Monday, February 23, 2015

Week #14 - 2015 Feb 23 - HEY


This week was the slowest, shortest week of my life. Hahah. Like during the week it felt like it was never going to end, but looking back on it, it feels like it zoomed by. It exhausts me just thinking about it. It's so weird hahah. Oh well! 

The BEST thing happened this week though! Elder Christofferson and Elder Soares (Presidency of the Seventy) came to the mission!!! Whatttt?! Yeah! So on Friday, we got to drive up to Raleigh and have a meeting with them and their wives. Oh my goodness it was perfect! They answered questions that I hadn't even asked yet. It was that good. I wish I would have brought my notebook today to kinda give you a brief low down of what they all said. But I'll do the best I can aha. Elder Soares talked about planning. His famous quote of the day was "If you don't plan, you plan to fail." He also closed his talk out with "We love you and we trust you." Something about that made warmed my heart because the fact that the general authorities of the church loves and TRUSTS us, that's a pretty big deal. Makes me want to work even harder and just do everything I can do further the work of the Lord. And then Elder Christofferson was able to do a little Q&A session after his talk and one of the questions was "How do you forgive yourself when you're continually falling short?" And he said the most beautiful things about the Atonement. One of them was something along the lines of, when you repent, your sins are forgiven. the Lord has also promised us that He won't remember what we have done. He has forgiven you and forgotten your sin. So! If He doesn't remember what happened after you repented for it...did it really happen? Bammm! It's like kinda have to think about it. Point is, if you've repented for it, Heavenly Father doesn't remember it, He's blotted it out. So you don't have to worry about it anymore. He was also talking about how as missionaries we have apostolic power...and then he went down the chain of what happens. He said that you are called by a prophet of God, and then he sends it down to the apostles and then you receive your call through them and then you get set apart as a missionary by someone who holds that authority. So in the scheme of things, we have apostolic power because it's the apostles of the Lord that extend the call out to us. We have that power and authority to be ministers of the Lord's church. That was pretty crazy to think about. And something I've never thought about before, but it makes sense! He was also saying that we ARE representatives of Jesus Christ. It doesn't matter who says otherwise because a fact is a fact no matter what. He said so many more amazing things I wish y'all could have been there. His closing statement hit me pretty hard. He said "This is all real, and you are His." I was like oh wow. That's powerful. And when we was referring to this, he was talking about the gospel and everything in it. I just loved everything that was said! 

That was definitely the highlight of the week. We didn't have the chance to meet with Mercedes this week like we planned to because she cancelled (she had work...). So that was a bummer. And she said that she probably won't be able to meet with us this week either. That's also a bummer. we'll have to push her baptismal date back a little bit because March 7 is next week..and that won't work. Haha so we're thinking like the end of March...hopefully. 
We also didn't meet with Sister Mentzer because she's having a baby this week, on the 26th I think. So we probably won't see her for a while. We're going to try and see if we can do service for her though at some point, just to make sure she knows that we're here for her. 

Oh yeah. It also snowed/rained this week! On Monday night it was raining and snowing and below freezing. So when we woke up Tuesday morning, it looked like it snowed (because it did) but it wasn't was ALL ice. All of it hahah. It was bad. Like we couldn't get into our car because it was under a 2 inch layer of ice....but once it got a little warmer we were able to get all the ice off. It was a good time! Hahah. We got to hang out in the apartment until like 5pm because we couldn't go anymore. They closed down base until then, so we could only get to our evening appointments. It was kinda funny how much everyone was freaking out. Bahaha gotta love snow in the south. The world is practically ending when that happens!! (Least that's the way everyone reacts to it...ahaha)

I love you all so much! Never forget that. And never forget that this gospel is true! And God loves you more than you can even imagine. Fight the adversary and do what's right. Remember to read your scriptures and pray everyday and go to church. Those are the golden 3. If you're doing those things, you will be able to stay strong in the gospel and stay on that straight and narrow path. :) 

Much love,

Sister Blumel xoxoxox

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