Monday, April 20, 2015

Week #22 - 2015 Apr 20 - Heyaaa!


So yesterday marked my 5 month mark. I've been away from home from 5 months! And then in a couple weeks it'll be that I've been out in the field for 5 months! Crazy how fast time goes by. I don't think I will ever understand mission time. It's weird. But a good worries!

Alright. So this week was pretty great! On Monday we were able to see a paratrooper jump (with permission from the zone leaders) on post. It was incredible! The Hills (the senior missionary couple) took us and I'm so grateful they did! They kept saying that it was a once in a lifetime experience. They didn't end up coming until it was really dark. But! The lights from a distance lit it up just right so that we could actually see the jumpers! They looked like blobs and shadows, but we could still see them!! Hoorah! It was incredible!! A plane would go by and then there would just be a trail of jumpers. Like there was so many of them. It was neat! Later on that night, Elder Hill told us this: "We witnessed history tonight - 21 planes - there hasn't been a jump this big since WWII." 
Crazy, hey? It was such a neat experience!

On Wednesday, we had Activity Zone Conference, in Wilmington. So 3 zones (the southern zones - in the mission we call it the Southern Kingdom - hehe. And then the 3 zones up north are called the Northern Kingdom. Love it.) all got together and the spiritual portion of it went from around 9 to 12. And then we had lunch, and then we played games from 1-3! And then we had a fun little devotional type thing with President and Sister Bernhisel afterwards. It was so much fun!!! The spiritual portion of it was really uplifting. It was mostly focused on how to get members excited to do missionary work. It was great. President showed a clip of a movie (I can't remember what it's called) but it was about the olympics and the USA team playing hockey and whatever and the last part was "Whose team are you on?!" And the hockey player said "the united states of america" and then that's when the clip stopped. And then President was like ah, that part makes me want to tear up! No offense to our Canadian missionaries. Haha and then everyone looked at me...there's only like 3 of us Canadians in the Southern Kingdom. Haha I didn't know how to respond...but it was funny! And then for lunch we had a southern meal - pulled pork sandwiches in a vinegar based sauce. I love that haha it's sooo good! And then we changed and got into our grubbies (exercise clothes) and we got put into teams and then we played! There was 4 games - Capture the Flag, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, and Zombie Ball. They were all a lot of fun! It was weird seeing everyone in normal clothes though...hahah. Zombie Ball is like a break off of dodge ball. Except for there aren't teams, you're on your own. Survival of the fittest. So what happens is there's one ball and it gets thrown around and if you get hit by it, you have to sit on your bum and become a 'zombie'. The only way to stand back up (to rid yourself of your zombie-ness haha) is if you tag someone else who's standing (you're allowed to butt scooch, or zombie crawl on your stomach) and then you get to stand up and they have to sit down, or! You catch the ball. It was interesting hahah it was kinda sketchy! Especially when you're one of the few who are standing and you have to dodge the ball and watch out for all the people sitting on the floor scooching towards you. Hahaha like I said was interesting. But yeah! Zone Conference was a ton of fun! It was nice to just take a break for a couple hours and release all the pent up energy haha. This only happens once a year and I'm already so excited for next year's haha. And then afterwards, we took a group picture with President and his wife. And then we all sat under this roof thing (I can't think of what's it's called) and President and Sister Bernhisel both bore their testimonies and gave us a little message. They're going home in breaks my heart! But I'm sure the new mission president and his wife will be great :) I'm just going to miss the Bernhisel's like crazy! It's okay though. And then we sang this southern song called The Preacher and the Bear. Or something like that hahaha it was fun singing that with all the other missionaries :) 
And then we all went home! We didn't get back to Fayetteville until like 7pm. It was crazy ahah. But sooo worth it! I loved it!

And then on Friday! We were able to see Sister Mentzer! Remember her? Haha. Anywho, she had her baby and he's such a cutie! He's adorable! His name is James. She's so happy now! You can feel the spirit more in her home. It's great. Babies just have such a special spirit about them that they bring into homes. It's amazing to see. But yeah, we had a lesson with her. Sister Hill came along and pretty much just asked her why she isn't baptized yet. Haha Sister Hill is very's great. And then a lot of Sister Mentzer's concerns came out. It mostly had to do with the Priesthood and she doesn't understand why there are priestess's in the Bible but not anymore. And why that changed. And she doesn't believe that there's only one prophet on the earth today...because again the bible's time there were many prophets. Sister Hill had a lot of inspired answers. But we told her we would study it more and get back to her. They're valid questions! Haha something I've never really thought about before. It'll be interesting to study! But overall, it was a pretty good lesson. I just love Sister Mentzer :) she's great. 

Sunday was pretty good too. In the YSA branch's sacrament meeting there was a speaker and he was talking about how we shouldn't just swim in the scriptures, but we should scuba dive in them and get the most out of them as we can. He was telling us that when he studies the scriptures he asks himself questions like why is this in here? Engraving the plates wasn't easy, so this obviously means something more. And how does this apply to me? And then he went on to elaborate on 1 Nephi 2:15 (Jon's favourite scripture!). He was saying something along the lines of, when they were out in the wilderness, they would sometimes be in one place for a long time and he didn't understand why they didn't just build houses and things. And then he was like, and then it hit me. Tents are used for mobile reasons. Lehi dwelt in a tent because that made them mobile. They didn't know when the Lord was going to tell them to leave, but did know that they had to be ready. Hence the tents. And then he's like alright. How does this apply to me? Then he talked about an experience he had where him and his wife moved to a different state and the first few days of being there and settling in, their stake president stopped by and he's like you don't know me, but I'm the stake president and you all just moved in. I'm here to tell you that you all need to go on a mission. Talk to your bishop as soon as you can. And so they talked to their bishop and they had their papers started a few days later! And then he went on to say, that "if you are so in love with what you got, you won't be able to leave." We have to be prepared for anything. If the Lord asked you to move somewhere else, would you? Because Lehi's faith was so strong, he had that mentality of, I will go where you want me to go, dear Lord. Again, going back to the tent. He showed that faith through his actions. He didn't build anything because he didn't know how long they were going to be there before the Lord told them to keep going. He was waiting on the Lord. 
It was interesting to hear! I never really thought about that scripture that deep before! Haha. Proof that you can get SO MUCH from every scripture!! You just have to dig deeper -- or scuba dive deeper. :) 

Ahh I love being a missionary here in North Carolina. I love being able to say that I am a representative of Jesus Christ. :) Some days are so hard, some days seem to go by so slow, and some days, I feel like I'm walking on sunshine! But ALL days are great days. I can honestly say that at the close of each day, I sincerely thank my Father in Heaven for that day and for everything that happened. For without those hard days, we wouldn't appreciate the good days. Being out here is worth everything. I am SO grateful I have been given this opportunity to serve a full time mission. And I am so very grateful for all the love and support I feel from back home. :) Y'all are amazing. I love you all so much and miss you like crazy! But I know the Lord is taking care of you...and that gives me peace :) 

I hope you all have a wonderful week and remember that I'm sending lots of love from North Carolina!! Take care and God Bless! 

Much Love,
Sister Blumel


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