Monday, May 16, 2016

Week #78 - 2016 May 16 - Just Another Mission Filled Week!

This week was......good? haha I don't even know. It was mostly good. I mean, I can't complain! We'll just go over the highlights!!!
> We had a member home lesson (what it sounds like....a lesson with an investigator in a member's house :) haha) with Ken on Monday! It was awesome. We were FINALLY able to watch the hr long version of the Restoration with him. (We've only been trying to do that with him for..uhm...months...haha) He really enjoyed it! And it helped clear some things up about the Restoration for him :)
> We went on exchanges again on Tuesday! I went with Sister Gill this time and it was great! We were able to contact a few of our bajillion referrals that we have and we were able to have a great lesson with Ken! (we saw him a lot this week haha it was great!) We went over the baptismal interview questions with him...oh holy smokes. HE KNOWS SO MUCH. Like he knows and understands things that we've barely gone over with him...he's been studying so much on his own..needless to say we were sufficiently impressed. Dang, I'm so proud of him and the progress he's made! Literally the miracle of the mission. He's SO ready to be baptized. (This upcoming Saturday!!)

> Our 9 year old investigator, Allison, was interviewed on Tuesday as well and she passed!!! She's amazing!
> On Wednesday, we had the best zone training of the mission for me. It was seriously so good and exactly what I needed. I'm SUPER grateful that, that was my last zone training. Ended on a serious good note. It was all about love. I just love love! <3
> Ken had his baptismal interview on Wednesday and...and....anddddd....HE PASSED. We weren't surprised, nor worried about it though. He totally gets it. I just love him so much haha. He kept saying how he felt something while he was being interviewed and how he really liked it. Well, ladies and gentleman, welcome tooo...the spirit!!!!! :D We were super happy that he had such a spiritually, uplifting experience!
> I got sick on that was lame. But I'm better now! (not really a highlight..but whateves haha!)
> We had a wonderful meal with a few members and Ken last night! (Sunday night) It was so much fun! Ahh, it seriously warms my heart to see investigators getting close with members. It makes me so happy! :D We figured out his baptism program and it's gonna be awesome. He's SO excited to get baptized!!!! It's the best!
Well, that was basically that!!! I can't believe that once this email is sent...I only have to write one more...and then I get to bless you all with my presence. What the. Hahaha #mixedfeelingstothemax! Time seriously flew by sooo dang fast. Wow. So grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission! It was the best thing for my life. <3
The church is true, y'all! Don't forget it! Keep reading the Book of Mormon. That's your witness to know that this is the Lord's church. I promise if you'll read it and pray sincerely about it, you'll come to that knowledge and understanding! It's the keystone to our religion!!!! There's power in it, let that power into your life :)
I love you all so much!!!! Miss you a ton! Keep on keepin' strong! And don't forget to smillleee!
Sister Blumel
xoxoxo <3

And here's the best bike that I rode EVERY DAY. 
Ha jks....I may or may not have never ridden it once....... 

Haha...trunkiest day in the planner!
Just thought I'd share!

The elders left me a message before they left the Family History Center....they think they're soooo funny haha.
But like 9 days left....what happened to the last 18 months? #ew... #exciting? #seeyanextweek!

Here's an awesome family! The Marcellino's. :)
We're having a member home with them
tonight with Ken! They're the best!

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