Monday, January 25, 2016

Week #62 - 2016 Jan 25 - Change...Change is Always GooooOOOoood!

Hey y'all!!

So this week was pretty great. Lemme tell ya somethin. Ima let you in on a secret. If you pray for a week full of memories.'re just giving the good Lord permission to use your life as His comic relief. Oh my word hahaha. 

Basically there's so much to say and not enough time to say it all. So we're gonna do it like this, this week. 

Monday: We had to go to the doctor for an appointment for ah you know, yours truly. There's been something going on with my scalp that has only gotten progressively I figured I should probably get it checked out haha. So with the help of the mission nurse, I was able to make an appointment. (Mama, you'd be proud of me! I called and made the appointment all by myself!! Progress! Baby steps! I can do grown up things! yay! Hahaha anyway) So basically the doctor was all like, well it could be this or that....I'm not really sure but I'll prescribe you all this stuff that will fix both I guess that was nice haha. Then after that we had to spend the rest of our preparation day at Walgreen's waiting for my prescriptions to be done. Haha so that was fun. But everything worked out and DANG that stuff she prescribed is good!!! My scalp is like practically back to normal again! Hallelujah!!! :D 

Tuesday: We had 2nd Transfer Call-in for Sister Scribner. (Basically your 2nd transfer out, you get to do this big conference call with everyone else you came out with and we're all given assignments as to what we will share with everyone. It's pretty awesome.) And it was took 2 tries...but it was great! The first time, President had something else goin on or somethin because he wasn't on the call. And we stayed on the line for practically an hour waiting hahaha so the "first hour" of this call was a bunch of missionaries cracking the lamest jokes hahah (ie: What's red and bad for your teeth? A brick. Knock Knock. Who's there? Champ. Champ who? And conditioner! And the joke we came up with and shared: Knock Knock. Who's there? It's the missionaries! Hahahaha yeah.....#lamemissonhumor....hahah) And then about an hour after the conference call was supposed to start, the assistants texted everyone saying that the time has changed. "sorry for the late notice!" Ha uh yeah...just a tad bit late hahaha. Anywho, we actually had the conference call the second time and it was wonderful. President's first words were, "A calendar's not much good unless you look at it." Haha true dat true dat, President. Wise words! (But sarcasm intended....haha.) 
And then we had to call maitenance because there was a huge puddle of water under our "carpet" (aka turf). So a repairman came and told us that there's a pin size hole in our pipes and it's been spraying mist constantly and that's why it's continually getting bigger (the puddle). So that was nice. But that's all fixed up now too. SO yay, no more water problems!! :) 

Wednesday: We had district meeting, and it was actually super great. Super spiritual and I loved it. And then we got to take part in a worldwide missionary broadcast! It was so great!! I felt so blessed to be able to partake in that. Apparently they hadn't had one of those broadcasts for like 10 years or something like I'm serving at the right time!! I needed to hear every word of that :)

Thursday: We saw Jessica! It was great! She's still awesome...not willing to come to church yet. And still trying to work on her word of wisdom stuff. But she believes in the Book of Mormon. So I guess that's a step in the right direction!! 

Friday: We went over to Cassandra's to figure out some last minute baptism details. We made the program with her and then we just talked about how it was all going to go down. It was a fun visit with her. She always makes my heart so happy!!! :D 

Saturday: CASSANDRA GOT BAPTIZED!!!! YAAYYAYAYAY! It was so amazing. The spirit was super strong the entire time. And her parents were able to make it! Which was a huge shock to everyone! Her mom has expressed that she's not happy about her decision to be baptized (because she's already been why does she have to do it again?) but it's part of her motherly duties to support her daughter in what her heart is set on. And this is what Cassandra's heart was set on, so she'll support her in it. Anywho, the day was great and Cassandra said she had never felt happier. <3 <3 <3 I love this gospel. 
I also got transfer news....I'm getting transferred! And I'm going up to the Northern Kingdom! But that's all I know!! And this will be the first transfer of my entire mission that I won't have extra responsibilities, hallelujah! :) I'm excited for the change of scenery, that's for sure. I'm gonna miss Jville though!! Oh well, it's not a goodbye, just a see ya later!

Sunday: Well it was my last I spent a lot of it saying my "see ya laters" to a lot of people. Including the Murphy's. I think that was the hardest one. They mean a ton to me and they literally feel like family. I'm gonna miss having dinner with them a bajillion times a week!! Hahaha they're great. Definitely coming back to visit with them after the mission. They're the best. 

And that was my week!!! I hope you're all doing well and staying warm. Speaking of the weather - I am warm and safe! The storms never got to us, so we were very blessed! :) I mean it was still cold....but there wasn't snow, ice, or anything dangerous. Now I can't say that for anywhere else in NC, cause some people got hit pretty hard...but we're good and safe and wonderful :) 

Remember the church is true, God is good, He loves you and I love you too!!! 

Y'all are great and I love and miss you to pieces. Take care! Keep smiling :) And remember --- if you pray for out. You're in for a treat. ;)

Sister Blumel
xoxoxo <3

PS - there's a whole schwack of pictures in another post!

Couple selfies for ya. Because you only get so many opportunities to see mah lovely face hahaha. :)


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