Monday, February 02, 2015

Week #11 - 2015 Feb 02

Heya family! 

Sooooo this week was interesting! It's been hard these past couple weeks because it feels like everyone's been avoiding us....perks of being a missionary!! Hahah, but we were able to see Sister Mentzer! And then we found out that she's having her baby the same week as her baptismal date...soo that's awkward. And the Spirit wasnt there to reschedule it (there was a lot of contention in the home that day...haha) so maybe next time! It's all good though. I'm confident she'll get baptized at some point....I'm just not sure when. 

Hahahah okay. Funny story. Sister Olson and I were making all these plans to prank the elders that we share the area with. Our first plan was to find roadkill (like a dead possum or a dead squirrel or whatever we could find) and then put it in their toilet. We enlisted the elders from the other ward to help us because they have a spare key to the elder's apartment. And they were all game. Best thing everrrr. Hahah it was so funny cause they so up to it. But, we couldn't find a possum or a squirrel or anything we changed our game plan. PLAN B = goldfish. We were like mannn, it would still be super funny if we buy goldfish and filled their toilet and sink and maybe the bath tub with them. And when we say goldfish we mean living, swimming goldfish hahahaha. AND that's what happened. We were able to go buy fish from walmart (we bought 20 of them..they were only like 30 cents) and then we gave them to the other ward's elders and they were able to go into the elders apartment and do it. They just put the fish in the toilet and the sink, cause that's all they had time for. But it happened! They texted us and they're all like "the deed is done with only one casualty" bahah. It was so funny. And then a couple days later, we talked to the elders about it and they told us that they got a whole bunch of other elders together and they swallowed them alive.....nasty. I will never understand the mind of an elder...hahah. But yeah! We pranked the elders and it was great and we have more ideas up our sleeve. 
If you're not having fun on your mission, you're doing it wrong. 

So that was a nice refresher for the rest of the week. 

On a more spiritual note. The work is really good. We were able to find a couple new investigators for the YSA branch. They seem like they'll be great...they're both really interested in learning more about the church. We haven't been able to teach them yet, but hopefully we will this week. 

I've been keeping a tender mercy journal, it's one of my goals for 2015. It's been pretty great to look back and see all the positive that is happening here. I love it. I encourage you all to do the same! There are so many little blessings that happen on a daily basis! It's amazing to see God's love through those tender mercies. And it's even more amazing when you can recognize them and write them down. :) 
Yesterday, I was told some news about the area that hit hard. But when I looked out the window I saw 2 Canadian Geese flying over us. I haven't told anyone this, but ever since Grandpa Reeder passed away, I feel like he's watching over me through the wildlife that I see. Especially the geese. So seeing them yesterday gave me the comfort that I needed to know that whatever happens, I won't be alone. I have guardian angels watching over me, I have my Grandpa Reeder with me, and I also have the Lord by my side everywhere I go. That gave me peace. And I consider that to be a tender mercy. :)

Well that's about all I got for ya this week! I'm doing well and loving it here! The area is amazing and I love it so so so much. And I just love being a missionary. And also sidenote! I've been in the area for 2 months exactly today!! Time's just flying by! :) 

I hope you all have an amazing week!! Know that I love you all so sooo much. Y'all are such great examples to me :) Keep smiling!!

Much love,

Sister Blumel xoxox

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