Monday, April 18, 2016

Week #74 - 2016 Apr 18 - Busted Knees and Pretty Gardens


So this week was kinda rough, not gonna lie. But it's okay! It'll get better :) We just have to learn something I guess :) Haha. 

Anywho, I'll just go over the highlights. 

On Thursday, we had a Northern Zone Conference (so the Raleigh, Raleigh South, Apex, and Durham zones were all there!) and all of my former companions are in the North now! So I got to see ALL of them!!! It was such a happy day. It was a really good meeting too. All about member referrals. (I hope y'all are giving the missionaries in your ward people to teach!!) It was great. At the end of every zone conference, it's a tradition in the NCRM for the departing missionaries to bear their testimonies. Oh...that's me! So I like nearly had a heart attack because I was expecting it...but I wasn't at the same time. It was a weird feeling haha. I got up there to the podium and it was such a surreal experience. I started off my testimony by saying "I feel like my heart is going to leap out of my chest..but I think that's just because my heart belongs in North Carolina." And I don't really remember what I said..but I do know that I testified of Christ like the whole time. I'm seriously going to miss North Carolina so much. But I don't have to think about that yet! I still have lots of time ;) 
After the meeting, we had lunch, and then we all went to Duke Gardens!! It was awesome!!! It gave me time to spend with my Sister Peterson (my baby #1) and it was such a tender mercy to walk around the gardens with her. I also got to spend time with Sister Park. Awwee man I just love that girl oh so much. She literally saved my mission. I'll be forever grateful for her! And of course, seeing Baby Scrib (Sister Scribner) made my life too. It's always so much fun with her! I miss her!! <3 

We got to see Ken a couple times this past week! He told us that trying to quit smoking and drinking coffee at the same time was too much for him (uhm..totally understandably) so right now he's just going to work on quitting smoking :) So yay for him! He's still progressing so well!! We're still trying to get him to church....but one of these days he'll come!! 

Oh real quick, the reason behind the subject line! Ha so right after zone conference on Thursday, my knee busted haha. It felt like my knee cap was floating and all that jazz so I got in contact with the mission nurse and she got in contact with the mission doctor and basically it sounds like I just have a lot of fluid build up under my knee cap. LAME. So it feels like my knee cap is literally floating around #gross. And then it got progressively worse over the now they're sending me to Urgent care. haha yay so fun! But really, it's nothin serious (err I hope) so no worries!!! I'm just mildly frustrated that this happened now! Haha it's slowin me down and I don't like that! I gotta keep working hard..but then.. #bustedknee. Ha it's okay though! I'll keep you posted on it!! 

Anywho. I hope you all have a great week! Remember how blessed you all are! The Lord is literally blessing you every day...even when it doesn't feel like it...if you look close enough, He totally is :) Look out for those tender'll keep you going strong!

Take care. Love you, miss you. Keep smiling!!! And make good choices!!!

Sister Blumel
xoxoxo <3

PS - Angela, our golden investigator (or so we thought..), dropped us this week and basically told us "it's been fun, but I'm not interested anymore..don't come back." #heartbreaking... #anotheronebitesthedust. :(

President & Sister James and I

Me and Baby Peterson!

Me and Baby Scribner!

Me and my mission babies - Baby Peterson and Baby Scribner!

that's the Duke Chapel!

that's the Duke Chapel!
Me and Sister Petersen

Crazy knee!!

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