Monday, January 26, 2015

Week #10 - 2015 Jan 26


This week was kinda a weird week, not gonna lie. We had a Zone Conference and that was pretty good. Learned quite a bit and I got to see Sister Ibarra again and chat with her. She seems to be doing well. We have a pretty great zone. And seeing President and Sister Bernhisel is always great. :) 

So...awkward - Sister Mentzer is avoiding us. We haven't seen her since we invited her to be baptized...she won't let us come over to teach her andddd she hasn't come to church in 2 weeks. Ahhhh seriously, she's stressing me out hahah. But right now, all I can do for her is keep her in my prayers and hope for the best! 

Speaking of people avoiding us, all our investigators dropped us this week. So that was awkward. Soooo we have 1 investigator right now (Sister Mentzer) and she's avoiding us right now. We keep praying for more people to teach, and we know the Lord answers prayers in His own time, so we're just making sure we're ready for when those people come along!! But it was a pretty big bummer when we got the texts and all that stuff. Blahh...but here in the NCRM, we love hard days! 

Something I've learned out here on the mission is how important families are. Before the mission I always knew I was going to get married and have kids and all that, but I didn't really have that desire. Ya know what I mean? But now, oh my goodness...that's like all I want hahaha it's ridiculous. But you see families everyday and you see things that you like about their family and you learn what you want in a family and all that. It's pretty crazy stuff. Butttt yeah. Families are important and I can't wait to have one, one day! It'll be exciting. 

I'm continuing in the adventure of Isaiah. I've made it past a couple chapters since last week. But I've learned that you have to take Isaiah super slow. I'm taking it a verse at a time and it's taking foreverrrr. But hey, I'm understanding it, so that's a good sign! Slow and steady wins the race!!

Oh! Yesterday, was Invitation Sunday. I don't think I've mentioned that before...but it's where everyone in the ward invites someone to church. It was pretty great. The preparation that Ft. Bragg did was amazing. The talks leading up to it were so great. The Bishop gave one last week and he was talking about missionary work. He was saying something along the lines of "Look around you, there's someone in the congregation that's missing. Who is it?" And that really made me think! Someone is missing from the congregation every time you go to church...who is it? So I encourage you all to think of who's missing and invite them to church! Pray about it and I know you'll receive inspiration as to who it is. :) But back to Invitation Sunday, we may have found a potential investigator. She's such a sweetheart. I hope we get to teach her cause she seems amazing. :) 

Sorry this email is like all over the place..I don't even know hahah. It was a weird week. 

But I'll send pictures to make up for it! :) 

I love you all and hope you're all doing fan-freakin-tastic!! <3

Much love,
xoxoxo Sister Blumel

PS - Gas down here is 209.9/GALLON. It's SO CHEAP.

Sister Olson, Aly & Sister Blumel

Sister Blumel with some cats!

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