Monday, January 25, 2016

Week #62 - 2016 Jan 25 - PICTURES!!

This is the family we spent the first half of Christmas Day with :)

They're also SUPER great!!!

there's the hole in the wall

And that's the one and only Jessica! She's the sweetest <3

Cassandra's baptism with Sister Scribner

Cassandra's Baptism

Cassandra's mom, Janis! She's crazy...hahah but i love her to pieces!

Cassandra's Baptism

Cassandra's baptism with Sister Scribner

Cassandra's Baptism!

These are the Fuit's. I may have talked about them before? Maybe...golly gee I really can't remember. But we do a LOT with them and Deanna (Sister Fuit) is the best and such a life saver. Biggest tender mercy of the area. I just love them.
Oh yeah. the guy with the pumpkin pj pants....that's Kyle. He's their roommate cuz he doesn't want to live in the barracks hahah.

On a random side note. When I first got here.....the German Shepherd (he's still a puppy by the way) was hecka smaller than the chihuahua. He was TINY. And now he's HUGE. And he's not even a year old yet....WHAT! Haha he's a German Shepherd/Mastiff mix. So he's gonna be a BIGGGG baby. :) He's super cute though and his name is Cut-throat. Not because he's evil....because he has a scar on his neck haha. He's like the biggest loveable dunce ever. Haha :) It's great. 

Mellisa's cat Mow Mow

THIS is Mellisa

This is Gail. One of the less active ladies that we're working with here in the Ville of Jackson :) 

She's the greatest and I love her to pieces :) <3

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