Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week #9 - 2015 Jan 19

Bonjour!! Heya! Hola!

This week we were able to have a lesson with one of our investigator's Sister Mentzer. A little background on her: She's been investigating the church for 6-7 years now. Her husband was excommunicated (we're not sure why), and she's prayed about the Book of Mormon and the Church and her answer is that she's in the right place and that there's truth there. But she still wants to learn more and get a more "for sure" answer. So. When we were planning the lesson for her, we decided that we were going to invite her to be baptized and get a baptismal date. We were praying about it and I was pretty confident that that's what was going to happen. Before going into her house, we said another prayer and then Sister Olson was like, "You're inviting her right?" And I was like "heck yeah I am and it's gonna be awesome" hahah I was a little excited. We visited with her and read Moroni 10 with her. She made a comment about how she's not ready to be a member yet. And I was like ahhh....crap. Do I still invite her or not... So i was freaking out the remainder of the lesson haha. And then we were talking about the Book of Mormon and church doctrine and she's like I just don't want to be led astray. And then that led into another discussion and then it got quiet and the Spirit was like "DO IT NOW." Ahaha so I'm like "Sister Mentzer, we love you a lot, and we want you to know that we would never lead you astray. As representatives of Jesus Christ, our purpose to invite and help people come closer to Christ. Part of coming closer unto Him, includes following his example and being baptized. So willl you, Sister mentzer, follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by the proper priesthood authority of God?" The Spirit was super strong and then and then....She bursts out laughing. Like hysterically. Talk about awkward...hahaha. I was like oh shoot...I messed it up. So I got kinda quiet. Luckily Sister Olson, had my back (thank goodness for companions) and after Sister Mentzer composed herself she brought the Spirit back. Haha and then we started talking about a date and all that and then Sister Mentzer got really quiet and said "I like your shoes...i really like them!" and then she went on talking about shopping and clothes and how much clothes did we have to bring here and are we allowed to get more clothes..and all that. Sister Olson and I are convinced that she was feeling the Spirit and she was trying to distract herself. But once she got herself on track, she asked this: "What would I have to do to prepare for that day?" Totally an inspired question. And so we told her that she needed to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it and pray about the church and come to church. She's like, well I'm already doing all of that, so that's easy enough. Soooo, all in all, we have a baptismal date with Sister Mentzer. It was an interesting experience to say the least haha. But I'll keep you posted on her :) she's great. I love her a lot and visiting with her is always the best - never a dull moment! 

Although she didn't come to church yesterday...so that's awkward... But she had a whole bunch of family come down this weekend to visit her..sooo I guess I'll give her a little bit of slack..not too much though hahah. Oh well! "Thy will, O Lord, be done." 

I'm re-reading the Book of Mormon and I'm in 2 Nephi now. I reached the Isaiah chapters this week and I was trying to prepare myself for them. I learned that you can't really prepare yourself for Isaiah hahaha. BUT! I've been praying lots and asking for help from the Spirit and I'm actually understanding a lot of it. WEIRD. And I have this huge desire right now to understand every word...so it's been going great. I've been reading it with the Bible opened to the actual Isaiah chapter that is referred to in the Book of Mormon, and that's been a huge help because footnotes are amazing. Who woulda thought. Hahah. Seriously though. It's amazing. Isaiah is actually pretty interesting...there's some really good stuff in there! :) I invite you all to have that desire to read Isaiah and understand it! It's a scary thought..but just get yourself in there and feast on the words that he says. It's pretty cool!!!

Overall, this week has been pretty good! I've been thinking about you lots and praying for you all a ton. Hope you're all doing well! :) 

Love youuuuu and miss you! 

xoxoxo Sister Blumel. 

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