Monday, April 06, 2015

Week #20 - 2015 Apr 06 - Happy Monday!


And alas it's Monday yet again! How are y'all doing?! How was Easter? And Conference?! Tell me all about it!!

I know for me, Easter was wonderful. We had a huge dinner with the Horn family. (The one we spent Christmas with... just like with Elder Windham/LAW and Elder Keck, they call y'all their mission family...the Horn's are definitely my mission family here ahaha it's great!) 
We watched Conference at the church for the Saturday morning session, the Burbank's (The Bishop & his family) for the Saturday afternoon session, the Reist's (a young couple in the Fayetteville 3rd ward) for the Sunday morning session, and the Horn's for the Sunday afternoon session. Oh my goodness, conference was SO good. I loved it!! Definitely going to have to read and study those talks when the Ensign comes next month. 

On Wednesday we had a zone training meeting and President and Sister Bernhisel came down for it. It was awesome seeing them :) It was a really inspired meeting and we all learned a lot from it. Sister Bernhisel was also able to come out with us for a couple hours after the meeting. We had an appointment with Lala at FSU. It went really well! On the way back to the church, I asked Sister Bernhisel for some advice on training and she told me that as long as I'm doing what I'm supposed to and living according to the white handbook and preach my gospel, I have nothing to worry about. She said a few more things that helped my mind ease up a little bit haha. It'll be good! We talked with President for a little bit outside when we dropped Sister Bernhisel off. He told me [yet again] that I will do fine and I don't have to worry. I just love the Bernhisel's. :)

So for the past month, we were trying to plan to go to FSU (Fayetteville State University) and contact on campus using #BecauseHeLives. It was supposed to happen on Wednesday (the 1st) and Friday (the 3rd) of this last week. But apparently student elections were happening on Wednesday, so we're like alright that's not a problem, we'll just do the 3rd. BUT! Turns out, no one had classes on the we're like awe what?! (Cause contacting is only fun when you actually have people you can contact.... ha) And so we were like oh well what about Thursday. And then Lala (she's a recent convert that we visit all the time on campus...she's also the one that put this together), was all like Thursday will work - she talked to the man who's in charge of the "free speech zone" and they got it all figured out and we were ON! We found out that we were on Wednesday at about noon. Hahah so we had to plan SUPER fast. It was semi-stressful...but it was good! It turned out well! Hahah. Soooo, we went to FSU on Thursday (the 2nd) and we contacted from 11:30-2! (We were supposed to only be there till 1...and the elders were supposed to take 1-3pm ...but they showed up surprise there haha.) IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! Haha the people there were really nice. And a lot of them said they were going to a church for Easter...I'm tellin ya the people here are super religious. Everyone loves Jesus here in the south! It's pretty great :) But yeah, we were able to show the #BecauseHeLives video (kudos to Lala and her tablet!) and the people loved it! We have 2 really solid potential investigators from this. It's so great. The senior missionary couple (Elder & Sister Hill) also came with us :) And Sister Hill was like, even if we can only find 1 investigator who gets'll make this all worth it! So out of all the people that we talked to, there's definitely a good chance! It's really neat  too because Lala found the church through the same thing! The missionaries that were in the area about a year ago did the same thing - set up a booth on FSU campus - and Lala was all like 'hey, what are you doing?' and then bam, she got baptized a few months later!! So it went complete circle because she was the one who pretty much set the whole thing up!! She's so great. I love her a lot! Haha but yes. This was definitely such a great experience! :) LOVED it! Definitely gonna have to do it again. :D

Well, tomorrow I start training! Keep me and my trainee in your prayers! Haha we have to be in Raleigh at 8:15am. So we have to be on the road at's gonna be an early morning. But it's all for the best! Speaking of my trainee..she's in the air right now! She's on her way to Raleigh, NC! Super exciting!!! 

I think that's about it for this week! I'll try to remember to take pictures of me and my new companion so I can send pictures next week :) 

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! And I hope you all take care :) Especially Miss Sara Bear. You heal quickly, k?! :) Y'all are all in my prayers. I miss you!! 

Much Love,
Sister Blumel


#BecauseHeLives at FSU


Sister Missionaries with Sister Bernhisel

Sisters Blumel, Bernhisel, Webb

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