear SOMETHING about transfers. Cause we were pretty darn sure that Sister Park was going. So when that phone rang, S. Park and I looked at each other and we were like "PRESIDENT." And sure enough it was! So we told the members that we had to take that. And so we did. And then all of a sudden...instead of asking for Sister Park, he asks for me and I'm like "wuuutttt?" So I'm talking to him and he's like "I would like to call you as a trainer. Are you willing to do that?" And I was like "Wait. What." Hahaha I kinda laughed and was like, yeah I can do that. Are you sure you trust me with that? And then he told me that when this is the calling/assignment that he spends the most time and effort on and he has gotten countless confirmations that I have what it takes to train a new missionary and that's where the Lord wants me. So! Ladies and gents.....I'm training again!!! Baby #2! Dang. It's crazy. I hope I'll be good enough. Ahhh. You'd think because I've trained before..I'd be ready. But NOOPE. I'm just as nervous. I'm just as scared. I'm just as excited. And I'm relying on the Lord probably more so! Haha. It's good though. I'm mostly excited. I love training :) It's just crazy that I get to do it again :) 

Sunday was good. A LOT of our less actives that we're working with CAME to church. That was a HUGE miracle. Dang. And the ward is actually reaching out. WHICH IS HUGE. This is the reason for the subject line. Things are changing here in J-ville and I'm LOVING it. The sparks have ignited and a fire has started here and it's great. I'm so grateful I get to be a part of it!! I love being a missionary!! 

Well, it looks like this is all I have time for...but thanks again for all that you do for me! All the love and support and prayers are felt. Y'all are the best. Keep being awesome and keep sharing your light!!! :D 

I love you all so much. Have a wonderful week :) Miss y'all!

Sister Blumel
xoxoxo <3

PS - I forgot to say my ponderize scripture last week! Sorry about that! It was 2 Nephi 9:18. I'll do that again this week since I didn't get a lot of time to look over it. :) 

PPS - This is our district. :) Best one yet! And yes. It's sufficiently awkward hahaha that's our life. But yeah it's better than no picture!

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