Monday, January 12, 2015

Week #8 - 2015 Jan 12


This week was so good! Two of our investigators got baptized on Saturday. Aly & James. It was such an amazing experience. I'm gonna fill you in on their story. 

Before I came to the area, the sisters were already teaching Aly. they were teaching her at the church because her mom didn't like the idea of her daughter taking the lessons. she wouldn't even look the sisters in the eye when they passed her in the hallway at church and said hi to her. eventually, she let them teach Aly in their home. but there was always a spirit of contention. 
When I got to the area in December, I remember the first lesson that I was a part of and it was terrifying because her mom would sit in on the lessons but she wouldn't participate. she would just sit there and supervise. so it was like walking on broken glass and trying not to bleed. it was scary. It's been a little over a month since then and we are now going over there twice a week and they're feeding us dinner. the spirit is already in the home before we get there and the mom is always super excited to see us. whenever she opens the door to let us in, it's always with open arms and a smile on her face. we've seen this family do a complete 180 towards us and towards the gospel. we've seen miracles in this home. miracles and tender mercies. the baptism was a complete surprise for Aly because she wanted to wait a year for her grandma (her grandma had back surgery and couldn't travel for 6 months and by the time she could travel, Aly's dad was going to be in training for the it was going to turn out to be a year.) and grandpa to come. well! Grandma was recovering really well and so she went to the doctor and the doctor approved her for travel. so they started driving from UTAH to make it for the baptism. The baptism was supposed to happen tomorrow, but it ended up working out for Saturday. Aly & James didn't know that their grandparents were coming. So we had to plan a baptism for them without them finding out! Haha and then her mom wanted them to be a part of making the program, which makes total sense, so we had to wait for the grandparents to get there. They ended up making it here on Thursday night and so we were able to plan for the baptism on Friday night. We planned the entire baptism the night before it happened. But it worked out! And the family is so much closer and there's love at home and the parents have the desire to become better examples to their kids and become active in the gospel again. They have the spirit in their lives and it's been incredible to witness all this. This is like the short and sweet version of their story. It's amazing and the Lord's hand was definitely in all of this. But yeah, that's what happened - super amazing and I hope that all makes sense because it's kinda the speedy version. I'll write it better when I have time. But that's the overall jist of it. It was just amazing to see all the miracles that have taken place in order for these 2 to get baptized. I love that family :) they're incredible. <3

SO yeah, my week has been WONDERFUL. 

I love the mission! You experience so many things out here it's crazy. So many miracles and tender mercies. Yes, it's really hard...probably the hardest thing I've had to do and I don't expect it to get any easier...but it's also one of the most amazing things I've ever had the opportunity to do. I feel really blessed that I've gotten this opportunity to be a part of the great and marvelous work that was prophesied in the Book of Mormon. I know this church is true and I love that I get to tell people that on a daily basis. 

I hope you're all doing well :) I love you and miss you a ton. But y'all keep smiling! God loves you more than anything!! Read your scriptures and pray everyday! 

Much love,

Sister Amy Blumel <3<3<3
Sisters Blumel & Olson with the Borabora & Iseman boys

Sister Blumel and Anthony

Sister Blumel and Nichas - Rock on!!

Sister Blumel, Aly, James and Sister Olson

Sister Blumel, Nichas and Sister Olson

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  1. you are so cute! and keep being you and all things will work out and you will continue to see miracles. ciao!