Monday, April 25, 2016

Week #75 - 2016 Apr 25 - The Best is Yet to Come :)

How was everyone's week?! Mine was pretty decent! It wasn't AMAZING but it wasn't awful haha it was one of those pretty normal weeks. So I can't complain!!
Monday: We were able to have a really good lesson with our investigator, Ken. We taught him the Law of Chastity. Which is always a good time hahaha. I'm so used to teaching that lesson to kids that I almost didn't know how to teach it to an adult. Haha but all went well and he understands and has committed to live it! He told us that if he was younger, that would be a lot harder of a sell for him..but because he's older, there's gonna be no problems. So yay! #success.
Tuesday: We spent all day at the doctors. Turns out I got Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. Also called Runner's Knee. Which is awkward and kinda....what's the word....? ...ironic?.. because I don't run.....everyone who knows me well enough knows this ahaha. But alas, it's because we've been walking A TON. And I overused it and so it tried to fix itself by filling up with fluid....but that was counter productive because that just made it worse. Haha but! Everything's good now! I listened to the doctor and I'm on the mend. Hallelujah! #backtoworkwego!
Wednesday: District Meeting! It was actually really good this week. After that we went and visited our recent convert, Verlinda! She found this anti video about so we had to clear some things up haha man Satan works so's kinda sad...but he's not gonna win! We left her feeling a lot better than she was when we got there. So hooray! That's always a good feeling. Thanks spirit!! And then after that my knee felt like it was gonna we had to go and ice it. LAME. But it's okay. We were able to have a lesson with a cute family in the evening. We taught a little restoration and then asked them who they knew that would appreciate the message we have to share. But turns out they just moved here so they don't know anyone yet....BUT! They told us that they would make some friends! :) Yay!
Thursday: We weekly planned. And then we figured out a baptismal date for a 10 year old! She took the lessons before but then she had a lot of family things go it's been a while since she met with missionaries. But we reviewed the lessons with her and she literally remembers everything. She's a genius. 10 years olds are smartie pants holy smokes! If nothing else, that's what my mission has taught me!!! haha! So she'll be getting baptized on May 7th! Super exciting :)
Friday: So a member in the Raleigh 1st ward got in contact with us and she said that her boyfriend's a nonmember but he's met with missionaries before and he ready to be baptized! WHOA. We ended up having dinner with them and it was awesome!! His name is Jimmy and his girlfriend, Nichole is literally the best member missionary I've ever seen in my whole life. Haha she's the best! So we're going to review the lessons and get him baptized! he's so excited to make that step in his life. Wow. Literally blessings from the Lord. This investigator literally came to us....THAT NEVER HAPPENS! I'm so excited!!!! :D
Saturday: We contacted a bajillion referrals. Good times! No one was home and if they were they weren't interested haha. #storyofourlives.
Sunday: Church was good! I had to give a talk in Raleigh 1st Sacrament meeting! it was the easiest talk I've ever done aha. We got a call from a member of the bishopric Saturday saying that there was a young woman that was too nervous to talk. So what ended up happening was
she wrote the talk, sent it to me, and I just had to read it for her. It was a really good talk! She did a good job and I was happy to help :) The rest of Sunday was great :) Visited a ton of people, so that was good.
Well transfers news came, and I am staying in the area! I'll be dying here in Raleigh. YAY. I love it here so I'm happy about that. And Sister Petersen is staying too, so she'll be killing me off :) It'll be a fun few weeks!!
I hope you all have a WONDERFUL week and as always, remember to pray, read your scriptures and go to church! It will bless your life. :)
I love you all!!!! Miss you. And take care!!! Smile. Always :)
Sister Blumel
xoxoxo <3
PS - had no time to read over this so I hope it makes sense!!! haha!

On Sunday, KEN CAME TO CHURCH!!!! FINALLY! WHAT?! OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! It was the best thing ever!!!! And he had a really good time and he's super excited to come next week. I'm so excited for him!!!! He's progressing so well!! I feel so blessed to be a part of his journey. I just love him!!! YAY!!!
..I can't believe I forgot to put that
Well anywho, love y'all!

Sister Petersen and I after church on Sunday

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