Monday, November 16, 2015

Week #52 - 2015 Nov 16 - Attitude is Everything

Oh heyyloo all you beautiful people I love so much! 

This past week was great. Lots of memories and good times. We also didn't have the car, but we have wonderful members that were willing to give us rides :) So that was nice. 

We met with our investigator, Jessica this week and taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And she was like, yeah, this is basically what I was raised up on, it's all just worded differently! So that was really neat. It's awesome teaching people things and seeing the lights turn on and they recognize what we're teaching. It's a sweet experience. The spirit is real! She is seriously so golden. She wrote notes on her reading assignment again....oh my gosh. That still blows my mind!! I just love her so so much. We're working on getting her to come to church, since that seems to be the only thing that's holding her back right now. So we're trying to work out a church tour for her one of these days so she feels more comfortable about coming to the church on Sundays. Coming to church is sooo important in people's progression and so that's our focus with her right now. But other than that, she's doing wonderful!!!

We also met with Cassandra and reviewed the Plan of Salvation with her because we didn't have a lot of time the day we saw her. She answered all of our questions perfectly...she has such a solid understanding of everything in the's incredible. She LOVES it. When we first taught her the Plan of Salvation we taught it using a diagram that I drew out. She loved it so much she asked for a little copy that she could have. So I drew her a mini version and I gave it to her and she was looking at it in awe the entire lesson. It warmed my heart at how much she loves this plan that God has for her and for everyone. She's the best. I love her. Being on a mission has made me realize how much I love the youth and how much they hold a special place in my heart. It's made my career choosing a lot easier and I'm excited for school after the mission now that I know what path I want to go down. It'll be good! I love the Lord and His plan! 

The rest of the week was good. We met this inactive older lady named Betty. She was an unknown on the roster so we called her asking if we could stop by and she said that should wouldn't mind that. So we went and visited her and it was a TON of fun! She's so great! I can't wait to continue to get to know her better. I love visiting with older people. They have the best stories and experiences and I learn so much from them. She fell away from the church a long long time ago, but she always makes sure that she defends the church! We're going to see what we can do to help her testimony grow stronger because it seems like she fell away at a very young age due to misunderstandings and all that jazz. So we'll see what we can do to help her out :) She's a fun lady!

On a less spiritual note. We got a call from this man named Sunny. He had a heavy Asian accent and he was looking for the elders. So we texted him their number and then he told us that he wasn't looking for those elders. So we asked him what elders he was looking for and he told us he was looking for the ones in Spring Lake. So we got ahold of the assistants and told them about the situation and they were like "Oh we know Sunny..." and then they proceeded to tell us to block his number and ignore his phone calls. Apparently Sunny has been causing problems in this mission and in other President has just asked us to ignore him. Haha and then throughout the next couple days, we got a bunch of calls and texts from him that we obviously didn't answer. We added him to our contacts as "!Sunny #thatsnotwhatyouwant" That way we know never to answer his calls or texts. Hahaha. But we haven't heard from him in a few days. So we're good. It was just funny hahah. We earned ourselves a little stalker this week! Buttt we're good. And we've got really good elders that have said they will keep him away from us if he ever finds himself in Jacksonville, so you don't have to worry Pops hahaha. :) 

That's about all I got for y'all this week! I hope you had a good one! :) 
The church is true! I love being a missionary! Look for the Lord's hand in your life and write what you notice every day :) I promise that if you do so, you'll develop a stronger relationship with God and you will be able to notice His hand in your life more. #clichemissionarypromises #itstruethough #goodthingimamissionary. 

I love you all so so sooo much. Choose the right and God be with you till we meet again! ( facts - I hit my year mark this Thursday and that's terrifying.....YIKES! Haha)

Sister Amy Blumel 
xoxoxo <3

PS Explanation of subject line: We didn't have the car but we still had an amazing week because we had a good attitude about it :)

My ponderize scripture is 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 :) 

This is all of us sisters here in Jacksonville!! It's Sister Scribner, Me, 
Sister Macrum, and Sister Alldredge! The 2 sisters on the right serve
 in the Jacksonville 2nd ward :) 

I love them all so much!

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