Monday, February 16, 2015

Week #13 - 2015 Feb 16 - Helloooo!

Hola and Happy Monday! 

This week was great. I mean every week is great out here in Fayetteville, NC. I love it here :) 

On Tuesday night we ate with the Command Sgt Major. He's like one of THE most important people on Ft. Bragg (like his picture is in every building you walk into on post...). No big deal or anything..hahah. He's a member and his wife signed up to feed us. It was an awesome experience. Their house is huge. (Housing on base depends on what your rank is and all that jazz so the higher up you go the nicer your house gets.) But yeah! It was awesome! Hopefully we get to go there again! {Although funny story - they have this dog and they told us that as long as you don't look at him or put your hand out to pet him, he will be fine and he won't bark. But I didn't hear this and so when he came running towards us, my instincts told me to stick out my hand, andddd then he started barking like crazy and it was really awkward...hahaha but it was okay! He's not aggressive or anything...he's just a weirdo dog I guess..oh well!! Out here in the mission field you learn to embrace the awkward. Hahah.}

We had a zone training on Wednesday all about love. Fitting since Valentine's Day was a few days later. Being lovingly bold is KEY to missionary work. And we learned all about that at the meeting. 

On Friday we met with Sister Mentzer! We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we only made it to baptism, but that's alright because that's where all of her concerns are so we spent the rest of the time going over those. We asked her if she specifically prayed to know if the Book of Mormon is true and she says that she has and the answer that she got was "there's truth there" and she feels like that's not her full answer. So she's waiting for more of a definite answer. Sis Olson and I keep praying that she will receive the answers to her prayers in a clear way that she will understand. Her husband is also doing a lot better (he was excommunicated - not sure if I mentioned that or not before..)--the elders have been meeting with him. And! He's been reading his scriptures on a regular basis! Sister Mentzer was telling us that she'll go into the room to talk to him and he'll just look at her and be like "you're interrupting me..." and she's like, and I can't really argue with that because he's reading his scriptures! Hahah it was funny. But it's so good! Progress! I have a feeling that once Brother Mentzer gets on board with the church he'll be able to bring his whole family with him. We just need to get them to that point aha. It's possible! For with God nothing shall be impossible!! I just really hope that I'll be able to see that family come closer to Christ by following His example and entering the waters of baptism. But I know that this is the Lord's will and not mine, so I understand that I have to trust His way and His timing. It'll all be good. 

Saturday's on the mission are our slowest days. Apparently people like to spend time with their families on Saturday because they don't get a lot of family time during the week, you know being military families and all that's weird. I mean family time? Pssht, aint nobody got time fo dat. Bahaha I'm totally kidding. I understand completely why they want to spend time with their families! It just makes for slow days for us. Which is fine, we always find something to do, don't worry! BUT. When you add VALENTINE'S DAY into the mix....getting in with people is practically impossible. We saved weekly planning for that day because we knew it was going to be slow. So we had that and that generally takes a few hours. We were also able to do service for a family (her hubby is deployed) so that was nice! But we were only there for like an hour and a bit. But! The day actually went pretty quick....surprisingly. It was Sister Olson's 18 month mark so we went and celebrated with Firehouse Subs (which is so freaking delicious. Like you think subway is good? NO. Firehouse Subs makes Subway look like a McDonalds cheeseburger....just saying. It's the best thing ever.) And then we weekly planned and it was great. Haha so woohoo! Hopefully next year it's better! I mean it'll be on a Sunday, so it should be a little better...because at least we'll have church to go to hahah. 

How was your Valentine's Day? :) I hope it was great and full of love!! 

Remember when in doubt, LOVE. 

Have a great week!! :D

Much Love,
Sister Blumel xoxoxo

PS - My mission president posted this on his facebook today and I love it and thought I would share it with y'all. This is what the NCRM is all about!!! :)

The Profile of a Happy NCRM Missionary
* Other people are happy to be around them
* They are grateful in any circumstance
* They have confidence in who the Lord wants them to become
* They have a sincere smile on their face
* They are obedient - and as a result, their countenance shines
* They recognize all the tender mercies the Lord gives them - both large and small
* They have charity - they are real people
*They find joy in other’s successes
*They are motivated
* They hard working and love their work
* They work to keep themselves spiritually, mentally and physically healthy
*They stay positive even when things are rough-they are optimistic
*They love hard days and are “steadfast and immovable" in those hard days. They are diligent, resilient and rebound from adversity

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