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Week #26 - 2015 May 18 - Ready or not!


So I think I'm gonna try and make up cool subject lines for my emails every week. The subject line "hey" or "heyyyyy" or "heya!" is getting kinda old. You can only say hey in so many ways before it gets obnoxious....hahaha. 

Quick story behind the subject line. Sister Peterson and I were having one of our ridiculous conversations that we have where it's not real life and we're just kinda making fun of a situation that either happened or something that we made up. So we were talking about knocking on doors and tracking down less active/inactive people on the ward rosters and after a bit Sister Peterson was like yeah it'll be all like "ready or not! Here we come! And then we'll just walk into their house." bahahah. It was pretty funny. As ridiculous as the conversation was, it's true! That's like the missionary motto! "Ready or not! Here we come!" Hahaha. It's always nice when they are ready....but you know...we'll work with what we get ;) Okayyy enough sillyness. (Is that even a word? Ah who knows.)

This week was great! Alright. So I'm not really sure where it went or what specifically happened because it like flew by. Seriously. I literally just emailed y'all yesterday. Am I wrong? Okay so it has been a week. I'm gonna try and rack my brain and pull out some memories of what happened. 

What comes to mind almost immediately is we went tracting!!!! It was mine AND Sister Peterson's first time knocking doors! It was SO MUCH FUN! AHH. Okay so we didn't have anything planned on Saturday except for like some stop bys. And so we were like hey, if she isn't home, we should totally tract the area. SO WE DID! Haha. So this lady was having a nap. Her daughter (who is not a member) was outside and we talked to her briefly and shared a message out of the Book of Mormon with her and then we left her with a prayer and dropped some stuff off in the car and started on our door-to-door adventure! The first like 7 houses nobody answered the door. Out of like the 15 houses that we knocked (which doesn't seem like a lot....but it felt like a ton....and it was super hot and humid and we were super sweaty and gross haha) only 2 people answered their door. The first one who answered the door was this black man who looked like he was around 50 years old. We told him who we are and what we do and he was starting to shut the door and we were like no. He is not slamming the door in our faces. This is our first door contact! haha so we just continued talking to him so he felt like he had to keep the door open. We asked if he believed in Jesus and he said yes. We asked if he read the bible and he said no. We asked if he believed the bible to be the word of God and he said yes. And then he went on to say that he stopped reading it when he was a teenager. We then asked if he would like a copy of the Book of Mormon (after explaining what it was) and he said it would be a waste if we gave it to him because it would just collect dust cause he would never read it. We told him that would be okay and he's totally welcome to take it. We also mentioned that it's free. He wasn't taking it. So we tried the whole, you can give it to someone else approach and we asked about his family. And he wasn't biting that one either. And then we simply asked if he would like a picture of Jesus Christ and he said no. And then he was like, I don't want to shut the door in your face, but I'm going to go back to sleep. (mind you it was 2 o'clock in the afternoon on a Saturday) And so we're like, oh alright! have a great day sir! And then he shut the door before we could say anything else....hahhah. We were so confused after this one because he was like yes I believe in Jesus Christ but I don't want to talk about him and I don't want to read his words or his teachings....or even look at his picture. Some people! Haha it's okay! Maybe he's just not ready yet. Another time :) 

