Monday, August 10, 2015

Week #38 - 2015 Aug 10 - I CAN Even.

Hey all you beautiful people I just love so much! :)

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL week full of smiles, laughs, and good memories!! I know we sure did. I mean in comparison to the LAST week we had....anything would be 100000x better. Ha. But we got good night's sleeps for once and we could actually go do missionary work and enjoy ourselves. So that was nice!! It was awesome feeling like a missionary again. 

Okay I know I say this a lot...but I really have NO idea what happened this week. Literally it zoomed right by without me even knowing it. Ha jks I knew it...but I must have been like half-conscious or something because I feel like my memory is failing me! 

The things that keep popping in my head are some pretty neat experiences so I suppose I can share those with y'all! 

So on Friday, we had an appointment with someone we had never seen before. [We're going through the Roster and we're trying to visit everyone on it.] And so we're driving to their house and we're driving through neighborhoods full of trailers and run down houses, so that's what we were expecting. Which is totally fine! Because we go into those types of homes all the time, and it's great. Ha. I could totally live in a trailer and be fine with it! As long as it's kept up....haha anyway. The GPS says we're going to arrive in like 500 ft or something like that and so we're keeping a watchful eye as to which house it is. And then we're like oh that's the number! (because the house number is one the mailboxes on the side of the road) And then! We look over at the house.....................................................................
And we have to pick our jaws up off the floor. 
Yeah. It was the most beautiful house I've ever seen. And I was like what the....are you sure that's the right house? So we quadrupled checked and we were like yep...that's the one! So we walk up the stairs to this house and we're like....are we even allowed to walk up here? Like we feel like peasants! Hahaha. And then we go into the house and it's even MORE beautiful!!! Like the outside doesn't do the inside justice! And when you see a picture of the'll be all like "wuttt.." It was cray. But the lady we went and visited was SUPER down to earth and SUPER sweet and loving and just great. We had a good visit with her and she wants to come back for dinner and stuff. Basically, she wants her home to feel like a second home to us...and we're like Yeah! No problem! Her husband is an anesthesiologist and so that explained everything haha. They sound like a great family though :) I'm excited to get to know them better!!

And then next we went to one of our favourite families. Seriously, they're just so great. He's not active and his wife is not even a member. So they're a part member family. And let me tell you. They are the most inspiring people I know. Seriously every time we leave their house I feel like I can do anything. And I know if I put my mind to it I can do anything....but they make me feel like i can LITERALLY do anything. It's amazing. EVERYTHING in their house is made by them. She's like a world wide known artist, can play any string instrument, and play it WELL...she can't read music...she plays completely by ear, she can quilt and she doesn't have a sewing machine. She does it all by hand. And she can do so many more things..and he can blacksmith anything and that's not all....if they want something made they will figure it out and make it. And their house is proof! They are SO SO SO talented. And when you tell them that, they're like nahh...we just like to have fun and try new things. Seriously so motivating. I love them a lot. I'm definitely staying with them for like a week after the mission and just learning all that I can from them. Wowza. They're the best. 

Hmm. Not too much else is going on. We have to teach at CMLC (combined missionary leadership council) on Friday. So bascially we have to train all the other leaders (zone leaders, district leaders, and the other sister leaders) in the mission and President and his wife and the assistants....yeah. No big deal or anything. Right? hahahaha. Yeah wish us luck. Our topic in a nut shell is the Plan of Salvation. It should be alright...I mean that's my favourite thing to teach people so it'll be good!

I think that's about it.....I'll let you know if I think of anything for next week. Ha! But yeah :) 

HAVE A GREAT WEEK! I love you all! And remember it's doing those small and simple things that make you the strongest! Read your scriptures, pray, and go to church! And don't forget to put on your armor of God in the morning :) 

Miss y'all. Take care! 

Sister Blumel
xoxoxo <3

PS - We white girl it a lot and say "I just can't even". hahaha. sooo to motivate ourselves we say we CAN even haha. We said that a lot this week. Kinda funny. So yeah! That's the little tiny mini story behind the subject line :)

"The most beautiful house I've ever seen"

Awkward selfies be awkward...hahah #deepcleaningselfies.

We tried stopping by this persons house and she wasn't home. But she had chalk on her sidewalk. So we wrote her a message using chalk :) And then took another awkward selfie ;) hahaha.

Me and Sister Park!!

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