Monday, May 02, 2016

Week #76 (only 3 more!!!) - 2016 May 02 - The Road to Recovery #sickweek

So this week was pretty alright haha mannnn it's been a rough couple of weeks. BUT! It's okay! It'll get better!!! This email's gonna be on the shorter side just because like literally nothing exciting happened...
Monday: We went bowling as a district! That was fun! It was our last hoorah as a district before basically everybody left (almost half the district got transferred haha). And then after that, nothing much happened. We set some goals for the area and did deep cleaning finally (we were supposed to do it last week but never got around to it -- oh and that's just where we clean the apartment super good...we have to do it the last week of every transfer! It's good times! haha)
Tuesday: We crashed transfers and that was the biggest tender mercy of the week. I was able to see a ton of my favourite people!!! It was great!! I'm glad we went because that was the last time for a looonggg time that I was able to see them! And then after that, we had to go home because Sis Pete (that's her new nickname so she's not confused with my Baby Sister Peterson) wasn't feeling good. And that was that!
Wednesday: We tried to go to district meeting, but Sis Pete still wasn't feeling good. So 'twas another sick day.
Thursday: Guess what?! Another sick day for Sis Pete. Wow, so exciting right?
So today we were able to go visit our new investigator, Jimmy, and our investigator, Ken, and that was really good! We took one of our members with us and it turned out to be PERFECT! She was perfect for both lessons. She was able to relate to Jimmy and Ken in ways that we couldn't. And it was awesome. Definitely inspired. So that was great. We had good lessons with both of them! It was a good night.
Saturday: We walked around all day and then we had to go back to the apartment because my knee didn't like the fact that I was walking on it again. So dumb. And besides, Sis Pete still wasn't feeling that great. Hooray for another exciting day!
Sunday: Ken wasn't able to make it to church. SAD. But he said that he will be there next week. Best part of the day? Probably the fact that ELDER DUBE came to Raleigh 2nd ward for church today!! It was awesome hearing from him again. I just love him. He said a lot of really good things. He committed the whole ward to read from the Book of Mormon every day! Even if it's just a sentence! He said power comes from the Book of Mormon and when we're in it every day, we will be SO blessed.
And that was basically it! I hope y'all had a great week and I hope this next one is even better. I love you all a ton and I miss you bunches. Keep on keepin' strong! The church is true! :)
Take care! Keep smiling :)
Sister Blumel
xoxoxo <3

Oh here's a picture :) One of the members here got us smoothies
because she's a sweetheart and she felt bad  for Sis Pete and I 
being stuck  inside for days hahaha. It was awesome! :)

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