Monday, August 17, 2015

Week #39 - 2015 Aug 17 - Cat Crossings, Raleigh Rush Hour, CMLC Trainings, and Missionary-ing. :)


How was y'alls week? We had a pretty good one. First things first, we SURVIVED teaching at CMLC! (Combined Mission Leadership Council.) And it went pretty good! Well, says everyone who told is it was exactly what they needed to hear. So that was awesome. That fulfilled our purpose haha. I have no idea what exactly we said, but that's okay because that means we taught with the Spirit :) Yay! 

Also. I had bacon wrapped tater tots on Tuesday (the member who had us over for dinner makes them) and OH MY GOODNESS. Seriously like the best thing ever. Usually tater tots aren't my most favouritest thing in the world and I'll eat them...but they wouldn't be my first choice. But there's something about bacon wrapped ANYTHING that makes it SOOOO GOOOD. So if you're feeling up to try something new...that's definitely something you could try! 

District Meeting on Wednesday was really good. The topic was "Faith in Finding". Sister Park and I both received revelation for our area at like the same time. I turned to her and was like "hey. Sister Park. We need to tract all next week." And then she's like "you're gonna make me start crying because I was just going to tell you that." And we were like whoaaaa. And so that's the plan this week! EVERY possible moment we have, we'll be out knocking doors. Soooooo, if you want to, you can totally pray that the people's hearts will be prepared for us as we knock on their doors. We are hoping to find 4 new investigators PER WEEK. So I'll keep you posted on that :) 

At CMLC on Friday President told us that the leading key indicator was active member lessons and he wasn't too impressed with that. Understandably. So he came up with some new guidelines for member visits. Pretty much if we aren't over there to eat, get referrals, or having a member home lesson with an investigator, we shouldn't be at the members houses. That's the overall jist of it. A lot of people were super unhappy with it...but Sister Park and I were super excited about it. It gives us NO excuses to not be finding. And we were SO glad that we decided to tract all next week at District Meeting haha. President told us that we are called as MISSIONARIES. Not Home/Visiting teachers. So our main purpose is to find and to rescue. I think this will be really good for the whole mission. I'm excited to see what comes from it :) 

Also. I totally succeeded at city driving. Ha before the mission I was terrified to drive in Calgary and Edmonton....but yo. I survived and CALMLY drove through Raleigh rush hour traffic like it was nothing. YEAHHH BUDDY. It was awesome. So Calgary and Edmonton ain't got nothin on me now ;) hahaha. But seriously on the way home, this stretch of road that was supposed to take like 10 minutes...took 40. Haha. There were SO many cars. It was crazy. But all is well! We made it just fine :) 

Next week I should have a bunch of fun stories for ya. I'll try and keep better track of what actually happens this upcoming week! Ha. 

I feel SO blessed to be a missionary. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. It's the best calling I've ever had and will ever receive I'm sure...there's nothing quite like being a servant of the Lord FULL TIME. It's amazing. The miracles and tender mercies that you see on a daily basis are innumerable. I just love it. I know that the church is true and I know that Christ lives and I know that He's got our backs. He's our number one supporter...all we have to do is let Him in. :)

I love y'all. And I hope y'all have an AH-MAZING week. Take care.

Sister Blumel
xoxoxo <3

Me and Lala!!

We made car dancing videos....but the file is too big dang it.

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  1. Sister Blumel, I just caught up on a bunch of your blog posts! You make me laugh and cry and want to pray for you all at the same time. You are amazing!!! Keep up the good work!