Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week #17 - 2015 Mar 16 - :D HEY!

Hey y'all!

(So quick background story on the y'all thing cause I'm sure you're all like oohhh the south got to her already...hahha which yes it has. But we're also not allowed to say "guys" because it's not dignified language...howeva! We are allowed to say "y'all" so we say it all the time. Hahah it's kinda funny. So that's why it gets thrown in there...I don't even realize it anymore. Ha!)

This week was really good! It was a service week...Least that's what it felt like. Hahah it felt like we were always doing service. Which is definitely not a bad thing at all! It's good! So good :)

On Tuesdays we do a study group with the Ft. Bragg ward. It's open to everyone in Fayetteville really, but only the Ft. Bragg sisters come. So we usually have a little group of like 4-6 sisters that come. We discuss past conference talks! This past Tuesday it was reallyyy inspired. Oh my word. I was having a rough morning..it was just one of those days and so honestly I wasn't looking forward to study group because I felt like I had nothing to say..or nothing to lead discussions with. But then I felt impressed to just read the talk and discuss it while we read it. (because usually, the sisters read the talk before hand and then we just spend an hour talking about it) The talk was, Eternal Life - to Know Our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. So that's what we ended up doing. We all just took a paragraph and went around the circle reading it and then when anyone felt impressed to say something, we would stop and discuss things for however long necessary. Wow. The spirit was really strong. At some point we all just started talking about our conversion stories. And stories that helped us recognize the Lord's love for all of us. I shared the story about that one time at YW's camp that me and Kristin almost drowned in that river. But because of the power of prayer and faith, that tree was perfectly placed right when I needed it and all was well! And the other sisters bore testimony of when they felt His love as well. There were tears and you could cut through the spirit with a knife...it was that strong. Needless to say, I am super grateful that I just sucked it up, got over myself, and decided that yes, study group is where we needed to be. Because it was exactly where I needed to be. 

Another neat experience that happened this week was we were able to meet up with Ceresa again! Not sure if I mentioned her before. But Sister Olson and I had an appointment with her sister, Tymesha, but when we got to their house, Tymesha wasn't home, but Ceresa was. So we took advantage of the situation and shared a door step message with her about the Book of Mormon! We also set up a return appointment, but when we went over for it a couple days later, she wasn't home. So long story short - we hadn't been able to get up with her for like a month. And then on Saturday we decided to just stop by her house with Andi (one of the YSA members) and SHE WAS HOME! AND SHE LET US IN HER HOUSE! It was great! I mean the lesson...wasn't really lesson...it was kinda all over the place and we were kinda just getting to know her. But it obviously wasn't TOO awful because we invited her to church and SHE CAME!!! And she said that she really enjoyed it. So YAY! I'm excited to keep working with her. She has a lot of potential I think :) Huzzahhh, miracles! Miracles are real!! The Lord's hand is over this work! 

We weren't able to have a lesson with Mercedes this week, but we were able to see her at church and catch her for a few minutes and just talk to her :) I just love her so much. She's ALWAYS smiling and she just has such a bright light about her. I'm so grateful that we were able to start teaching her and that I get to be a part of her story. 

Life is going well. The work is hastening. There's not enough time in the day. We are always doing something. BUT! I wouldn't have it any other way! The Lord is mindful of us and He is blessing us with investigators and people to teach. Thank you all for your prayers...some days I can literally feel them lifting me up :) I appreciate all of your love and all of your support. 

ANDDD! HUGE SHOUT OUT TO BEN! CONGRATULATIONS ON GETTING BAPTIZED!!!! That's soooo exciting!!! :D :D :D I was thinking about you all day and I couldn't help but smile because I was so proud! You're the best, Benny! Keep making those great choices :) and remember, the church is true! And if you build your foundation on Christ, nothing will ever tear you down! (Helaman 5:12!) Also, remember the golden 3: 1. Prayer 2. Scripture Study and 3. Going to church. If you're doing all those 3 things, you'll be continually building on that foundation and making it super strong :) It's great! And one more thing - ALWAYS remember that I love you like crazy!! 

Anywho, I think that's all I have to report this week. I hope you're all doing great and keep smiling! I love you all so much! <3

Sister Blumel 

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