Monday, January 11, 2016

Week #60 - 2016 Jan 11 - Opposition in All Things

Hey y'all! 

Another week has come and gone and now we're onto a new one! Just like that! It's already January 11th. At this rate, it'll be Christmas like next week. WEIRD. Okay anyway! 

This week was pretty great :) 

On Tuesday, we contacted one of our church headquarters referrals and we ended up being on the phone with this man for like 45 minutes. Haha and he was talking like the ENTIRE time!!! He told us that he has been studying the Book of Mormon since like the 80' you know just a couple years. And he told us that he wanted to order one of our "combination books" AKA a quad with all 4 books. And then after this, he went on for the next 40 minutes about the history of the Bible and how it connects with the Book of Mormon and all this stuff. It was amazing! And super interesting! I wish we would have recorded the convo or taken notes or SOMETHING because it was some really valuable stuff! Anywho, he told us that he would get back to us on a time that we could come and teach him the discussions and all that. So basically he sounds super elect and I hope he gets back to us soon! His name is Kelly :) 
On Tuesday we also contacted another referral. Her name's Linda. And we knock on her door and we hear a voice saying something, but we didn't hear. So we both lean in closer to the door and say, sorry what was that? And then we hear it again, but this time we actually hear it. And she's like "come in!" And we look at each other and we're like... uhhhh.....should we just walk in? I mean she told us to? Is she expecting someone else? AHHH. So much awkward. Hahahaha so Sis Scrib opens the door and we're like hey, we're the missionaries! You know, the schpeel. And she smiles and nods like she's expecting us. We give her the video that she wanted and then we also give her the Book of Mormon and set up a return appointment with her. She kept saying how she appreciated us coming by and she "looks forward to meeting with us again." So left the house and we fist bumped and we're like "nailed it!" And then skipping details a little bit. We go back on Saturday because that's when our appointment was set up for. And her husband answers the door. So we go, "Is Linda home?" And he doesn't even saying anything, he just opens the door further and points and tells us to come in. So we walk in and Linda is sitting right there. She tells us that she's not feeling well so we ask her if she would like to reschedule and she says yes. And so we're trying to figure out a time and then her husband and this other young boy were sitting at the room literally arguing with us every time we said a time. And poor Linda was sitting looking like she wanted to cry. And then her husband goes, what are you trying to reschedule anyway? So she says, they want to teach me more about the Book of Mormon" and he's like "Linda, we don't study Mormons." And the turns to us and says "She had a stroke, so she gets confused sometimes." And basically she told us she actually didn't want to reschedule (because her husband told her that) and so we're like okay, well have a great day! You have our card, so if you have any questions, let us know. And then we walk outside the door and then all we heard was the husband and the young boy mumbled something and started laughing. And it wasn't just a laugh, it was more a mocking type laugh. So that was a little discouraging. But we walked back to the car and went straight to our next appointment, just a little bit early, and she totally ordered pizza without us even asking (we had been craving pizza for the last few days) and so we had comfort food with one of our favourite ladies :) Her name is Gail Weir and she feels like a grandma to us. I just love her. So everything worked out. It just breaks my heart because Sister Scribner and I both feel like Linda wants to learn more but her husband is super controlling and holding her back. So we're praying that his heart softens up a little bit. Good times! Such is life as a missionary!!

Hmm, what else. We had a Zone Conference on Friday and it was AH-MAZING! As per usual. I love missionary meetings. I think I say that every time we have one hahaha. But for reals, they're my favourite. We got to see President and Sister James and that's always a blessing. And we got spiritually nourished for like 8 hours. It was the be-yest. The meeting was supposed to be done at like 3...but it didn't get finished until after 4. We ran super behind....but it was definitely worth it. It was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Also as per usual. Those meetings are so inspired it blows my mind every time. I just LOVE it. 

Other than that, the work is going good! We had to say another "see ya later" (I don't believe in good byes anymore hah) to another Marine that we've been seeing pretty regularly. So that's lame. First Will, now Phineas. And then I'll probably be transferred soon. And so many other families are leaving soon too. Man oh's that time of year again. Gotta love military places. You get close to someone and they leave. But it's okay, like I said earlier, it's only a see ya later :) 

Cassandra passed her baptismal interview!!!! YAY! That's super exciting!!!! I'm so happy for her :) She's seriously the best and I love her oh so much. <3 <3 <3 I came to this mission for her, I know that for a fact - we need each other :)

Annnnddddd, I think that's about it!!! I hope y'all had a great week too. Remember to read your scriptures and pray everyday AND go to church on Sunday! That will give you the strength you need to get through this crazy adventure called life :) You got this. The Savior always has your back. 

I love y'all!! Take care and stay safe and have the best week ever until next! 

Sister Blumel
xoxoxo <3

PS - Here's some selfies we took on Cassandra's laptop. She had to take pictures of them with her phone, that's why the quality isn't super great. But you still get the jist of them! They're the best!!! Ahhh so much love for that girl <3

PPS - I haven't forgotten to ponderize! I pick on every week I just forget to tell y'all about it hahaha. So this week I'm ponderizing Doctrine and Covenants 123:17 :)

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