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Week #27 - 2015 May 25 - Walk of Salvation - Saving SOULS and Ruining SOLES at the same time.

Hey y'all! 

This week was pretty good! I just love being a missionary!

On Tuesday was transfer day and 2 of the elders in our district went home. Turns out that the Fayetteville 3rd elders are being taken out and the Ft. Bragg elders are covering all 3 units just like us. So they combined the area for the elders as well. That being said, the Fayetteville 3 elders had to drive a car up to transfer meeting. They knew our car smelled like dead cats (a sister spilled milk in it like 8 months ago and never cleaned it up) and so they 're like hey, we were thinking and we are going to switch you cars. That way we can take the smelly car away and you can have the nice car. (They had a 2015 Toyota Corolla.. ours was a 2012) And we were like alright sounds good! So we spent last Monday vacuuming out the car. And then on Tuesday we made the switch! So they took the gross car and we got their car! And oh my goodness. It's the nicest thing ever. I have come to the realization that I probably won't drive a car this nice ever again hahaha. I find it kinda hilarious that the nicest car I've driven and probably will ever drive is on the mission. Haha! But I love it! I love driving it!! It's a nice ride. :D 

Also! On Tuesday we scheduled in a "Walk of Salvation: Saving Souls One Step at a Time". (Sister Peterson laughed when I called it that when I scheduled it in...ha). So what we did was, we parked the car in a parking lot and then we filled our bags with copies of the Book of Mormon, a couple copies of the Bible, some pamphlets, pass along cards, you know, just the works. And then we just started walking. And before we started we committed ourselves to talk to as many people and the Lord put in our path. And that's exactly what we did! So we went street contacting for a couple hours! We were walking for quite a while and no one seemed to be out that day. Mind you it was super hot and humid that day... not exactly a perfect walking day. Haha but we talked to a couple people and shared with them the Book of Mormon and invited them to church. And then we turned into a neighborhood and started tracting. The only one who answered their door that day was this old lady who hid behind her door. We knocked and then the door opened, but no one was there...so we're like hello? And then the top of her head pops out from behind the door and we can only see her eyes. And we tell her who we are and what we do and she's like no. no. no. I'm not interested. Least we think that's what she said. And then she proceeded to shut the door. So we're like alright....and then we put a Book of Mormon in her mailbox just in case she changed her mind ;) hahaha. Other than that, no one answered their door so we just put a lot of copies of the Book of Mormon in their mailboxes! We put our card in them, so they have our number if they want to learn more. After about an hour and a half of this walking deal, I'm like well we have dinner soon, we should probably start heading back. Well....it turns out we walked A LOT further than I thought we did and we were like a 45 minute walk away from the car. HA! Whoops. And it was on the walk back that I realized that I was getting some pretty intense blisters. So I look down and it like covers my entire back of my foot...So I'm like. Well this is convenient...NOT. Haha. So I'm walking like a gimp because it literally burns every time I take a step and it feels like there are knives attached to the back of my shoes just cutting across the back of my foot. Ahh not one of my proudest moments. They were my black flats and I thought I broke them in forever ago...but I guess not! So we finally made it back to the car and I turned it on and blasted the A/C took my shoes off, I was like tap out! I'm driving bare foot! Haha. And so I threw everything in the back of the car and then I look behind me and there's this man. He's like hey, do you have a quarter? (Haha he was probably like who are these crazy people in skirts and why is that one not wearing shoes?) Anywho, we said we did so Sister Peterson scavenged for one in the car. And while she was doing that I was making small talk with him. He asked if we knew where the church was in this parking lot and we were like hmm, we haven't seen a church here. Do you know what it's called? And he's like no, a lady just told me I would find it in this parking lot. And then I was like I'm not sure where that church is, but! The church we go to is just down the road! And  he's like really? I might have to come with you all one day. And I was like yes! Please do! And I was holding a Book of Mormon in my hand (I don't even remember why...) so I kinda look down at it and I'm like Hey! Have you heard of the Book of Mormon before? And he's like no I haven't! So Sister Peterson comes over and we explain what it is and we give it to him and he's like wow. This is such a blessing. My wife has been telling me for the past week to change and that I should go to a church to become better and then I meet you all in this parking lot and you give me another Bible. Wow. I can't thank you enough. And then he asked about our church services and what time they're at and all that. IT WAS SUPER AWESOME! 
Goes to show that even when you are having a hard time, even when no one will answer their door, even when you feel like you aren't accomplishing anything, the Lord will bless you. We spent the last 2 hours trying to talk to people but no one was interested and then the second we were ready to leave, this man comes up to talk to us. 
He may not have found the church in the parking lot, but he found us and I don't think that was a coincidence. When we were leaving, I said, well I hope you find the church you're looking for! And then I was just overwhelmed with the spirit and I was like, whoa. That's our church. Our church is the church that people are searching and searching for. And it's up to us as members to help them find it. So after that I made sure that he had our number and he told us he would call us so we could find him a ride to get to church. I wish we would have gotten his contact information, but it all happened so fast. I just really hope that he gets in contact with us. We're praying for him and that we'll get to see him again! 
Neat experience.
Oh yeah, sidenote when we got in the car the temp said it was 100 degrees out. And it's ONLY MAY. Ahh hahaha this summer is gonna be greeeeat. Ha ha ha *nervous laughter..* I'm gonna die....hahah. I'm excited though. I've loved the weather and I LOVE the humidity so far, so hopefully it stays that way! 

The rest of the week was pretty good. We had to go to Sanford (which is like 45 minutes away) on Thursday because we had interviews with President. That was good. I love the Bernhisel's and me and President had a really good chat about testimony and conversion. We agreed that testimony is what you know and what you believe and conversion is a change of heart and what you do because of what you know. It's that constant progression and desire to be better. It was good :) Oh also, we have to go to Sanford every week now because we're apart of the Sanford district now that the Fay 3 elders got taken out. So yay. We have to travel 45 minutes to Sanford and back every Wednesday! hoorah...haha. I miss our old district. But change is good :) 

On Saturday, our investigator Clara got baptized! I haven't really talked about her a whole lot. She turned 10 on Saturday as well. Her dad is a member and they've been on the less active side for a while (now they're completely active) but Clara said she wanted to be baptized so her dad got in contact with the elders and the elders got in contact with us about teaching her. So we started teaching her a couple months ago. She knows all about the gospel and we pretty much just had to teach her because she's older than 8. Ha but the lessons went well and she knows more about the gospel than we do...seriously haha she's a genius and she remembers everything. I love her so much :) she's a cutie. But yeah! She got baptized on Saturday and it was such a happy day!! Loved it! :D I just love baptisms. <3

Anywho, that's all I got for ya this week!! I hope you all had a great week and saw the hand of the Lord in your life :) I love you all!! The church is true and God is good!! 

Have an ah-mazing week. Take care!

Sister Blumel

 xoxoxo <3

Clara and her Dad

Sister Blumel and Clara

Sister Peterson, Clara and Sister Blumel

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