Monday, August 31, 2015

Week #40 - 2015 Aug 24 - Raindrops Are Falling On My Head, They Keep Falling!

Hey one, hey all! 

How was y'alls week? 
We had a pretty good week. We breathed tracting this week haha. So there's a ton of fun stories that we have now. So now when I get back I'll have even more "Oh, when I was on myyy misssion......" stories hahaha. 

On Monday night we went tracting. The first house we went to knock on had the best security system set up that I've ever seen. It was this huge log cabin type looking house and it looked kinda creepy from the road to begin with. So we walk up the front steps and I got and knock on the door and then I instantly freeze in my tracks because right on the middle of the door is this GINORMOUS spider like the size of my hand just chillin in it's web. It was TERRIFYING. Hahaha needless to say we didn't knock that door....we don't even think anyone lived in that house anyway. Anddd we were getting weird vibes so we just moved onto the next house. 
And the NEXT house was also interesting! Ha it was this super cute, well put together house, the trim on the house was perfect, the lawn was well trimmed, their hedges were also perfect, their mailbox was a mini version of their house, basically it just looked like a super nice house! So we're like awe! The people here are probably so nice! Ha....wrong. We get to the door and this cute little old man walks out. And he walks right onto the porch and closes the front door behind him (that's not a good sign we're like 'uhmm') and then his face starts turning red and he looks at us square in the eye and says "I don't know how to say this politely but GO. AWAY. And NEVER set foot on my property AGAIN." And we're like ooooh okay! Have a great day sir! God Bless You! And then left as soon as our legs would carry us. In all my days of tracting that was a first! Hahah usually people just slam the door in your face! But hey, there's a first for everything! 
OH! Also, we found an inactive member of the church while we were tracting too! It was neat! Haha we asked if he knew about the church and he said yes and we asked him what he knew about it and he's like "well actually I'm a member" haha and we're like OH NEAT! Haha. So we're gonna stop by again and see if he's willing to come back to church...he didn't have a lot of time to talk to us that night. But it was neat to find someone who's a lost member! What are the chances, eh? (I'm still Canadian....see? hehe)

ALSO. Real quick! On our way back to our car that night, this little kid was riding his bike and then he stopped and started talking to us. His parents were a ways away and they were probably really nervous about the situation. But this kid was just like "What are your names?" And I was like "I'm Sister Blumel" and he was like "oh, that's a beautiful name" and Sister Park said her name and he's like "ah I went to a park a year ago!" It was cute. And then he was just talking our ears off and his parents were calling him to come back hahah. Honestly though, that was a huge tender mercy of like the last transfer and everything because this little kid reminded me of Ben SO MUCH. It warmed my heart. I needed that. I miss Ben and his sweetheart-ness...that's not a word..but you get what I mean haha :) So that was a huge blessing for me. <3

Wednesday was full of tracting as well. Except for this day it was raining. HA. So that was fun. It was actually kind of a blessing because if it wasn't for the rain cooling us off, we would have been in the sun sweating buckets. So I would much prefer being wet because of the rain than wet because of sweat. Haha. But it was funny seeing people's reactions to us that know just 2 girls walking in the rain, SOAKED, wanting to share messages about Jesus. Ha. That was a day full of rejection..but it still felt successful. And then one of the last doors we knocked on turned out to be the house of this older southern lady, named Melbina. SHE is THE sweetest lady ever. She took one look at us and was like awe you poor things, come inside will ya? And she invited us right in out of the rain and we shared our testimonies about Christ and it was amazing. She just recently lost her husband and so for right now she doesn't want to make any life changing decisions because she doesn't feel like she's in the right place. BUT, she did say we could come back and see her and share our love of Christ :) So right now maybe isn't the time...but one day for sure. Melbina was a huge tender mercy that day. And we were definitely led to her house. It was amazing. I love seeing how the Lord has His hand in things. 

We also had interviews with the President on Wednesday. Those went well. I just love President and Sister James <3

We also got to experience the edge of a hurricane on Friday!!! Haha we went out tracting and it was a beautiful sunny day. There was like a few clouds in the sky and then once we got done tracting this one trailer park, all of a sudden these huge dark clouds filled the sky and when we were driving to our next tracting place rain started coming down like crazy! And it was super windy and there was lightening and thunder and at one point, I looked in the drivers side mirror and I literally couldn't see anything behind me...ha that was sorta terrifying. So we pulled into a little neighborhood and we're like Heavenly Father if you want us to tract, let us know. Or if you want us to go home...let us know that too. So we waited for a couple minutes and the rain got EVEN harder so we're like oookayyy we're going home. And the drive home was slightly terrifying as well! There would be lightening and then thunder like simultaneously. It was crazy. And the roads were SO full of water. But we made it home safe and sound and the storm got even worse haha more lightening and more thunder and rain and yeah. It was actually kinda neat to experience. AND we lived to tell the tale so now it's just awesome ;) hahaha. But yeah! Pros of living right next to the coast right? Hehe. 

Anywho. I think that's all I got for you this week. Ha. Elder Dube from the Seventy is coming to the mission this week! On Thursday and Friday. So you'll get to hear about that next week! Yay! It'll be good. I'm excited. AND on Friday the meeting is in.......FAYETTEVILLE! So I'm super excited to go back. I miss Fayettenam so much. So a huge blessing right there I'm telling ya. But you'll get to hear ALL about that next week! Yay! 

I hope you all have a great week! Remember, the church is true! Everyday this week I got to testify of the Book of Mormon (whether the people wanted to hear it, listened, or not!) and it was amazing. That book has changed my life and it will change yours too. You just have to let it :) 

I love y'all so much! Take care and be safe! Remember to smile! And GOOD LUCK with the move!!!! I'll be there in spirit :) 

Sister Blumel 
xoxoxo <3

Tracting selfie! 

And the creepy spider house. 

Anddd that's another sky picture. On Wednesday morning. Before it started pouring buckets
 haha. But see, NC sky did it again! #beautiful!

Oh yeah. After tracting in the rain, the dye in my sock must have bled because when I took my socks off that night, my feet were BLACK. It was SO weird haahah. They're not black anymore though.  LOL.

Soaked after being in the rain for like 2 seconds on hurricane friday! 

Hahaha sooo much rain! Crazy!

And that was the sunrise here this morning :) The North Carolina sky is always beautiful. I love it.

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