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Week #48 - 2015 Oct 19 - "Hey, My Name Is Nicholas. And This Is Ridiculous."

Hey family!

This week was good. Like always. :) Due to some gimps ("I have a bad back." or "I have a bad knee"....) in the district, our district leader has asked that we share our car. So our FULL time car isn't so full time anymore haha. There are 4 sets of missionaries and 3 cars. Us and the other sisters had a full time car and then the 2 sets of elders just shared a car. But not anymore! Basically, he (the DL) worked it out so each of us only have one "no car" week a month. So it's not TOO bad. I bring this up because our "no car" week was this past week haha. And it was rough stuff hahaha. We did get a lot of exchanges and stuff though! So we didn't have to ride our bikes (sorry mom....hahaha). But it was still rough. And when we got the car back, I was so grateful for it! Man, when you don't have something, you REALLY appreciate it once it's back! haha I'm just saying!

So this week!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING last Monday! One of the members (The Murphy's) fed us a really good thanksgiving dinner last Sunday. It was delicious. I'm pretty sure I forgot to mention it last week haha. BUT! Anywho. The Murphy's are literally the best and they have done so much for us and I don't know what we would do without that family haha. 
And the beach activity was a lot of fun! The zone played football. But Sister Park, Elder Tellez (he's in our district), and I threw a frisbee around. It was funny haha. And then we got bored of that...so Elder Tellez went and played with the zone...I think at this point they were playing Ultimate Frisbee. And Sister Park and I just walked along the beach. It was relaxing. And nice. And apparently there's a picture posted somewhere....so if I find it...I'll have to send it over :) 

Tuesday was our Zone Conference. It was SO good. It felt like we were in a heaven on earth. That whole meeting it felt like we were in our own little world and the scary, dark outside world didn't exist. It was a wonderful meeting. :) Very spiritual and uplifting. 
And then! After the meeting, our lives changed.....
They installed...
Black boxes...........
In all of our cars.........
Now to explain what a little black box is...it's a box that tracks your speed, if you're wearing a seatbelt, your GPS location, and if you take corners too fast or slam on your brakes too hard. Uh yeah. So that's awesome. AND best part is? It talks to us. And it's voice is terrifying haha. To put it in the words of another sister, "It sounds like satan is in the vehicle..." hahaha. #YIKES! So driving back to Jacksonville (it was a 2.5 hour drive) was a trip. Hahaha. Apparently I have more of a speeding problem than I thought... It said "Check your speed." Like 6 times or something. And when it says that you have to slow down within 10 seconds or you get dinged. And there's a monthly report that goes out saying how good of a driver you are. LUCKILY, I slowed down in time and the box didn't actually get me. But dang. That box is something else. Hahaha. It's good though...it keeps us accountable. 
We named our box Nicholas. Because he is ridiculous. (That vine.....hahaha. Hey my name is Nicholas, and this is ridiculous. Got mah gummi money and it is deliciousness. Hahahaha Sarraaaaa you got me ;) haha) 
So yeah. That's an update on mission vehicles! 

On Wednesday, Wesley got interviewed and he passed! Hoorah!!! And then a miracle happened that night as well. We were outside with Wesley's little siblings waiting for our ride to show up and we were just drawing with chalk and stuff. And then a car pulled up and we realized it was Sister Parker (our ride) so we go inside to get our bags. Well Bentley (Wesley's family's dog) got out of the house and then it got out of the yard and made a bolt for it. He was gone. And then we were like awe crap. Andddd to make matters even better! It was getting dark. So we were like oh man.. Well correction. That's what I was like. Sister Park took off after the dog and I was like ha.....I'll be close behind you...but I ain't runnin after a dog. Soooo yeah. Long story short and after MUCH, MUCH prayer. Sister Parker was able to catch the dog and everything was good. Sister Parker was a HUGE tender mercy because she has 6 dogs at home...so she's like a dog whisperer. And if we didn't call her to give us a ride...that dog would have been gone. And that would not have been a good activity. Ha. So crisis averted...we managed to call the right person and she came at the right time. God is good!!!! 

AND THEN. ON SATURDAY! WESLEY GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! HALLELUJAH! It was wonderful!!!!! It was such a good day. The Spirit was so strong. And I have never seen a 10 year old so happy. Wesley is the best. I just love him so much. He was so excited the entire day :) The baptismal service was great and the talks were perfect. Everything was just perfect :) I love baptisms. They are so great! Ahhh being a missionary is the best :) 

That was about it for the week! Thank you all for the love and support you show me. I say this all the time...but I really do mean it. Y'all are the greatest. 

Remember what's most important this week! Good, better, best right?! Always remember to pray and read your scriptures. Praying is how we talk to God and reading our scriptures is how God talks to us. They work together :) Do them both and you'll be so so so much stronger. 

I love you all so much!! And I hope you're doing well :) Take care!!! 

Sister Blumel
xoxoxo <3

OH! PS! 
My #ponderize scripture for the week is Alma 53:20-21. And I'm substituting the word "men" to "missionary". :) 
I love this challenge!! 

Our little friend, Nick!

Our little friend, Nick!
A pretty sky! I love North Carolina!!!!

And this is what a successful personal study looks like in the world of Sister Blumel.....bahaha. But! I had a super great study this morning!! so yay!
Wesley Ritchie baptism

Wesley Ritchie baptism

Wesley Ritchie baptism

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