Monday, March 02, 2015

Week #15 - 2015 Mar 02 - Bonjour!

Hey family :) 

This week has been CRAZY. Oh my goodness haha. It started off with transfers on Tuesday. We had to drive up because there was a car situation and communication issues with the assistants. They told us to keep the car in the area and they would come pick it up (because of the areas combining) and then they told us to drive the car up because Sister Olson and another sister had to to go up to transfers, so they told us just to drive it up and then give the keys to them there. And then they found out that the other sisters were sharing their car with the elders and so they told us to just leave the car here so that we could continue having a full-time car. So we figured the last one out the night before transfers and so they told us that if they couldn't find a ride up to transfers they could just drive the car up. Well, that's what we ended up doing. Sister Webb and I weren't planning on going up but then we ended up going because we needed to drive the car back down. OH. And I forgot to mention that it snowed pretty hard core on Monday night. So the roads were a mess. And the people in NC aren't used to snow so they don't know how to drive in winter conditions. There were so many cars in the ditch...yikes. It was pretty bad. Driving up to transfers (which was in Raleigh) was crazy...but luckily Sister Webb is from Utah so she had some winter driving skills. We survived the trip there and back! It was good.
On the way back, we saw the elders (the ones that we serve with in our area) ahead of us. So obviously we had to pass them and drive in front of them. Right? (hahaha) Well turns out they didn't have a GPS so they had no idea how they were going to get home and then we drove in front of they were following us home. HOWEVER. We didn't know this at the time...we only knew that they were following us. So we were testing out their dedication to following us by weaving in and out of traffic and changing lanes spontaneously. And they followed us everywhere we went bahaha. It was so funny. And then once we got back to Fayetteville there was a red light so they pull up beside us and roll their window down and explained the situation. And we're like oohhhh that makes sense. Hahah. So we were their tender mercy for the big deal or anything. lolol. It was hilarious though. 

Let me tell you, combining areas is HARD. It's such a challenge. There is so much work to do. I just wish there was more time in the day to actually get everything we want done, done. I feel like we're going to be dropping the ball on some people because we don't have time to see everyone. It'll be good though. We just have to trust in the Lord and hope for the best! This week is going to be a lot better because our feet are more on the ground and we have more of a schedule. Like our only days open for people are Friday and Saturday and even those are filling up really quickly. And that's SO good, I'm not complaining at all!!! Being busy is the BEST. Especially on the mission. It's great. Life is great right now :) crazy, but so good. I wouldn't want it any other way! 

I also got a new companion! Her name is Sister Webb and she's from Utah. She's so great! I love her a lot. She was serving in Fayetteville 3 and she lived across the street from us before this transfer. So we saw those sisters a lot. So we already know each other really well. So that's helpful! We get along really well and it's always a good time with her. There's a lot of laughing and joking around all that, so it makes it fun. But we are also good at working our tails off. So we have a good balance going. It's so great. I love her a lot! Although! She goes home after this transfer...soooo another one bites the dust.. haha. I'm killing off all my companions! Hahah but it's all good...we'll see who I get next transfer! It'll be good.

It's in the 60's today and all sunshine-y. It's so nice outside. I love it here in NC. I told Sister Webb this week that I would be American for North Carolina. I would totally move back here and live here. It's beautiful here and apparently these are the ugly months. Everyone's telling me I have to wait for spring because it's beyond gorgeous they say. I'm really excited. But seriously NC is so great. I feel so blessed to be serving here. :) 

I'm also super blessed that I'm serving a mission! Thank you all for the support and love that you've shown me, I really appreciate it. I pray for y'all every day! I love you all so much!!! 

Have a GREAT week full of happy moments :) 

Sister Blumel xoxoxo

PS: Fun story brought to you from the south - on the way up to transfers we passed this church and the little saying that was on the sign said "A fake ID won't get you into heaven." Ahaha I thought that was brilliant. And then a couple days ago we passed another one that said "God loves you, whether you like it or not." Lolol. It was perfect. There are so many churches down here it's the best aha. 

Gotta love the bible belt called the south :) I love that I get to be here!! 

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