Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"I Love to See the Temple"

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.


That's all I can really say after the weekend I just had.

On Saturday (October 11th) I was able to have the opportunity to go to the temple and receive my endowments in preparation for my mission. It was the most wonderful I've felt in a reallyyy long time. Seriously, I can testify with all my heart that temples ARE the houses of the Lord. There's no denying that when you can feel the Spirit so strongly there.

I went to the Cardston temple and now I can see why people hold that temple close in their hearts. It's b-e-a-u-tiful inside and out. The minute you walk in you're in awe with the architect and the paintings and just everything that's there. It's beyond perfect and I loved it. Who couldn't love something so beautiful? There's the physical beauty that you can't deny because it's right in front of your eyes, but then there's also the spiritual beauty that you can feel as soon as you walk in. As soon as I opened that door to the inside of the temple, all - the confusions, the thoughts of what I had for supper the day before and just silly things like that, the worries, the anxieties - of the world, it was if they were taken up from my mind, so I could focus on what really mattered. Those worldly feelings were immediately replaced with feelings of peace, happiness, comfort, and love.

The temple workers definitely made my experience even more of one to remember. They were all patient, loving, and caring ladies and they were just soo excited to see me going through the temple. They made sure that I understood (as best I could at that point -haha-) before moving onto the next thing. They made sure that I understood that I would be taking in a lot, but not to worry because I can come back as frequently as I want to understand things more. They were all just sweethearts and I'm grateful they were there to help me along.

Yes, the temple was crazy overwhelming the first time. However, I cannot wait to go again and again and again to keep learning more.

Something that I really loved about the temple was that after everything was done, I got to see my family and give them all hugs and it was just such an amazing moment. It was there that I realized that families *can* be eternal through the temple. I have a feeling that's what the spirit world is going to be like. I feel like you're never going to be alone once you pass on. You will always have someone. And your family members that have gone on before you will greet you with a smile and embrace you in a hug and say "you did it, I'm so proud of you."

I'm really grateful for my family. I'm grateful for my parents that have taught me about temples since the day I was born I'm sure! But seriously, without them, I don't think I could have gotten to this point in my life. They have been my rocks for my entire life. And I'm SO happy that I got to experience this amazing time with them. I'm grateful for my Grandma and Grandpa Cook. They are the best grandparents a girl could ever have asked for. Their testimonies of the gospel are such an inspiration. I'm grateful for all my aunts and uncles that came to support me. And I'm grateful for my cousins that also came. They are all amazing people and have been such great examples to me. I look up to every single one of them and I'm so happy that they're a part of my family. I'm grateful for my former young women's president, who came just for me. In young women's the goal is getting to the temple. I was able to do that this weekend and having her support was wonderful. She is such an incredible lady. Seeing everyone gave me such overwhelming feelings of joy!

I love this gospel. It is definitely the Lord's one and only church in the world today. And I cannot wait to spread it all over North Carolina.

Until next time.

Amy (aka -future- Sister Blumel)

Me and my parents. 

My parents, Aunt Randa and Uncle Vance, and my Grandparents.

Thumbs up! Yayay I did it!

Me and my Grandpa and Grandma Cook.

Me and Lindsey! (My former YW's president)

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