Monday, August 03, 2015

Week #37 - 2015 Aug 03 - "Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite!"


Okay so ima be honest and let y'all know that this week has been the hardest week on the mission. Weeks like this make you really appreciate things....let me tell you! 

On Monday...that's when everything exploded and EVERYTHING went wrong. We came back from emailing and we just went to Wendy's. And sidenote. Sister Park and I were really craving baconators and so we were gonna get one. But then once arriving at the drive thru we realized that they're 6 flippin dollars!!! What the heck! So we didn't get them..needless to say....that's way too much for a burger from wendys...we just ordered from the dollar menu. #missionarybudget #missionarylyfe. But yeah. So I was getting ready to eat my "feast" and then Sister Park is in the other room and all I hear is "uhhhhh....." and then she comes out with this tissue. And my first thoughts are like "ah shoot, did I leave a tissue laying around..." but then I was like "but I haven't even used a tissue in months..." and then I was like "oh no..." Sister Park then proceeded to ask me if I knew what bed bugs looked I freak out, jump up and go WHAT?! And I look in the tissue and there it is. The spawn of satan. Yep. BUT before we really freak out...we look up the picture in the red folder of knowledge that the mission gave us. Yep. IT WAS A FREAKING BED BUG. OH MY GOODNESS. WHAT. Yeah so then we're like BAHHHHH NO. And like instant panic mode. We strip our beds completely and then we're like wait. Before we do anything stupid, let's call the mission office. So we do that and talk to the people in charge of housing and stuff. And they just tell us to wash all our sheets and stuff on HOT and dry them on HOT as well - that kills the bugs. So that's exactly what we do. That begins the laundry episode that never ended....AND THEN we had to make a Walmart trip at 8:30 at night. It's a 25 minute trip to the closest Walmart haha. Sooo we were like yep. Not making curfew. But that's okay because we got permission! Haha. So we were at Walmart at night time...and it was weird. But we had to get bed bug covers that the mission ordered for us. So being the good missionaries we are, we listened and got them when they told us to. And then that night we did an all nighter because we were doing laundry ALL NIGHT LONG. And also, our beds were not being used that night or the nights after bed bugs? Yeah no bed. So the 1.5 hours of sleep that we got that night were on our study chairs. 
The next few days after that we quarantined ourselves. We prayed about it and we didn't feel like we should go out. I mean members and investigators don't want bed bugs and we didn't want to risk bringing them to them. We didn't think that would go over well. So we decided to stay home and work on the area book, DEEP clean the apartment, do laundry, be each other's therapists, catch up in our journals, etc etc. We tried to make it as productive as we could. But we got pretty stir crazy and we were like mentally unstable because of the lack of sleep we got. We tried sleeping in our chairs again on Tuesday night but that was the most uncomfortable thing of life. So then we tried sleeping in our car..and that was just as bad because it would get super hot, so we went back and forth from that. And then at like 3 in the morning (moving 4 times already) I was like "nope! Tap out! I'm not doing this anymore!" And so I went into the kitchen and ate some pizza...because why not. And then after that I decided to sleep on the floor. Which by the way, we don't have carpet. We have industrial TURF. Yes turf. And it's just laid over cement. Soooo. Pretty much the worst thing ever. And I have bruises on my knees from kneeling when we pray. Yeah it's not the most comfortable stuff in the world. Anyway, getting that fact outta the way. We put a couple blankets on the floor and then just slept on that. And it was a lot more comfortable than the chair and the car...because we could actually lay down...but I mean it's turf. But we survived!!! We were just a little 'not all there' mentally I guess you could say! 
We had a bug exterminator come on Friday and he sprayed. So hopefully *fingers crossed* they're gone. 

So pretty much, that's the only thing that happened this week. Advice: DON'T GET BEDBUGS ON THE MISSION. It's seriously the worst. Because you literally can't do anything about it.
I have become super paranoid though. Any speck of dust or dirt or anything that could resemble a bug EVEN SLIGHTLY I'm like AHHHHH KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!! Ah just kidding it's a leaf. 
Hahaha. I'm also hesitant about sitting on people's furniture now too....Im just hoping that the Lord will bless us for the rest of our missions now...and that we never have to see a bed bug again. 

It's been a good growing experience. Minus the 2 emotional break downs I think we handled it pretty well. :) We tried our best to keep a positive attitude! The Lord works in mysterious ways that's for sure. 

And hey. I have never appreciated a mattress so much in my life. So I guess that's good. ;)

I'm excited to GET TO WORK this week though! I feel like a useless missionary ha. But I guess when those things come....what can you do. You just gotta make the best of the situation. 

I hope you all had a better week than we did. Haha! But all is well in the Kingdom of God still. :) We're still kicking and ready to work. I love it in NC, even if there are bed bugs every once in a while....the whole experience has brought me closer to my Father in Heaven and I can't complain about that :) 

Anywho, I love y'all, I miss y'all and I hope y'all are doing well! (How many times can I say y'all in a sentence ;) haha!) Take care!

Sister Blumel
xoxoxo <3

PS - Encouraging/Uplifting letters are welcome :) But send them using the mission addresss...transfers are coming and we have no idea what's happening yet haha. So to be safe, use the mission one! :) Thanks bunches.<3

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