Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Week #34 - 2015 Jul 13 - "No, I don't want Sweet Tea.....or Wine..."


This week was great! It was a bit of a slower week but Sister Park and I had a lot of fun together. So that's always good :) 

Oh. Right quick before I get into anything else. The amazing family I mentioned last week, the Schetter family, they dropped us. They said they prayed about it and now is not the right time. So that was super depressing. It broke our hearts. But you can't force someone to learn about the gospel. As much as you want to sometimes! You have to respect their agency. So it's okay. I just have to remember that the Lord has a plan and He loves them even more than I do, so He's got it taken care of. 

We had Hello Zone Conference on Tuesday. We were able to see President and Sister James again. It was fantastic :) I loved it. Super inspiring and spiritual. And we were given the opportunity to talk to President and Sister James with just our companion. So it was a super personal time to get to know each other better. It was great. I'm pretty sure I said this last week, but I am SO excited to work with the James', they're incredible. 

We have been doing a lot of ADministering. You know the side of missionary work that nobody tells you about....They just talk to you about the ministering part....And then you get out and you realize how much paper work actually goes into missionary work. Haha. Oh man. But it is so important. So we've been focusing on getting the area book and the roster cleaned up. It's been good. We're getting to know the ward better! It turns out Sister Park doesn't know a whole lot about the ward either because her last comp did everything for her, BUT! It's great because we get to learn it all together!! Hoorah! So that's been fun :) We're on the same level and it's good. We have the same goals and our companion unity is actually super great. 

I'm trying to think of something interesting that happened this week....

Oh. We met with our investigator named Joe last night and he almost dropped us...but we didn't let him haha we talked him out of it. Basically we just bore testimony and answered his questions and he felt better about continuing the lessons. The adversary is a butthead. Ugh. But it's okay because we have the Lord on our side!! And He's much more powerful :) But we had a really good lesson with him. Testifying is the best way to teach someone because it brings the spirit so strong and the spirit is the teacher, so it's the best way to teach :) Least that's what I've learned on the mission. Testifying is the best. We all need to do it more often! 

That's about it. I'm doing well, I have an awesome companion -- we get along super good. The area is great. Things are looking up. Things are always looking up though :) 

Life is good. 

I hope y'all have a great week. I miss and love y'all TONS. 

Sister Blumel
xoxoxo <3

PS - The prank wars have started here in J'ville. The elders parked their cars in such a way that they blocked us in. See picture 1. And so we got them back by moving our car out and blocking THEIR car in. AND! Saran wrapping it. We also wrapped them in like a table cloth wrap thing. It's funny. See picture 2. Y'all just don't mess with sisters....I'm just saying ;)

Our car is the silver one in the middle of the dark grey and red car.

{OOOH K. Update. We just witnessed them getting us back. Haha so funny. The other sisters' accidentally left their car unlocked so they put all the saran wrap and table cloth wrap stuff in their car. And then they put pass along cards ALL over the cars. Oh my goodness hahaha so funny.}

PPS - The story behind the subject line! Everyone in the south drinks sweet tea and we got offered it all the time. It's like hmm, actually.. have y'all heard of the word of wisdom? Haha. And then today we went to Olive Garden for my birthday and the waiter asked if we wanted wine and before he finished his sentence we were all like Nooope! It was funny. But yeah, that's it :)

Prank on Sisters

Prank on Elders

There was a little frog in our big recycling bin. It was cute :)

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