And then! The second and last one to answer the door was this lady named Virginia Green. She was also black and also older and she scared the bajeebies out of me haha. I knocked on the door and there wasn't an answer for a little bit so I go to knock again and all I get in was 1 knock and then all of a sudden the door swings open and this face just appears. Hahaha. So I'm like ooh! Hi! And then Sister Peterson does her thing (I let her take the lead on this one haha) and she did wonderful!! This lady, Virginia, is a strong baptist lady. She was like now before y'all get ahead of yourselves, just remember this - we believe in the same God and we believe in the same things as you all do. And we were like yes! You're right! We just want to add upon the knowledge that you already have! And then we talked about the Book of Mormon. First she didn't want anything to do with it. She was like, I already have too much Bible! And it all says the same things anyway! But after we explained it more and talked about it a little more she was like oh alright, I'll take it. And we had a picture of the Savior in it (the classic one where he's in the red robe) and she was like, Oh! That's the same picture I have! I just love Christ. And we were like yes! We do too! And then she was like, well I have to be somewhere in like 5 minutes. So we were like, thanks for talking with us! And if you have any questions, our number is in there (pointing to the  Book of Mormon) and she's like alright. We tell her to have a good day as well and she shuts her door. AND THEN! We hear the door fly open again and she's bolts out of her house and she's like, YOU LADIES BETTER COME BACK! I want to see y'all again! And then she was telling us how she's leaving for vacation in June and we have to come back before then. And she was telling us about her friend who lives a couple doors down and she was like, she's my best friend! I'll have her over when you come back as well! And we're like yes! That sounds perfect! We'll definitely be back!!! :D It was awesome. She's a sweetheart. Oh yeah. Fun facts - she wasn't wearing a shirt. She had a like a towel that was only staying on because she had her arm across her chest. Hahaha sooo her back and everything were completely exposed hahah it was interesting....haha. BUT anywho. She was a very sweet lady and I can't wait to go back and talk to her some more. 
Oh! She was also saying how we have a very important job because we work under the power of a very important man - and that's God. And how we have to live up to that standard because of how important it is to be doing HIS work. It was a good reminder. It made my heart happy to hear that :) 

Let's see. We also had stake conference this weekend. And during the Saturday evening session for the adults, Ft. Bragg had to do a 15 minute demonstration of a ward council. It was interesting! Haha and the Ft. Bragg bishopric and the entire ward council wanted the full-time missionaries to be apart of it as well. So we had to participate! Which was totally fun. Anywho, we had to sit up in the stands the entire stake conference haha. It was good though. Everyone commented on how great that demonstration was. So  that's a good sign. Ft. Bragg is just amazing. That ward is super strong and such an inspiration. I love serving here. 

Stake conference was super uplifting and great and inspired! You know, as per usual!

Other than that, our week was good! We taught lots of lessons and felt the spirit and life is good! I honestly can't complain!! Everything is great :) 

I hope you all had a great week too!! I love you and miss you! Take care!!

Sister Blumel

PS - Update on the squirrel prank. Okay. So the elders got us back. They stepped up their game and crossed the line.....Dad you totally saw it coming...haha. Anywho. So on Wednesdays we have District Meeting. And so on Wednesday we were getting ready to leave and I open the door and I look down and I don't know how to react. I feel like every emotion at once and then I just white girled it and was like "Sister Peterson, I can't even right now." And shut the door. And she's all confused and I'm like nope. I can't. And so she opens the door and she's like oh man. The elders put a dead kitten on our doorstep ALONG with the package we sent them with a note over it saying "return to sender". It was heartbreaking. GAHH. Seriously. I was like emotionally disturbed...I figured that was the best way to put that. But Sister Peterson being the great companion that she is, just kinda put the cat aside and we went on our way. 
So we get to district meeting and the elders see us and they have that look on their faces....(they aren't good at hiding anything)....and we decided we wouldn't give them that satisfaction. So we just walked right past them and we're like good morning! And looked at them weird for giving us weird looks. Haha. And long story short, they kept asking if there was anything on our doorstep and we were like what are you talking about? haha andddd we lasted all of district meeting and finally when we were outside getting in our vehicles we fessed up and I was like yes, we saw the dead cat. Thanks for that. Haha and they looked all smug. But then they told us that the landlord saw them do it and they called Sister Scott, who's in charge of mission housing and she got all mad at the elders and told them that they had to clean it up. So bam. Their prank didn't go as smoothly as ours did ;) so we still win ;) haahaha. but still. A kitten?! Really?! And they know I love cats....that's why they said they did it. Bah. They're dumb heads. Hahah. Jks. They're fun. It's all for fun. :) But yeah! Gotta love it.

So sorry....but I saw it and had to take a picture because not gonna lie...they got us
back pretty good. Andd I saw it, so y'all get to see it too. Ha. But yeah....poor thing.

Me and Sister Arave! She's going home this week....but
she was in my district for the past couple months :)

And me and Sister Skokos! Hahah I just love her.

I saw Sister Ibarra this week at stake conference!!!! :D
(She's getting transferred though...so we won't be in the same zone anymore...sad face.)

And we found a cat this morning...so obviously I had to take cat selfies..... duh.

I also preached to gospel to this cat...you know just fulfilling my
missionary duties of preaching the gospel to every creature ;)

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